How do I beat the Zombie Bear with just the torch?

  1. I've must have hit him 20 times with the torch and no stopping him. I've also tried softening him up with bullets like ten shots from the Buffalo Rifle. It seems the only way to kill a Zombie Bear is a direct shot to its head. How do you do it with the torch?

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  1. I used war, added extra damage to animals before i used torch... since we talking about a bear here, it's bigger, closer to the ground and can manuver itself faster and easier. if you sorta ride around a normal bear, u get get a good sense of how you can work with it. normal bears, if u hit it with the knife on your horse, it'll run away, this is good chance to ride close beside it and kill it, like the melee attacks on horses u can do in assassins creed, swing your blade around.

    Zombie bears are more aggressive and won't run away from you if you hit it. If u studied the normal bear movements and completed the normal hunter challanges, u will notice that bears are too stubby, giving u an advantage. u can get in behind the bear and attack it's rear because it can reach back there unless it turns it's entire body towards u...

    ok, battle plan, get on war (the fire horse) and find a lone zombie horse, find a way to lead him into a big open area, giving u enough space to move around. riding in circles 1 way and then suddenly going the other way (going left, suddenly go right), it'll give u small window to advance on back of bear and get a hit in... keep doing this a bit and it'll die.
    All bears in the game, can take 2-3 shots from the most powerful rifle in the game, the buffalo rifle! this'll do more damage, making your job a bit easier, shot to damage first and then finish off with the torch.

    Wolves are simple, light em on fire, they'll run a few feet then come back at u, 4-5 torch hits will kill a wolf.

    Cougars are between simple and hard, they will charge at you, hit you or not, they will keep going in the charging direction, stop a few meters away and turn around, making a wide turn, move outta the way, then chase it when it starts turning around.

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  1. Probably the best thing to do is to remain on one of the horses of the apocalypse and attack a zom-bear from there. Strike at him with the torch and he will continually hit the horse, which can take a heck of a lot of damage. After a few continual strikes he will start to run off and soon pass on. Make sure you verify he falls by keeping pace with him when necessary. Just be aware of any undead humans creeping around who want to pull you off your horse.

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  2. Use Pestilence. It can't die and just ride beside the bear and keep hitting it. After 2 or 3 hits it will die. Do the same thing for the cougars and wolves

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  4. The torch-from-horseback routine works but do not use death as he will kill the animal if you accidentally run it over

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  5. This worked for me in humans but never tried in zombies so don't think it will work, even though zombies die from headshots easier but they also take damage to the body so shoot and experiment and when you think you did enough damage, jump off your horse and attack (the horse riding tatic is good) also keep in mind of the other animals and when you did enough damage one hit or more should kill him (remember setting him on fire and waiting counts as a kill from the torch)

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  6. get invisblity cheat.\HE GIVES STRENGTH TO THE WEAK/.[it's easyyyyyyyyyyyyy.]

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