How do you get to Mexico?

  1. I need help. I have burned all 3 cemeterys in New Austin. I watched the cutscene where Seth tells you that Mexico is the problem. I have saved all the towns but there are no missions and the bridges to Mexico are broken. Can anyone tell me what to do?

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    Xbox7200 - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    i've finished the West Dickinson mission and the Seth mission with all the graveyard clearing and there hasn't been a new mission in ages after i finished those and i have nothing to do now, can someone tell me how to continue

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    AssassinHunter2 - 5 years ago

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  1. Just FYI for future Qs, a player must not only respond to all of Nigel West Dickens' requests, but also kill all sasquatch in Tall Trees (sad, but it must be done), and report to Fort Mercer and find and retrieve the first missing person.
    Once all of the missions are complete, Dickens' "W" will appear at Soloman's Folley and he will then instuct you on how to get to Mexico.

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  1. Have you found West Dickens? go to Fort Mercer, u get cutscene of Dickens scamming people, u gotta get some stuff for him, there will be a point where u gotta pass the time until he finds a way... missing person is best way.

    u find Dicken later in Solomans Folly, he knows how 2 get u into Mexico, go to the scratching post to find former amry recruits fighting off a horde of the undead. there is a chest nearby, help the survivors and earn it or go to the chest, take it n leave em there to die.

    At Benedict, u will have the army uniform that will get u on the army train. help the Army kill the undead and then a cutscene, then fight more undead, release the trains brakes and see cutscene of u breaking into Mexico!

    Need more help? Message me on XBL, Gamertag is PhoenixFizzle

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  2. Gamertag: PhoenixFizzle
    When I'm not on XBL, text for help: 416-708-3751

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  3. I'm pretty sure the final West Dickens mission has you go to a camp of Army soliders who will give you a uniform for helping them or just stealing it

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  4. What was it that west dickens wants you to get??? I have done every thing and there are no missions or any thing what do I do???

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  5. He wants 5 Desert Sage and 5 Violet snowdrop, then some parts from Riley's Charge.

    Need more help?
    Message PhoenixFizzle on XBL or text 416-708-3751

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  6. You go to the bridge and you throw a fire bottle on what ever is blocking the way. it worked for me.

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  7. If you go to the pause menu the select "journal", you shoul see 3 catigories. Pick "survivors" and it will show you the needed missions to continue in the game. It also gives you a overview of the tasks in that mission and often gives you the location of the items.
    On the mission "a cure for most of what ails you" if you scroll over it, then hit triangle, the overview tells you where to find the plants dickens needs.
    Hoped this help you guys out cuz I know I had some trouble with this part of the game too.
    Also plz check out my YouTube show random acts. Most episodes will be in 2-3 parts like the first one had random acts 01 p1 and random acts 01 p2. Thanks <3

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  8. Hey
    I've just joined this site just to help you/ to try to answer this... by all accounts I reckon you've not killed the last Sasquatch (I haven't)...and it seems to have 'spawned' off map.

    This is bc there is a part of northern Tall Trees around the camp up there called Cochinay- you've probably liberated it by now. Go back there, go all the way to the rear of the camp (I was going to use dynamite, but I think this is wrong); climb up a ladder and then explore the rooms on the higher level at the back; you'll find more ladders, climb them- keep looking for ladders and keep moving up.

    This is what I'm currently doing. I believe I will find [and kill] the last Sasquatch... having completed some rescue missions from Fort Mercer already, I think the army/ West/ Mexico section will open up after the Sasquatch. Note: I have not yet done this, but I am certain that with the last Sasquatch dead, the south will open up (a la the other islands in Liberty city in GTA IV) -you have to complete this mission before the bridges I guess, will 'suddenly be fixed/ repaired'.

    Good luck, and let me know if I'm wrong!

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  9. ..Ok I think I am wrong... those ladders lead you out too high on the wrong place...

    It is possible to make your way, very carefully, south and east off the mountain into a valley with wolves... it should be possible to find the final Sasquatch that way.

    Really hope I am correct in this.

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