How much should I level up?

  1. I've been playing the game for a while, currently at level 28 and most stats more or less balanced, and with all this, I've managed to go as far as venturing into Sen's Fortress, as well as defeat optional bosses like the big wolf.

    I ask this because some guides suggest you to level up anytime you can, while others suggest to not bother too much with level (partly because it also makes things harder in a New Game+). The second has been helpful in that I learned that enhancing my equipment is better than just leveling up, but that can be only be taken so far with Titane Shards, the only ones I've found in sale so far.

    And of right now, I find myself having plenty of troubles with almost any new enemy that comes across.

    So, any advices as to how far I should take it with leveling? Please and thank you.

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    Alexlayer - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I've made my specialization my way. Not with levels, but with equipment. My character focuses on speed, wearing mostly the lightest equipment, thus being very fast (enough to even run circles around many enemies), and I got my power in my Pyromancy, which is as powerful as it can currently get (until I find the next seller of Pyromancy, that is).

    Most of my levels are given to Endurance, some to Resistence (which now sounds like wasn't such a good idea), and some to Attunement as well, for the sake of the Piromancy. But that said, there's many times I could have leveled up but didn't because I kept saving the souls to buy items, which also led to MANY occassions where I ended up losing a lot of souls. Not that it's such a big deal, since I've found two great ways to farm souls. I'm just never sure if I should level up or not, or how far should I go. Currently at level 30, and oh, today I bested Sen's Fortress and currently on Anor Londo.

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    Alexlayer - 5 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    Well, I will thank you for your advices were very useful, specially about getting Quelaag's Furysword. That blade has been a really valuable ally for me, and the one thing I hadn't thought for myself. I eventually found all the Pyromancy, even got the Achivement for obtaining all of it.

    All in all, ultimately I just wanted to know how far should I level up, but it doesn't matter any longer because just yesterday I beat the game, at Level 50, most of it given to Attunement, Endurance and Vitality.

    And well, maybe now I'll try again with a different build, a magic-specialist, which I guess will require putting a lot on Inteligence. Again, thanks for your help.

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    Alexlayer - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Balanced Level Ups? Hm... bad idea, if you ask me. It's much better to focus on one growth type.
    If you use Miracles, Faith is your way to go. If you use Sorcery, go for Intelligence. Pyromancy gets stronger for leveling your Pyromancy Hand up.
    What stat you SHOULD focus on is Endurance. Endurance raises your stamina, so you can run longer, can equip heavier armour and block the enemy's attacks. So it's an important stat for everyone.
    Vitality, if you're going for melee fighting only, you should put some points into this, too. Though it's not that important, if you know how to dodge and block. Raising vitality every now and then is never bad.
    As for strenght and Dexterity, only put points into it to wield and use the weapon you want to use properly. If all you need is 15 strength and 10 Dexterity, it's no use putting more into it.
    Well, and if you use spells in any form, you need to put some points into attunement. 19 is okay, it'll give you 5 slots for spells and you don't need more.
    And you can ignore Resistance entirely. Your defense raises for every single level up you do, it only raises your resistance against poison and if you're past Blighttown, there is no worry about being poisoned. Only the painted world has enemies that can poison you, and that area is optional. Also, purple moss from the female undead merchant can cure poison, so there's no worry.

    As for Sens Fortress, this place is hard. However, inside Sens Fortress is the powerful lightning spear. Using this, the enemies at Sens and in following areas are easily defeated. It can bring you to the end of the game with no problem.
    Quelaag's furysword is another good choice, it is as powerful as the spear, but it gets stronger if you have some humanity. Personal, I don't like to use it.

    Oh, and the big wolf you killed? That's not an optional fight, he's mandatory, because of Artoria's Ring. You need it for an other mandatory boss fight.

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    Externica - 5 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. *snicker*
    Looking for new Pyromancy? The are two others, besides the one who'll go to Firelink shrine.
    Once your Pyromancy Hand has reached level 8, a woman will appear in blighttown, between the entrance to Quelaag's Sphere and Blighttown's water wheel. She sells some nice stuff, I guess. I'm more into Sorcery, though and I only use Iron Flesh.
    There's also someone who sells pyromancy inside Quelaag's sphere. You found the Covenant "Chaos servant"? If not, past the bell, downstairs is a fake wall. Destroy it and you find some odd character asking you, if you're a new servant. Say "Yes" and he walk away. Don't say "No", or he'll get hostile. There's als a bonfire.
    Because he'll sell you Pyromancy under one condition: You need to get an Egg attached to your neck.
    To do so, go to the entrance of Quelaag's Sphere or to Demon Ruins. Kick one of those hunched and deformed characters, then show it your back. If it uses a tentacle attack, you've got an egg attached. (If your PC scratches his/her neck, you do have an egg.)
    Then go back to Blighttown and kill enemies, until the egg hatches. Go back to the guy who asked you about being a servant.
    He'll give you an item to remove the egg and sells you Pyromancy, as well as leveling your pyromancy hand up if you pay him. The blonde womand is a fire keeper, by the way. Vow to her to become her servant will grant you two Pyromancie's. The first when you become her servant, the next by giving her 30 humanity in total.

    Oh, and if you need souls: Use the lost souls you have found, to receive a lot of them. Never use Boss Souls, though. But I think you now this already.

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