Where can I find missing items on these stages?

  1. I am almost 100% complete on all stages however I am missing a few chests and need some help. I will describe the map location the best i can.

    Abadis Forest - blue screen just above the gold screen and to the left of the red challenge screen. the screen has a save point and is a long bridge with a few bomb fruits and a bunch of flying monsters.

    The Sorrowing Meadow -unsure what I am missing. Stage is at 97% and treasures are at 98%. Must be hidden screens somewhere

    Blackmoor Mtns - Unsure what I am missing. Stage is at 96% and treasure is at 94% but all screens appear explored and treasures found. There must be hidden screens but I am unsure where.

    User Info: brandonlahman

    brandonlahman - 4 years ago

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  1. Abadis Forest: It is a locked up friend in this stage if you are saying where I think you are. When you are at the point with the bridge, to get to the friend you will need to line up a bunch of those flying dragons and whirlwind in the air through them until you can get to the top of the screen, WAY up there.

    The Sorrowing Meadow: Sounds like you are missing the rose room with another friend in a cage. To get to this whole new room, you will need to kneel at the one grave stone with a red rose at it. When you kneel (Hold down) for long enough it will teleport you into another room.

    Blackmoor Mountains: Sound like another friend in a cage. Sounds like the one wall with a hourglass symbol on it. To do this you will need the Red Orb that you find underground. Once you have that, go to that wall with the hourglass and kneel until a tornado forms and warps you into the final room.

    User Info: dragon142002

    dragon142002 - 4 years ago 1 0

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