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    FAQ/Walkthrough by redapocalypse04

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    |                               X-Men: Destiny                                |
    |                       Walkthrough By: redapocalypse04                       |
    |                       Contact: pbreedlove89@yahoo.com                       |
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                               ||  Table of Contents  ||
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    I. Important Information__________________________________________________[II0]
    II. Walkthrough___________________________________________________________[W00]
        Mission 1_____________________________________________________________[W01]
        Mission 2_____________________________________________________________[W02]
        Mission 3_____________________________________________________________[W03]
        Mission 4_____________________________________________________________[W04]
        Mission 5_____________________________________________________________[W05]
        Mission 6_____________________________________________________________[W06]
        Mission 7_____________________________________________________________[W07]
        Mission 8_____________________________________________________________[W08]
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                             ||  Important Information  ||                    [II0]
                             ||                         ||
    If you have any questions about the guide or the game, feel free to contact me
    at: pbreedlove89@yahoo.com
    Do not use this guide without permission. Only the following sites are 
    allowed to publish this walkthrough:
    Another version of this guide, complete with a list of all the challenges, 
    dossiers, propaganda, and achievements/trophies is available at:
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                                  ||  Walkthrough  ||                         [W00]
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    =================================| ========= |=================================
                                     |           |
                                     | Mission 1 |                            [W01]
                                     |           |
    =================================| ========= |=================================
    Choose your character. After the cutscene, you can choose from one of three 
    powers. Once you're in control, use the thumbsticks to move forward. You'll 
    soon encounter a group of enemies clad in red. The game tells you how to 
    attack, so put this group down. The yellow orbs grant you XP. There are another
    couple of enemies up ahead. Use the dodge function to avoid attacks, then 
    take them out. There's some Propaganda on the wall at the bottom of the 
    stairs nearby that you can destroy. The game points it out for you.
    Jump over the nearby obstacle and fight off some more enemies. Eventually you
    should see a small container with some green on it. This is just before you 
    hit the marker that Emma Frost has thrown up. Destroy that container for 
    health. There's also a Dossier here. There are more Purifiers to fight in the
    next area, including a new type that comes equipped with a stun baton. These 
    guys jump into the air and do a ground smash attack, but it's slow, so dodge
    to avoid them. Once they're all down you can talk to Iceman about different
    Deal with the next small group and you'll run into two short cutscenes, and
    then you can talk to Toad for a bit. You'll now have to jump up some ledges
    and follow him onto the next area. There are a few more enemies here to deal 
    with. Now move to the green marker on the crater. Jump and attack to slam 
    down into and through the ground. Keep going and deal with the single enemy.
    If you go left, into the empty cell, you'll be transported to a challenge 
    arena. Completing the challenge rewards you with an X-Gene.
    Once you're back in the sewer area, go the other way and meet up with Emma 
    Frost. The next room has you fighting a bunch of enemies. After you kill them
    all, talk to Emma Frost, then head outside to end this mission.
    =================================| ========= |=================================
                                     |           |
                                     | Mission 2 |                            [W02]
                                     |           |
    =================================| ========= |=================================
    Take out the two Purifiers and use the nearby ledges to climb up. After the
    cutscene, move onto the next rooftop and deal with the enemies here. Head 
    down and talk to Pyro. He offers you a Brotherhood mission, which is actually
    a Challenge arena. If you decide to do it, you'll have two minutes to defeat
    the enemies and then destroy the gate holding the mutants hostage. It's pretty
    simple. Either way, once you can, move onwards, and talk to Nightcrawler and 
    Mystique. You can now opt to help either Nightcrawler or Pyro.
    If you choose to help Nightcrawler, you'll just bounce from area to area, 
    fighting off waves of enemies. If you choose to help Pyro, you'll have to climb
    up to the roof and clear it out, then destroy some gas valves up here while 
    more enemies pour in.
    Either way, once you're done with the mission you've chosen, head forward
    and free the mutants behind the gate, then talk to Forge. You'll now have to 
    hold off waves of Purifiers while Forge tries to open the container. The two
    nearby turrets are on your side, although they fire a little too slow to be of
    much use. Once the area has been cleared, head up the ledges onto the nearby
    roof and deal with the two enemies up here. Drop down and there will be some
    more Purifiers. Once they're down, smash up the marked tower, and then talk to
    Luis Reyes.
    Now move through the hole that the tower made. There are some enemies to kill
    and mutants to free on the right side of the tower, and a lot more opposition
    on the left side of the tower. When they're all down, talk to Cyclops and 
    Quicksilver. You can choose to buddy up to one of them, and you'll get an 
    appropriate X-Gene in return. You can also talk to Pixie if you wish. Bust 
    open the gate and fight the horde of enemies on the other side. Head upstairs
    and climb the ledges once you reach the dead end.
    On the rooftop you'll have to fight Cameron Hodge, but first you are told to
    pick between two power upgrades. You can activate the particular upgrade in 
    combat by holding the Right Trigger and pressing X, but it eats up some of 
    your M-meter, which is the blue bar below your green health bar. Hodge doesn't
    have a lot of attacks. Most of the time he shoots rockets at you. Every once
    in a while he'll fly off screen, and four targets will converge on your 
    position. When they do, quickly dodge, because he'll come slamming down. 
    Finally, when he recharges his shield, he will float around, stealing your 
    M-meter while he does it, so damage him quickly. Just keep dodging and
    hitting Hodge and he'll go down in no time.
    =================================| ========= |=================================
                                     |           |
                                     | Mission 3 |                            [W03]
                                     |           |
    =================================| ========= |=================================
    Accept Nightcrawler's mission and move forward. You can talk to Mystique if 
    you want, and she offers you a Challenge mission, though you won't be able to 
    take it if you're too chummy with the X-Men. Move on and deal with the enemies
    here, then head downstairs. There are more foes to deal with, including two 
    with guns. Watch for those laser sights and keep dodging. Check the area for
    health and M-juice, then head upstairs.
    You will now have to chase down a Courier. Don't worry, he can't get away. 
    However, after mowing through his allies for a bit, both you and him will 
    come under attack by Purifiers, so you'll need to make sure he doesn't die
    here. Follow him up onto the rooftops and continue protecting him. Eventually
    he jumps down into the middle of some Purifiers and allies. Northstar also 
    comes in to help, so quickly mop up these guys and continue on. You and the 
    Courier enter another area where you must protect him from some enemies, 
    including ranged attackers this time.
    No matter what you do, the last enemy takes the Courier down. After the 
    cutscene, you can talk to Toad for a Brotherhood Mission, or just leave the 
    area. Keep going until you reach the building. Approach the waypoint and soon
    you'll have to fight Gambit. He's a pretty basic boss. He does some simple 
    staff attacks and will sometimes throw cards at you. All of his moves have a 
    charge up period, so you can just roll out of the way. After you defeat 
    Gambit, you'll talk to him in his club. You can then leave. Just before you 
    head downstairs, go up the stairs to your left if you need some health and 
    Head to the final waypoint and slam into the ground to break into a new area.
    At the intersection, go right for a challenge arena or left to get out. Climb
    the pipes to leave and jump over the fence. You'll soon be facing some stairs
    and some ledges you can climb. They both lead to the same place: a rooftop
    filled with enemies. Clear it out and move on. There are plenty more enemies
    before you get to the warehouse. Once inside, slam down on the grate and 
    clear the place out, then use the controls. You will now have to defend a 
    truck against waves of Purifiers. Soon you'll have to make another power 
    choice. After doing so, prepare to deal with flamethrowing troops. They take
    a bit more damage than normal, but they will sap your health down faster than
    you realize if you try to take them head on. Luckily, Gambit is here to help,
    and he makes for a good distraction. Once the room has been cleared, use the 
    controls again, then smash the grate after talking to Gambit to finish the 
    =================================| ========= |=================================
                                     |           |
                                     | Mission 4 |                            [W04]
                                     |           |
    =================================| ========= |=================================
    After the cutscene, there's a group of enemies that you need to deal with.
    Bash the gate controls to your right. There are more controls up ahead to 
    destroy as well. In the next room, deal with the enemies. There's an 
    emplacement in here, in the middle of the enemies, that will continually sap
    your M-juice until you destroy it. Go through the next door and you'll fight 
    a U-Man. The big U-Men aren't actually that tough, even though they get their
    own health bars. They can however do decent damage to you by slamming their 
    fists into the ground. When you see them start to charge up that move, dodge 
    or jump into the air and perform your own slam attack.
    After taking him down, clear the next room and continue on. Once you enter the
    room with explosive barrels everywhere, you'll be trapped with a flamethrowing
    Purifier. Kill him and continue on. When you exit into a large area, you'll 
    have to deal with a Purifier Stalker, which is a bipedal mech armed with 
    machine guns. If you get close, it'll stomp down on the ground. The big 
    stomps release shockwaves that cover a large area, so you will have to jump
    to avoid these. Sometimes the mech will just stomp around repeatedly, but you
    can just roll out of the way here. You need to hit one of the legs enough to 
    bring the mech down. At this point, a spot on its back will become vulnerable.
    Hit it to do actual damage to the mech. Rinse and repeat until the thing is 
    Destroy the next set of controls and talk to Surge. You can accept her mission,
    which is also a challenge arena. After that, move forward and deal with the 
    next batch of enemies, which includes a flamethrowing soldier and another 
    emplacement that leeches M-juice. After this, you'll need to use ledges to 
    get to the next waypoint, but you must time your climbing. The electric 
    security fields pop up here and there on the ledges as you're moving across
    them. After talking to Colossus, follow him and deal with another group of 
    bad guys. This time, there are two flamethrowing soldiers to deal with. After
    some more ledge-hopping, talk to Quicksilver for a bit. You can now choose to 
    fight with him or Colossus. Either one puts you into a challenge arena.
    The challenge requires you to deal with 100 enemies in 5 minutes, which isn't
    too hard, but there isn't any health laying around, so be careful. You'll 
    have to deal with at least two flamethrowing guys and a Prime Enforcer, which
    is basically the suit Cameron Hodge uses, except weaker. After the challenge 
    is completed, there will be another horde of enemies to deal with back in the
    main facility. This group also includes two flamethrowing guys and a Prime
    Follow the path and your three allies will become trapped. Now head back up 
    the ramp and follow the lone enemy through a now opened door along the fencing.
    Once you get upstairs, you'll need to deal with some enemies. Eventually 
    smaller U-Men variants come in. These guys will hover in place and shoot blue
    bolts of energy at you. Knock them out of the air to stop them from shooting.
    Once the place has been cleared, enter the newly opened door. Destroy the 
    controls and smash through the grate.
    Soon you will be engaged in a boss fight with John Sublime, who has mutated
    himself into...something. In the first part, he'll throw rocks at you and 
    swing his arms around. Just dodge and keep whittling him down. After the next
    cutscene, keep hitting him until he starts healing from the thing in the 
    ceiling. At this point, make your way to one of the four generators in the 
    room and press A. Keep whittling him down and frying him with the generators
    until all four are gone. After that, he'll inject himself with more mystery
    stuff, and he'll become huge. He will slam his hands into the ground, so jump
    over the shockwaves. Eventually, one of his hands gets stuck. When this 
    happens, climb up the ledges on the central device and you'll jump onto a 
    platform. Start punching Sublime in the face up here until he moves to the 
    other side, then quickly jump down, because the device will power back up. 
    Now you must dodge both his hand slams and a beam that he throws down. After a 
    bit, his hand gets stuck in the ground again, so rinse and repeat. The 
    third time he'll start hitting the walls, causing stuff to fall. Also, 
    everytime you take some health out, he adds more hits to his handslam routine.
    Just keep it up until you can eventually take his health all the way down.
    =================================| ========= |=================================
                                     |           |
                                     | Mission 5 |                            [W05]
                                     |           |
    =================================| ========= |=================================
    After talking to Cyclops, smash into the ground. You'll quickly encounter 
    Wolverine. Follow him until you reach a room that starts filling with enemies.
    If you can kill more enemies than he does, you'll get an achievement/trophy.
    Keep going and Wolverine will leave. Take care of the enemies on the platform,
    then drop off of it. At the bottom you'll find more Purifiers. Take them out 
    and destroy the computer terminal. Now you can use the ledges to get back onto
    the platform and through the next door. There you will fight some enemies.
    Once back in the main room, use the ledge to cross the gap and deal with any
    enemies on the other side. There's another gap up ahead, and you may notice 
    some climbable ledges leading up to it. If you drop down, you'll land on a
    platform with an X-Gene that you might have spotted earlier. Keep going and 
    deal with the few enemies at the waypoint, then use the ledges to get to the 
    next area. You'll have to destroy another computer terminal to make the lines
    safe to cross. Take out the enemies and the static Prime Enforcers that 
    basically act as rudimentary turrets. Once the terminal is destroyed, get back
    on the ledges and continue along the lines and pipes. Watch out for more 
    Prime Enforcer turrets along the way that you can't destroy.
    Once you reach the next platform, deal with the enemies and move on. Fight 
    your way back onto the main central platform and you'll have to use ledges to
    get around. You eventually wind up fighting a Stalker. Once he's out, destroy
    the computer terminal here and climb up. Keep working your way around until 
    you reach the boss fight. You'll be taking on Cameron Hodge again, although 
    he's upgraded his suit. Fortunately, he still relies on the easily dodged 
    rockets and slamming down attacks. This time, however, he'll also call in for
    reinforcements, and he sometimes shoots a beam of energy out. Once his health
    bar is only a quarter full, you'll be given a choice to either accept his 
    surrender or continue fighting him. You will be forced to continue fighting 
    him either way, so this choice is purely for gains in a particular faction.
    Destroy Hodge to complete the mission.
    =================================| ========= |=================================
                                     |           |
                                     | Mission 6 |                            [W06]
                                     |           |
    =================================| ========= |=================================
    Just after your boss fight with Hodge, you'll talk with Nightcrawler. Choose 
    either the X-Men or the Brotherhood to increase your faction bar in the 
    appropriate direction. After more talking, you're dumped into the middle of a 
    small group of enemies. Take them out and head down. Each level has more 
    enemies to fight, along with a device that leeches M-juice. Once you reach
    the laser gate, use the pipes to climb over it. Use the next set of pipes to
    get onto a roof, where you can bust open the vent cover and drop down into 
    the building.
    After making your third power choice, you'll fight a Stalker. After this, 
    talk to Forge, then Caliban. Once the door opens, move through and deal with
    the other enemies. There's a guy in here that looks like a miniature version
    of John Sublime. Still, he isn't too hard to dispatch. Plus, Northstar comes
    in to help. Once they're all down, you can talk to Northstar for a challenge, 
    if you're a good guy. After that, take out the mini-Sublimes ahead. Juggernaut
    will help you out here, so talk to him afterwards. If you're a bad guy, you 
    can get a challenge from him.
    Keep going and you'll encounter Wolverine. You must now fight him. He's fast
    and does some decent damage, but his attacks still have to charge up, like 
    everyone else in the game. Also, he will slowly regenerate health, so don't 
    mess around. Put him down quickly, then use the ledges to get up to the next 
    area. You'll now be fighting infantry with mutant powers, though their attacks
    are still pretty basic. As you get farther up, mini-Sublimes and eventually 
    small U-Men will join the mix. Take them all down and jump onto the crane. 
    Use the controls here to move it, then get on the top part of it and move 
    over to the next crane. A couple of enemies come out when you're moving to 
    the next crane control, so be careful not to fall off as you fight them. 
    Keep doing this until you reach solid ground, then smash into the ground to 
    get to the bottom floor of the building. Move outside and you will soon have 
    to deal with more mutated troops and a Stalker.
    After the next cutscene, you will be fighting both Magneto and Juggernaut. 
    You can't damage them, so instead work on destroying the metal prison around
    Cyclops. Juggernaut will charge at you, and Magneto will throw cars at you. 
    Both are easily avoided. If you can, try to get Juggernaut to charge off of 
    the floating bridge. It will take Magneto a few seconds to put him back on 
    the playing field. Once Cyclops is freed, you'll all fall into a building. 
    You can now take Juggernaut down. He still does the ram attack, but also has
    some striking moves and one where he pounds the ground. When Juggernaut rams,
    he will fall down once he hits a wall. This is your chance to do major 
    damage, but make sure you move away as he's getting up, because he will 
    immediately do the ground pound attack.
    Once Juggernaut is out, you'll be on a street. Make your way towards Magneto 
    and dodge the debris he throws your way. You'll now have to destroy Cyclops' 
    prison again, while dodging blasts of energy from Magneto. Once Cyclops is 
    freed, he'll shoot Magneto down and keep him busy. Lay into Magneto with 
    everything you've got. After a bit, he pushes you back and you have to do the
    whole cycle over again. Once Magneto is down, you'll be told to choose 
    between the X-Men and the Brotherhood. Each choice gives you a seperate 
    =================================| ========= |=================================
                                     |           |
                                     | Mission 7 |                            [W07]
                                     |           |
    =================================| ========= |=================================
    After talking to your faction leader, move to the waypoint. Your companion 
    will become mind-controlled by three speakers in the corners of this next 
    area. Destroy all of the speakers to end the fight, then move on. Once you 
    drop down, prepare to fight some enemies. You'll have either Northstar or 
    Pyro here to help you, but a Prime Enforcer rolls in after a bit. Once the 
    enemies have all been taken care of, you'll need to destroy four more speakers
    while fending off your ally. After talking to the people at the waypoint, 
    you'll be asked to accept another power. You don't have a choice here, but the
    ability you receive is powerful, so don't hesitate to use it on the groups of
    enemies you are now fighting. This group includes two Prime Enforcers.
    When it's clear, talk to Forge and stock up on health and M-juice if you need
    it. A Stalker busts through the door, but it's being controlled by Forge, so 
    move through the hole. The Stalker will clear everything for you. Keep going
    until you have to drop down. You'll face a group of enemies here. Eventually 
    two Prime Enforcers come in, but so do three of your allies. Once the Prime
    Enforcers are down, you'll need to make your way up to the tower. I'm not 
    entirely sure, but I believe that enemies keep spawning in this area. Useful
    for getting a ton of XP, but make sure you don't run low on health. As you 
    near the tower, you'll face several more enemies. Climb to the top of the 
    tower and talk to Reyes to end the mission.
    =================================| ========= |=================================
                                     |           |
                                     | Mission 8 |                            [W08]
                                     |           |
    =================================| ========= |=================================
    You'll be stuck in this area fighting off waves of enemies and a Stalker for 
    about a minute. Once they're down, go through the portal and fight more enemies
    until the next portal opens. You'll now have to climb up the building while 
    the Sentinel at the top shoots down at you. Once at the top, be prepared to 
    jump when the game tells you to, because the Sentinel will slam into the 
    building. He will then hover in front of you, performing a variety of attacks.
    Sometimes he will slam his fists into the ground. If he does this, try to land
    a few quick hits on him. Sometimes he will simply shoot a beam out of his 
    hands, and other times he will drop three glowing bombs onto the stage. They
    blow up after several seconds, but they do it one by one, so try to stay on 
    the left side and dodge accordingly. Finally, he likes to get real close to 
    the building and open his chest up. This is your prime oppurtunity for scoring
    some hits, but be careful. After a few seconds, a huge beam comes out of his
    chest, and you don't want to be in the middle of that.
    After around a quarter of the Sentinel's health is gone, he starts shooting 
    homing missiles at you from a distance. Once more of his health is gone, he 
    throws eye lasers into the mix as well. When you really start to lower his 
    health, he'll start dropping more of the bombs, and the energy blasts will 
    become more frequent. Still, as long as you know when to dodge, you'll be ok.
    If you do die, you'll simply start back on the rooftop with full health, so it
    really isn't too big of a deal.
    Once the Sentinel goes down, you'll finally fight Reyes. He has some neat 
    tricks, but functions a lot like any other Prime Enforcer boss you've faced 
    so far. He likes to throw out the Cyclops beams, particularly after he enters 
    one of Pixie's portals, so be prepared for that. He will also summon in enemies
    from time to time that you should just ignore unless you need health. Also, 
    he will call upon the ability of a specific mutant. Psylocke seems to be among
    his favorites, and when he uses her powers, a bunch of ghost versions of him
    will pop up around you and start slicing everywhere, so keep moving. He also 
    uses Avalanche's powers to disturb the ground in front of him, damaging you if
    you get too close. The only other power I saw him use was Magma's. If he uses
    this power, he'll run towards you and generally do high damage melee attacks 
    and ground pounds. Fortunately, because of the enemies he constantly summons, 
    running low on health shouldn't be a big deal. Take him down to complete the 

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