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    Photography Guide by sephiroth95

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    Beyond Good and Evil
    Photography FAQ
    Written by James Williamson
    This guide focuses exclusively on the photographs that you take for the 
    Science Center. It is not a walkthrough.  If my instructions for a particular 
    animal are not entirely clear, then e-mail me for further information.  This 
    is not a walkthrough, and I will not answer any questions relating to game 
    objectives, puzzles, etc. 
    	Photography Checklist
    1. Adalia Octopunctata
    Location: When you pick up the Camera at the beginning of the game, you will 
    automatically focus on this hornbilled insect.  Zoom in and take a picture.
    2. Homo Sapiens
    Location: Look for either Pablo, Kip, Zaza, or Yoa wandering around Lighthouse 
    3. Capra Sapiens
    Location: Look for either Fehn or Cumi on Lighthouse Island. 
    4. Sus Sapiens
    Location: Take a picture of Pey'j.  
    5. Canis Canis 
    Location: In the Lighthouse, go upstairs and take a picture of the large dog 
    sleeping in the alcove. 
    6. Lampyris Campestris 
    Location: These are found on Lighthouse Island at night.  Head to the lower 
    meadow by following the narrow path from the Lighthouse to find them near a 
    tree.  You'll also find them in the Mine on Black Isle. 
    7. Larus Albus 
    Location: Head to the lower meadow during the day and take a picture of one of 
    the circling seagulls.  
    8. Priodontes Campestris 
    Location: The armadillo-like creature that is grazing just outside the 
    Lighthouse entrance.  
    9. Vorax Nocturnus 
    Location: You can find it at night on Lighthouse Island if the shield is 
    deactivated.  Observe its flight pattern before taking a picture.  You can 
    also find it in the Nutripils Factory Entrance, flying above the walkway near 
    the hatch.  
    10. Dipneustes Trilineatus 
    Location: Stand at the edge of the dock behind the emergency generator that 
    you push in order to activate the hovercraft.  Look down into the water and 
    search carefully for a small green fish.  Zoom in and take its picture. 
    11. Rhinoceros Sapiens 
    Location: At Mammago Garage, take a picture of either Issam (at the outside 
    counter), Babukar (at the dock), or Hal(standing inside). 
    12. Teratosaurus Imperator 
    Location: This is the large sea serpent that starts attacking right after you 
    leave the Mammago Garage on your first visit.  Take its picture before 
    fighting it.  
    13. Rascax Caeruleus 
    Location: After the battle with the monster listed above, Pey'j mentions that 
    a school of blue scorpion fish are hopping through Hillys Bay.  You will 
    inevitably encounter them at some point during your hovercraft travels, but it 
    is best to get them now, just in case you forget about them later. 
    14. Musca Saprophagia 
    Location: Even though this insect can be found in the Black Isle Mine, you can 
    get it much earlier.  Kick one of the barrels in the Lighthouse kitchen to 
    make it appear.  
    15. Lycoperdon Fugiferus 
    Location: These are the mushroom-like creatures scattered throughout the Black 
    Isle Mine.  
    16. Anemonia Mutabilis 
    Location: This giant anemone occasionally blocks your path through the Black 
    Isle Mine. You have to attack it in order to make it retract its tentacles.  
    17. Crochax Velox 
    Location: An enemy you first meet in the Black Isle Mine.  They look like 
    giant wasps.  You'll also find that they like to carry Pearls. 
    18. Amoeba Polypodia 
    Location: In the Black Isle Mine, there is a small alcove that's revealed 
    after knocking down a gangway.  Enter it walk to the end.  There's a wooden 
    barrier that prevents you from going any further.  Use the Camera to zoom in 
    to the area behind the barrier and you will see a pair of Amoeba Polypodias.  
    They are shy, and will take turns ducking behind some rocks.  Keep your finger 
    on the X Button and take a picture of an Amoeba when it appears.  This might 
    take several tries.  
    19. Cyanea Urtica 
    Location: Jelly fish creatures that attack you in the Black Isle Mine's 
    Secondary Shaft (Medusa Cavern).  
    20. Pelagia Pachydermis 
    Location: They attack you after you defeat the group of jelly fish (Cyanea 
    21. Alicia Splendens 
    Location: You'll find this benevolent and beautiful creature undulating on the 
    walls of the Black Isle Mine.  Your first chance to photograph it comes after 
    you defeat the enemies in the Secondary Shaft (Medusa Cavern).  
    22. Spongus Gluanteus 
    Location: Once you reach the Excavation Map in Black Isle Mine, turn left to 
    enter a room with a large, green sponge-like creature.  That's the Spongus 
    23. Helix Rupestris 
    Location: Walk across the Spongus Gluanteus to spot a big snail-like creature. 
     Wait for its head to pop out, and then take a picture.  
    24. Planaria Rupestris 
    Location: In Black Isle Mines, there's a room with a power box (marked with a 
    lightning bolt.)  Kick the power box, and then use the Camera to look up at 
    the ceiling to catch a glimpse of the Planaria Rupestris.  It disappears when 
    the lights come back on. 
    25. Astacus Erectus 
    Location: Exit the Black Isle Mine and go into the waterfall room on the left 
    (it's on the right when you're going down the path from the De Castellac 
    limo).  In this room, climb into the pipe on the left.  This brings you to a 
    cistern.  There are several Astacus Erectus scurrying about. 
    26. Papilio Pilosus 
    Location: From the cistern, have Pey'j cut open the grate, and then follow the 
    duct to the next grate, which has already been torn open.  Use your Camera to 
    zoom in on the creature crawling across the far ledge.  This is the Papilio 
    Pilosus.  If you miss it, another one will appear, so don't worry. 
    27. Nautilus Fluoreus 
    Location: Once you return to the Main Shaft from the Secondary Shaft, you'll 
    spot a white shell-like creature floating in the distance.  Zoom in and take a 
    picture before it gets away. 
    28. Palinurus Rupestris
    Location: Once you return to the Main Shaft from the Secondary Shaft, you'll 
    reach a dropoff where you have to leap down to a lower plateau.  After a brief 
    cutscene, you'll be attacked by the Palinurus Rupestris.  Take its picture 
    before fighting it.  Note: After this battle, you get another chance to 
    photograph the Nautilus Fluoreus if you missed it before.  
    29. Pterolimax Gigantea 
    Location: This creatures serves as the boss of the Black Isle Mine.  Take its 
    picture as soon as the battle begins.  
    30. Aquilus Sapiens 
    Location: These bird-men can be found in the Pedestrian District.  Your best 
    bet is to photograph the guy behind the counter at the newsstand.
    31. Walrus Sapiens
    Location: They are wandering around the Pedestrian District.  One will usually 
    walk by the newsstand, and there's usually one that hangs around near the 
    Akuda Bar.  Ming Tzu (the shop owner) is also a member of this species.  
    32. Taurus Sapiens
    Location: Take a picture of the Mo the Bartender in the Akuda Bar. 
    33. Carcharodon Sapiens 
    Location: Francis (the Pallets guy) is a member of this species.  
    34. Felis Sapiens
    Location: Mei, one of your contacts for the IRIS Network, is a member of this 
    species.  You can find her in the IRIS Den.  
    35. Koi Kumonryu 
    Location: In the fish tank at Ming-Tzu's Shop.  
    36. Bufo Erectus 
    Location: The frog-like creature near the entrance to Vorax's Lair.  If you 
    don't know where that is, it's directly across from the first Looter's Cavern, 
    on a beach near Mammago Garage.   
    37. Manta Cyanea
    Location: It flies above the Nutripils Factory.  Take its picture before 
    38. Rattus Giganteus 
    Location: You'll find many of them throughout the Factory. 
    39. Aedes Raymanis 
    Location: In the Nutripils Factory, you'll find a dead cow.  Zoom in on the 
    nose of the corpse to see the Aedes Raymanis, an insect that apparently feeds 
    on dead animals.  
    40. Cyclopeus Palustris 
    Location: This the Reaper, a Boss that you fight in the Factory. 
    41. Sarcophagus Domzii 
    Location: These are the Specters you fought at the beginning of the game.  You 
    fight then in the Factory as well, and that is where you get their picture. 
    42. Rattus Albus
    Location: This rodent can be tough to photograph.  In the X-Ray Verification 
    Room, you will find a catwalk.  Follow it to the other side of the room.  Move 
    down the ramp and you'll see a white rat in the ventilation duct beneath the 
    ramp.  Hop down to the lower ramp.  This makes the rat run away.  Go to the 
    very bottom of this ramp and wait for the rat to come back.  Then, crouch and 
    move toward it.  When you get close enough, you can take its picture.  If you 
    stand up, it will run off again, so be careful. 
    43. Blabera Gregaria 
    Location: In the Factory, you'll enter an area known as the Closet.  There's a 
    cabinet in the corner.  Open the cabinet and a small insect scampers away.  
    Use your Camera to inspect the interior of the cabinet, and you will notice 
    that there are fragments, which are analyzed as "Traces of Blabera, a very 
    greedy insect."  Place one of your Starkos wafers in the cabinet.  A group of 
    Blabera Gregaria will come out and grab the wafer.  That's when you take the 
    picture.  If you miss them, then you can simply put down another wafer to lure 
    them out again.  
    44. Arachnis Viridis 
    Location: From the Closet, you can reach the Nutripils Vat.  Press the switch 
    on the right side of the vat and then sneak around the left side to avoid the 
    Alpha Sections Guard.  Go through the doorway.  In the next corridor, you'll 
    find some Arachnis Viridis, which are little green spiders. 
    45. Macropodia Omnivora
    Location: Alpha Sections Underground Quarters.  When you step onto the dock, 
    you'll see several slug-like creatures.  Photograph one of them, and then use 
    a kick to eliminate them.  Note: To reach the Underground Quarters, take a 
    left from the Pedestrian District and exit the Main Canal.  Turn left again to 
    go through another entry arch.  Blast the Alpha Filter Robot with the 
    Neutralizing Cannon and then enter the castle-like structure. 
    46. Megaptera Borealis 
    Location: Once you jump over the laser barriers south of Mammago Garage, you 
    will see a large whale moving in the water to the right of the Slaughterhouse 
    Race entrance.  Given the thing's size, it's pretty hard to miss. 
    47. Anguilia Bifida 
    Location: This green snake can be found in the Slaughterhouse Reservoir.  
    48. Trilobites Saltans 
    Location: At the Slaughterhouse Entrance, use the Camera to look to the left 
    and spot the glowing creature on top of the debris.  
    49. Ignis Ignifera
    Location: In the Slaughterhouse Surveillance Room, find the switch that raises 
    the gate.  Climb up to where the gate is and stand on it.  Have Double H press 
    the switch.  When the gate stops moving, head to its far-right side and climb 
    up onto the ledge and enter the Ventilation area.  Kick the rats and then use 
    a Gyrodisk to stop the fire.  See the flame-like creature on the right?  
    That's the Ignis Ignifera, and it is the game's most elusive animal (or at 
    least I think so).  
    50. Timorea Saponifier 
    Location: In the Trolley area of the Slaughterhouse, you will have to send 
    Double H through a barred door.  He will crash into the next room, disabling a 
    Guard in the process.  Another Guard will come down a ramp to investigate the 
    noise.  Stay hidden until the Guard says that it's all clear, and then nail 
    his oxygen tank with a Gyrodisk.  In the room at the top of the ramp, you will 
    spot a small, bubbling creature. It will hide in a corner behind some crates. 
     Shoot at the crates with a Gyrodisk and the Timorea Saponifier will hop 
    across the floor to another corner.  Take its picture before it reaches the 
    corner. This may take several tries since the little guy moves quickly.   
    51. Amoeba Saltans
    Location: In the Slaughterhouse, ride the trolley to Central Hall.  There is a 
    green console marked with the number "35".  Have Double H push the button on 
    the button on the front of the console, and the Amoeba will leap out of the 
    meat processor behind the console.  If you miss it, then you can simply have 
    Double H press the button a second time. 
    52. Lutra Erecta 
    Location: This creature is waddling about on top of the Lighthouse.  You might 
    have seen it up there at the beginning of the game, but there was no way to 
    photograph it.  Once you find the Beluga, and buy the Flight Stabilizer at 
    Mammago Garage, head back to Lighthouse Island to find that the Lighthouse has 
    been destroyed.  Head upstairs to watch a cutscene.  Afterwards, head out to 
    the landing (by going up a wooden ramp) and look for the Lutra Erecta on the 
    other side of some rubble.  
    53. Megaptera Purpurea 
    Location: Once you have found both Flight Stabilizers and have restored power 
    to the Beluga Spaceship, head to the crater on top of Black Isle.  To the 
    left, past the line of beacons that mark the end of the "territorial waters" 
    is a whale.  Take its picture.  
    54. Manta Magnificens 
    Location: Once you have the Beluga, position yourself over the crater on top 
    of Black Isle, and then head right (or due east).  You will pass the Factory 
    that you explored earlier in the game.  Keep heading due east until you see 
    the Manta Magnificens.  
    55. Aurelia Magnificens 
    Location: In the Volcano's Treasure section.  Step onto the dock and you'll 
    see a glowing blob on the left wall, past the Mdisk reader.  That blob is the 
    Aurelia Magnificens.  
    56. Megaptera Anaerobia 
    Location: Once you reach outer space, you will see a shiny blue object heading 
    off to the right.  It is large chunk of ice, and there's a whale trapped 
    inside.  Shoot the ice to free the whale and then take a picture of the whale. 
    Send the animal pictures to the Science Center to get Materia Crystal Units.  
    Each time you finish a roll of a film, you get a Pearl (except the first 
    time), and when you have taken pictures of every animal, you get an Mdisk that 
    allows you to look at your pictures.  
    I hope this FAQ has been helpful.
    I would like to thank Rick Barba, whose strategy guide (from Bradygames) 
    helped me find some of the tougher animals.  

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