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"Bad controls ruin this flawed DLC."

Pigsy Perfect 10 is DLC for Enslaved Odyssey to the West. In Enslaved Pigsy was one of only 3 characters in the game. However, he was the least important. While Pigsy often provided comical relief he was not really a likable character. He did play a big role in the ending but it was a bit forced. So for the portly man with with questionable humor to get a 4.5 hour DLC campaign was a bit surprising. And frankly it shouldn't have been made.

The graphics and sound are pretty much unchanged from Enslaved. This is a good thing considering the presentation was the highlight of that game. But Pigsy has no companion to interact with, leaving no one to show off the game's amazing facial animations and character development with. Pigsy does try and add context with lengthy soliloquies of his plight. But it's just not as impressive as Enslaved's interactions between Trip and Monkey. Also, for whatever reason, there is a lot more texture pop up this time around. This can be easily overlooked as being picky, but it also means the developers put less effort into this outing.

Pigsy Perfect 10 features only the single player campaign, so again the menus are simple and basic. The controls are really where this game goes downhill. The collision detection is worse than it was in Enslaved. Although the platforming is again child's play easy, frequently you will press the action button repeatedly only for nothing to happen. Shooting is also very frustrating. I can't remember how many times I clearly put the crosshairs on an enemy only for the game to not react at all. And the special abilities are a huge pain. Instead of just assigning them to individual buttons (which there is plenty room to do) you have select with D-pad, hold down one trigger, then another trigger! So when you have enemies running at you with intentions of mauling you, you might as well do nothing, because there is nothing you can do. The controls wreck this otherwise interesting different take on the Enslaved gameplay.

Pigsy Perfect 10 has a very basic premise. The game is a prequel starting off with Pigsy alone and wishing for a friend. So he gets the idea to build a “perfect 10” companion. So you simply set off on a long fetch quest mission. Pigsy does get a little more than he bargained for, but that's about it. The DLC is a 4.5 hour long fetch quest. Without a second character to interact with or balance Pigsy humor with (like Monkey in the main game) he quickly becomes unlikable and the game gets boring as you lose motivation.

Pigsy Perfect 10 does have a completely different combat system, but otherwise the game remains much the same. Instead of jumping around like Monkey, Pigsy has to use his trusty grappling hook. This sounds cool but you can only use it at scripted times. Again this makes the platforming linear and easy. Puzzles play a much bigger role in this iteration. They all still involve moving obstacles with levers. The only difference is they are bigger and longer, which is not a good thing. And the combat.... It has an interesting idea but the controls completely wreck it to the point of serious frustration. Instead of using staff melee attacks you are armed with a sniper rifle and four gadgets. You have no close range attacks only a hard to aim taser. The shooting mechanics are uninspired (only one gun, unlimited ammo) and even when you have the crosshairs right on an enemy you only have a 50/50 chance of actually hitting them. The four gadgets are a distracting grenade, stun grenade, ally device, and bomb.. You throw the distracting grenade and for about 10 seconds all enemies attack and converge on it. The stun grenade does exactly what you think its does, incapacitating all enemies in range for about 10 seconds. The ally device makes all mechs within it's range fight for you for about 30 seconds, or until they are destroyed. And the bomb is a bomb. These four devices in combination with your vulnerability are supposed to create a strategic feel to the game. Instead the controls just make it frustrating. Your character reacts to slowly to your commands giving the game a trial and error feel. You will die much more in this DLC then the main game.

There is none. Pigsy Perfect 10 will take about 4.5 hours to complete and there is 250 achievement points, most easy. The $10 DLC has no other content.

Don't waste your $10 here! I bought Enslaved $18, so $10 for this is very steep. Pigsy Perfect 10 has none of things that made Enslaved enjoyable. It lacks the character development, completely removes the chase sequences and boss battles, then breaks everything else with shoddy controls.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 01/09/12

Game Release: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - Pigsy's Perfect 10 (US, 11/23/10)

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