How do I beat the Moonlight Butterfly?

  1. Every guide I've read says that I need magic resistance armour, spells and/strong bow. I'm a Hunter, and I have +5 for every Sorcerers armour, and a +5 bow. Yet his attacks kill me in two hits, while I'm only doing 30 dam per arrow?
    Any help?

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  1. Melee - Make sure to have your weapon of choice and a shield with decent magic block on it. When Moonlight Butterfly is flying around, keep locked on and your shield up. Try to roll when you see it's attacks coming. They're fairly predictable so you'll eventually learn the timing. After a few moments, it'll land on the side of the bridge, at which point you need to double-hand your weapon and lay into the butterfly's head. Keep an eye out, though. Once you see it start charging energy around it's head, remove your lock and back away quickly because it's going to release a strong magic blast. Rinse and repeat as needed.

    Bow - Bow wielders and magic users have an easier time with this battle since they can take opportunities to attack the butterfly while it's in the air. Bow wielders need to be considerate of the attacks, however, because without a crossbow, you can't use a shield to stay at least partially protected. The strategy remains largely the same as with the melee strategy when it lands (2-hand your melee weapon and lay into the head), but keep your bow out while it's flying around and take attacks of opportunity when you can.

    Magic - Possibly the easiest strategy to use. Keep your wand out and your shield up while it's in the air and cast quick spells (Soul Arrow and Great Soul Arrow) when the opportunity arises. When it lands, switch to your melee weapon (I recommend a Magic enhanced weapon to play on a Mage's naturally high intelligence) and have at it.

    As an added bonus, while in Human form, right beneath the bridge leading to the butterfly is a soul sign for an npc witch. She can almost handle the fight on her own power.

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  1. Just dodge his shots. His attacks are predictable. After a bit it will come close to recharge with nectar. Just start attacking. Rinse and repeat.

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  2. If you are human destroy the bushes under the staircase up to the fight and summon the witch NPC hiding there. Then take out the Dragonslayer Great Bow make sure you have at least 30 dragonslayer arrows (only thing you can use with the bow) and it will go down in about 1 minute. With the witch on the bridge it tends to attack her most of the time giving you time to fire once then dodge as the dragonslayer bow fires considerably slower than any other bow. At the bare minimum stats to wield the bow it does between 200-400 damage depending on where you hit it, and the witchs spells do about the same damage. Magic defense is not really needed as long as you keep your charecter with a very light equipment load so you do to the quicker dodges you can fire the bow then dodge out of the way and repeat it will go down easy.

    NOTE: Arrows are 500 souls a piece from the giant blacksmith or you can farm Silver Knight Archers for a chance at 1-10 arrows being droped. The bow is found by going through the broken window you must pass to reach the giant blacksmith the first time, after you drop down follow the edge right and drop down into the cage for the bow.

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  3. Equip a bow and a melee weapon. As soon as you've set the butterfly in your sights, lock onto it and Shoot it with the bow as it's in the air (even weak hits will make a difference; I used a long bow with large arrows, with mediocre dexterity stats). Sprint up and down the narrow walkway to avoid his attacks, and when you feel like its spells will make contact just roll to the side. Keep shooting it with the bow locked on. Soon enough you'll see it descend to the edge of the walkway to eat the sparkling flowers. Equip your melee weapon and hit it by the flowers. It is recharging an area attack though, so make sure to get back out of range before it pulls through. It'll ascend into the air again, so just lock on with your bow and start shooting until it descends to eat the flowers, at which point you'll have to melee again. The pattern is fairly simple and just requires repetition.

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  4. Buy lots of fire bombs. Equip with light armor since you need to evade a lot. Lock on to the enemy and keep strafing. When it shoots linear spread lasers, keep rolling left and right. When it shoots homing lasers, wait for it to be near you then roll left of right. Use fire bombs anytime you want since it moves slowly or stays still when firing lasers. Good luck.

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  5. If you are in human form, you can summon the Witch Beatrice beneath the stairs leading up to the boss battle.
    As far as gear is concerned, you'll want to make sure you have the Crest Shield, as it has some of the highest magic resistance in game and will block her needle attack. Just dodge the orb attack. A bow will work, but I find that a crossbow usually works better for this fight. They deal slightly more damage, and you won't need to switch between your weapon and shield. I wouldn't worry to much about armor, as long as you can fast-roll. If you're taking the hits, which armor you have isn't going to make a whole ton of difference.

    As far as tactics are concerned, if you have the Crest Shield, then you can block her needle-shotgun attack. The orbs she shoots out, while semi-homing in nature, are slow enough to be dodged. Don't even try to block these, as they deal too much damage. When she lays her head down on the bridge, run up and start two-handing it with the biggest weapon you can handle. As soon as it starts charging up, run away. Otherwise, just block, dodge, shoot, repeat.

    The Crest shield can be found upon your return to the Undead Asylum, but that's a whole other question.

    Beatrice can almost (maybe she can, I'm not sure) solo this boss, but it does seem that you have to initiate the battle.

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  6. I used the crimson set, make sure you equip your strongest melee weapon and your best ranged ability. You cannot block all damage from the butterfly's attacks so try rolling out of attacks, this will take a bit of practice. Try finding a shield with good magic resistance or cast magic barrier. It will eventually land allowing you to go to town on it but it will eventually do an exploding attack to so watch out

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  7. Melee is the way to go with this boss. You have to be quick and you should have a good amount of health and recovery items just in case you should get hit. When he attacks with his magic just do a rolling dodge and if you time it right he won't be able to hit you at all. After a few of his attacks you'll have the chance to hit him since he comes down for nector.

    You can also use a bow but you have to be fast. You'll most likely be hit more often which is fine if you have a huge amount of HP or are very good at dodging him.

    Magic is good but like using a bow it will leave you open for attacks more often.

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