1. Where do u find the unicorn plz?

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    taffyman51 - 7 years ago

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  1. I broke it near Torquemada. You wanna fast travel to Casa Madruga though. A lot easier to navigate from. When zoomed out on the map, there should be a picture of a group of horses in this area. set your marker in there. You have to have killed a certain goat-sucker before it will appear though. As pointed out, it won't have the "A mythical creature has appeared in this area" message and circle, so keep an open eye. If you misplace it, as I did my first time seeing it due to undead wolves, just leave the area and come back. It'll reappear.

    User Info: StephanisDeath

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  1. Around Torquemeda and El Matedaro.

    U dont get a notifacation when it's in the area, just gotta look for it.
    I heard u have 2 get rank 5 undead hunter for it to actually enter the area

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  2. Kill the chupacobra then head to the big open area to the left of torquemada

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  3. Just to correct you guys, it does tell you when the unicorn is around. I just had it happen in between Diez Coronas and Torquemada.

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  4. Put simply:
    -Unlock Mexico, by comepleteing just about all of Nigel West Dickens Missions.
    -Achieve rank 5 Undead Hunter (By killing Chupacabra).
    -East of Casa Mudragada and slightly North-West of Torquemada, on the main map, zoomed out there is printed on 3 Horses in a large, open area, head to that.
    -Search around for the Unicorn, easily spotted by Rainbow being beemed out of it's butt.
    -Get your Lasso out, catch it, break it in.
    Take it to Casa Mudragada or Torquemada and Hitch it up, it will now become your "Trusty Steed".

    -NOTE: It is also rumoured you must Compklete the Story and get all 4 Horses of Apocalypse.

    Happy Trails!

    The Unicorn has no special power, apart from a large amout of Stamina that is extremely hard to wear down, and also attracts butterflies and leaves a rainbow behind it.

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  5. I fail at spelling, sorry, I have concussion and my left eye is severely damaged.

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