How to create backup savegames?

  1. How can u create backup or special save games points? I just missed the opportunity to get to the Darkwrath covenant and now its gone forever....

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    AndyPandy22 - 5 years ago

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  1. U just need a USB stick and a PC.

    1) Insert a USB Stick to the Xbox and go to "System Settings -> Memory", than select the USB device and use Y to configure advanced. Select the smalest size possible 256MB. We use the smallest size so full backups wont take this long. The stick will now be formated and speed tested, if this fails u need to try a other USB stick, since Microsoft has some very strict write speed requirements, which some cheap slow sticks wont meet.

    2) Now MOVE your existing savegame from the HDD to this USB stick. In the "Storage Devices" pane select the HDD and navigate to the games/darksouls/savegame. Than select the savegame and "MOVE" the savegame to the usb stick, copy wont work!

    Optional) U can skip this step if u create a new game and directly select the USB stick as storage device for your savegames.

    Now the savegame is on the USB stick and not on your HDD anymore! Remember this since u need to move it back to the HDD if u dont want to save on the USB stick and just want to use it as backup.

    Important) Note that the files are not visible directly on the PC, so the USB stick will appear empty! Dont panic its there!

    3) Download "USB storage explorer Xtaf", i tested this with version 0.44, just google and use the first link.

    4) Insert the USB stick to the PC and start xtaf. Open the USB device and navigate the Content folders until u reach a readable file "DRAKS0005" with like 8MB in size, now rightclick and extract the file.

    5) Just in case create a full backup of the stick via "Backup/Backup raw drive".

    6) Move your savegame back to the XBOX and keep dieing :)

    If u now want to restore a game just "inject" the backup savegame via PC and than move it to the HDD, so its more compfortable to directly use the USB stick, so u dont have to move always. U can also try to just rename the savefiles to something else and directly backup on the USB stick, i did not test this option.

    User Info: AndyPandy22

    AndyPandy22 - 5 years ago 1 0

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