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Reviewed: 11/29/11

Its kill or be killed... (with a lot of the latter)

Dark Souls, one of the better games to ever grace our console, the game is a spiritual successor to demons souls for ps3. The game is leaps and bounds better looking on the 360 console versus PS3, though it does have some minor slowdown in some small areas, it is not enough to really complain about .

Most games you play these days are too easy , as well as having the option to play on a lower difficulty setting.
This game is not easy, and there is no changing of difficulty.

The game and its world are quite simply put, extremely detailed, largely hostile environments are spattered with rest areas where you can rest at a bonfire, and tweak other aspects of your character safely, but once you leave these areas you are once again fair game to the worlds enemy inhabitants.

Multiple varieties of enemy's await as well as countless armor, weapons and rings, and various items to use ( including an orb to invade other players world, a soapstone to leave players helpful OR misleading messages, a soapstone to request help and give help etc)

People who have trouble in normal RPG`s finding they're way around without the help of a map will not welcome this game, as it has little to no map system (you can find your way around easily, also people are pretty welcome to help you if you message them,or look at a guide)

You can private chat while in a session of online game-play, but may not join a party . Your not going to care that much anyways, because this game is so darn engrossing and will overtake your free time. I bought Skyrim a week before this game, and since I bought DkS, I put DkS in and have not switched games.

Playing online with others does not work like regular games. You can request the help of other players in certain areas, to defeat bosses you have not defeated yet. Bosses and some enemies do not re-spawn, but there is a NG+++++++ mode, so no worries there.
So you can fight people and play co-op though its more advanced than most games you've played.

There are multiple pathways and secrets to find. As well as hidden NPC`s and hidden items to find everywhere.

A drop rate indicator (essentially Magic Find skill from Diablo) shows you your potential chance to find items. Most enemies will drop something.

This game is unforgiving at times, more so at first. Then you will become accustomed to the constant barrage of enemies who simply want to kill you. But they underestimate the power of perseverance and your will to survive. You will be required at times to use your noggin, and you may find if your tired, you should not play this game, or at least go to easier enemies.

You will die, learn, die again, in that order, come to something new, die, repeat, good thing they make it so fun to do and you will lose hours to this game and smile the whole time.

I cant express the joy and excitement this game brought me playing it, even dying is fun because you always learn from your mistakes.
It will be very hard for me to find another game that brought me to the literal edge of my seat with so many emotions as well. Before you get this game, know that in order to get the most from this game you must invest a lot of time into it. Fans of monster hunter games, and other such titles, will love this game for what it is. And it is one of the overall best games Ive played in the last few years.

Graphics - 5/5 I have no complaints whatsoever about the graphics in the game. I have no screen tearing, only minor slowdown in some areas that does not really hinder or slow me down or results in me getting killed. Very smooth animations that clearly show a level of perfection not commonly found in most titles these days. It does get a little dark sometimes though...

Sound - 5/5 Again there are no issues with sound in this game. It must be played with sound, and the score to accompany battles and bosses are finely in tune with the theme of the game, and provides a new level of atmosphere when you can hear something running at you or faintly hear footsteps . Some games have messed up audio sounds (Fallout New Vegas mini-gun, etc , Battlefield BC 2 no audio glitch) Not this game !

Re-playability - 5/5 With a NG+++++++ mode, multiple paths, secrets galore, hidden items, secret NPCs , you really are getting quite the open ended game. I have talked to people that still to this day are finding new things about this game, with some secrets officially not found ( as stated by the games director) . Some items will even unlock more of the story, which I will say becomes a little hard to understand, but when survival is the real name of the game, story becomes near irrelevant

Overall the game gets a 15/15 and after the current update to 1.05 it becomes that much sweeter, with no notable glitches anymore.
This game is on my ``list`` of games on 360 that are must owns, like Fallout 3, Dead Rising, Red Dead Redemption,Left 4 dead 2, etc.

You will have the most fun playing this game, if your on the fence about buying it, think of it as a challenge to yourself, meaning that if you don't play this game, your not really playing video games.

In the end, Its kill or be killed. (with a lot of the latter)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Dark Souls (US, 10/04/11)

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