Best gear to gear to wear?

  1. What is statistically the best armour in dark souls? Possibly something that balances protection and mobility. Using the gold hemmed stuff at the mo. Also what is the best shield? should i stick with the crest thing tha regenerates your stamina faster?

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  1. If you're looking for the best protection the Giants set is the MOST protective and I say this because I know, it's better than Havels armor, Smough's armor and even better than the golem armor, but as always in dark souls not everything is too good to be true, there's two flaws to this the first one being its very heavy but surprisingly lighter than Havels armor, now here comes the second flaw and it's you can upgrade the armor BUT it costs 10 twinkling titanite to upgrade each part of the armor so do the math, there's four sets in the armor so you'll need 40 twinkling titanites... As for the best light armor it's the leather armor it offers the most protection out of all the light armor sets, now if you're looking for a medium balance between the two it's either the dark wraith set (you get that by joining the dark wraith covenant)--- the set of favor (you get this by fighting lautrec in anor londo by invading him using the black eye orb, inside the castle)--- and lastly the paladin set (you get this by being in human form in the catacombs as you're on you're way to fight the gravelord nito, he should invade you right before you step into the room where all the mini pinwheels are) so there you have it the strongest armor, balanced armors, and the best light armor if you don't believe here's some food for thought, 1: I have the guide, 2: I'm a level 432... And here's a spoiler the best weapon in the game and most damaging is a black knight axe+5 my strength is 99 and it does a 610 physical damage in one hit.... Hope this helps

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  1. This question is a tough one to answer. Gold hemmed is the best light armor and havel's armor is typically the best heavy. I for one favor the elite knight set +10 as it offers a decent balance. As for shields everybody uses different shields. I use the greatshield of artorias because it has the best stability and requires 34 strength as opposed to havel's shield which needs 50. The grass crest shield and bloodshield are good for their bonuses. The crystal ring shield is amazing for its damage potential (it launches a magic ring dealing double the damage of your right hand weapon) and can block magic but is useless for physical stuff. The black knight shield is probably the best all around shield as it offers excellent defense against multiple attacks. Try checking a wiki for more specifics on armor specs. I hope this helps.

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  2. I forgot to add that for the paladin armor it's located in Gravelord Nito's I guess you could call it graveyard pretty much where you fight him :)

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  3. Depends on what your after really :)

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  4. If you're going for Tankiness, then the Giant's Armor +5 has the best physical defense, while the Greatshield of Artorias has the highest stability (it stays at 88, upgrading only changes the bash damage).

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  5. In my opinion i highly say the best set overall is the Elite Knight set fully upgraded it has great poise and stats, However you will need to use the havels ring and possibly a ring of favor to increase your armor load enough to roll somewhat quickly (doge) no ninja flipping here.

    Another set is thief set / Shadow set fully upgraded (Ninja Flippin goodness) Pop the darkwood grain ring and start flipping your way between the legs of giants!

    Shield well i like to have a magic resist shield ( the round shields are good upgraded) and a high stability with 100% shield like a Black / Silver knight shield upgraded.

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  6. I equipped: Giant Helm,Paladin Armor, Smough Glove, Paint Guardian Sleevers or Black Iron.

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