Where can I go to remove my Curse?

  1. After wandering around in the sewers with those monsters that look surprisingly like something I encountered in one of the dungeons in Metroid, I was infected with Curse.

    I was told I could travel to a town and see a specific NPC, or use an item, both of which are not readily available to me.

    User Info: 8bitPunk

    8bitPunk - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The female undead vendor in the sewer tunnel that you pass through going from Undead Burg to Firelink Shrine sells purging stones that can break it. For her you need to come up from the lower part of Undead Burg (near the entrance to Depths). You can trade Snuggly the Crow a cracked red eye orb for two purging stones. Snuggly has a nest in Northern Undead Asylum on the right as you run up to where the large crow picks you up, just drop the item in her nest then exit and load the game. Also you can go into New Londo Ruins and at the top of the church there is an npc in red robes that you can buy purging stones from and he will break curses for you.

    User Info: mmookow

    mmookow - 5 years ago 1 0

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