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"Great and outstanding game! Buckle in!"

This game has a remarkably low user review score. I think it's the difficulty. But that's a lot of the charm. In this game it is you vs. the world. Every thing out there is looking to decimate you - and most of it can do that very easily. This is a game of small forward steps. You have to earn every piece of gear, level or progress that you make.

If you're prepared to take in a challenge worthy of testing those gamer skills you've been honing, pick this up! The atmosphere, music and gameplay remind me a lot of SotC. It's that isolated sense of pervasive despair is just overwhelming at times and should not be missed. Try to give the game at least until after you defeat the first boss (not the prologue one) before giving up on this. The hooks really sink in once you've earned a foothold in this treacherous terrain!

Do yourself a favor. Put on your man pants, buckle in and tackle this game. You will not regret it!

Graphics: The graphics are not the top notch, cutting edge that you may be used to in titles like Gears of War 3,but they provide an engine that brings to the player beautiful, lavishly detailed scenes. What's more is the variety. The game constantly moves the player through different and unique scenes.

Gameplay: The game play is, at first, a little sluggish. It's easy to get frustrated when that monster one-shots you unexpectedly. However, you'll soon learn that the mistakes that kill you are your mistakes. Once you get over blaming the game, you'll see that it presents the player with the tools necessary to conquer the environment.

Story: The story has been excellent. It's the type of game that constantly presents mysteries to the player. It's not in your face or dumbing down the narrative to a childlike level we so often see in modern games. It's more subtle.

Sound: The sound in the game is excellent. There are times when you're in some deep, forgotten corner of the world and the sound really makes you feel afraid. Very well done!

Fun Factor: Once you get over the fact that dying, and losing progress, is not only going to happen but it's also part of the experience, the game is a lot easier to accept and then truly enjoy! Without death, or loss, games can have trouble instilling fear in a player. After all, if each death only sets you back 30 seconds of gameplay, who cares, right? Here, you are constantly on edge knowing that the next corner could hold something gruesome waiting to take all that you've earned. But there are tricks, such as using items to take you back to safe zones, etc. Once you learn these, it's a lot easier and more manageable.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/29/11

Game Release: Dark Souls (US, 10/04/11)

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