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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

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    Authored by: Bkstunt
       Email:    Faqs @ Bkstunt . Com
       Facebook: Facebook.com/Bkstunt
       Website:  Bkstunt.com
    Hey guys, its Bkstunt here with a guide for Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice!
    This is the long-awaited DLC to the Double Fine game Costume Quest, add adds
    three more chapters to our heroes tale!
    I DO believe you need the original game to play this DLC, so don't go
    buying it on its own! It is an expansion after all! With that warning out of
    the way, let's jump into the guide!
                               Table of Contents
    Walkthrough: Grubbins on Ice
            Part I: Grubbin Village ......................................(CQ 1.1)
            Part II: Trowbog Village .....................................(CQ 1.2)
            Part III: Crestwailer Village ................................(CQ 1.3)
    Costumes: (CQ 2.0)
    FAQ: (CQ 3.0)
    Credits: (CQ 4.0)
                           DLC Walkthrough: Grubbins on Ice
    Part I: Grubbin Village ..............................................(CQ 1.4)
    We start our new DLC tale with Lucy and Everett out in the neighborhood (it's
    Winter now) trying to find evidence of the monsters that tried to invade their
    world on Halloween. Why they're waiting until winter to do this is beyond me.
    Hey, it takes time to develop these games!
    Before "Ev" can express his feelings to Lucy, a Repugia speaker turns on in
    the background, followed by a pillar of light kidnapping Lucy.
    Everett runs and grabs his buddies (Wren and Reynold from the first game) to
    come help him (dressed in costumes, of course). After a few scenes, you'll
    have to elect a leader (once again, I choose Wren). And witht that, its off
    into the portal.
    On the other side, a baddy named Araxia is telling bad jokes. Our heroes will
    come bursting through the portal, making Araxia turn Lucy into candy corn and
    talk about Big Bones. Him again?!
    You'll now have to fight your first battle.
    As you'll soon notice, you'll be level 10 in the fight, with the same stickers
    that you had from the last game. As far as I know, you start with the Robot,
    Knight, and Space Man costumes (which are default).
    Use this battle as a refresher if its been awhile since you've played.
    Remember that you must press certain buttons while you attack and defend
    to increase and decrease damage respectively. Also remember that you build up
    special moves, so don't forget to use them!
    BUT.... this fight is fixed. Try as you might, you won't be able to best the
    two seargents (The best I could do was kill the hurler and ALMOST kill one
    of them). You'll soon see that it was meant to be that way though, as a cut
    scene takes over. Good thing those Trog's were there to break our fall!
    Afterwards, you're on your own at last. Remember that you can hit "[]" to hit
    things in the environment (to get candy) and you can use your current costumes
    ability with "O". You can also check out your menu with Triangle. You can
    also change costumes by holding down R2. Personally, I recommend changing to
    a combo with at least one healer. Personally I'm going Unicore/2-ply toilet
    paper (GREAT at tying up someone), Vampire/No-Eyed Vampire Bat (Good HP
    Restoral Unit), and Robot/Jawbone of the Wolf (I love the Missle Attack).
    We also have our starting quest, "Repugia".
    VERY close by to where you land is the revolution table, where you can get
    your very first quest, "Viva Repugia!". Seems like Araxia is a pain to the
    monsters as well. Go figure. Going UP the hill does nothing for us, so we
    may as well go "solict" some doors.
    Like I said before, be on the lookout for candy and smack anything that pops
    up with the smack icon. Explore the south and find the break in the fence that
    leads right. You can raid this area for candy. Take the middle path here in a
    ways to find your first "hide and go seek" kid. Apparently six kids escaped
    the candy cage. This also gives you the "Save the Escapees" quest. Five more
    kids to go!
    Past the kid is your first chest as well, which will open up and give you your
    first costume pattern for the Eyeball Costume. By the looks of the Costume
    Patterns page, we'll have three new costumes to make. Fun.
    Now let's explore the north area. You'll find some candy as well as a "Secret
    Cave". There's also a battle stamp vendor here with some funny dialog and two
    new battle stamps that are a bit pricy for us now. Go inside the cave now to
    find the revolutions hide-out. There's a lot of boxes to break here for candy.
    Be sure to talk to the grubbin by the desk. He'll give you the Pirate Costume
    Pattern, as well as a new quest ("Hook, Line, and Freethinker"). The chest
    nearby has 200 pieces of candy in it.
    One more thing to do before knocking doors. Go back south and take the far
    right option to drop down onto some walkways. Follow them down into a cave
    (take note of the zipline nearby).
    In the cave, gather candy (as always) and go up a room. There's a chest here
    with a Track Suit (for the Eyeball Costume). You have two choices, left or
    right. Right is a dead end for now (grab candy), so head left to get dropped
    off at the beginning area. 
    NOW let's go to town. Cross the bridge to the right. There's a guard in this
    area, so remember that you can hit him from behind for a surprise attack. Now
    taste your first serious battle (a lot easier with 2-ply and better costumes,
    For my sake, let's do this systematically. Go find the Elder up to the North
    West and knock on this first door. You'll have to fight, as a guard lives
    here. The next house is a hotel, and has a phone that you can save at (with
    the "historical society"). Head down from there and talk to the grubbin
    guarding the ramp to move him. Jump over the ramp to get to the chest with
    some Newspaper in it (for the Pirate Costume). Jump the grass ramp and knock
    on the next door. You'll get some candy here. To the right of this house is a
    ramp, with a hide and seek kid hiding by it. You can also kill a guard here
    and talk to a grubbin by the gate for a new quest ("Grubbin Lovin'").
    Head west from the gate grubbin. See the gap in the fence? Fall down it to
    find a chest with some Crepe Paper in it (for the Eyeball Costume). Now head
    back through the caves to town. Being the methodical guy I am (the one I like
    to think I am), go back to the gap in the fence and visit the house to the
    left of it (it has candy).
    Go to the next house (to the left) to battle it out with a guard. I levled up
    during this fight. Now go to the left and visit this house for more candy. Get
    the guard nearby to move (talk to him) and jump the ramp with the robot
    costume. Here you'll find a chest with an Eyepatch for the Pirate costume.
    Jump the next ramp and talk to the guard here for a Hook (another Pirate
    costume ingrediant). You'll now have the Pirate Costume! With the Pirate you
    can use your hook to slide along the wires that we've been seeing. Jump the
    ramp and knock on the house to fight another guard.
    NEW COSTUME: Pirate
    FOCUS: Attack
    TYPE: Melee
    COMBAT ABILITY: Dead Men Tell No Tales.
    The Pirate summons a ship that lets loose a barrage of cannon fire, damaging
    all enemies.
    Now that we got the pirate costume, go down to the walkways that we checked
    out before crossing the bridge. Remember the zipline down there? Use it with
    your hook to find another walkway loaded with candy, leading into a cave.
    In the caves, take the left path. In the top two chests you'll find 250 pieces
    of candy (combined), and in the botom chest you'll find some Wire Mesh, which
    is the last thing you need for your Eyeball Costume!
    NEW COSTUME: Eyeball
    FOCUS: Attack
    TYPE: Melee
    COMBAT ABILITY: EYE-agara Falls
    The Eyeball gushes forth a powerful torrent of tears that damages one enemy.
    We'll now get dropped off near the beginning area. You'll also have gotten the
    "Jeepers Peepers" Trophy by now! Fun.
    Buy some new stamps if you wish (he has four of them now) and go talk to the
    Grubbin Elder. He'll tell you his woman troubles. Time to help!
    Head to the gate area and take the ramp upwards. Now that you have the Pirate
    you can actually continue. Use the zipline and drop down into the pool area.
    Here all you can do is talk to the lady, but in order to get her to follow you
    to the elder, you need to put on the Fry Costume and use your ability. This
    will make her follow you. Lead her up the ramp and find the breakable wall to
    let you drop down to the hotel, then simply lead her to the elder. You'll get
    1,000 XP and the gate open.
    Part II: Trowbog Village .............................................(CQ 1.5)
    With the gate open, you can acess more houses. Go up the hill to find a
    trowbog who wants a "Cuttin Candy" card and can trade. Keep that in mind for
    when you obtain two of them (this quest is named "This Card is ULTRA Rare").
    There's some guards patrolling this area as well.
    Directly to your south is a third kid hiding. The battle stamp vendor also
    followed you up here, as you can find him to the right. Check the two houses
    above him to get some candy from the left one and a fight on the right one.
    For the record, I got my second "Cuttin Candy" card here and completed the
    "This Card is ULTRA Rare" quest.
    In the upper left area is a Trowbog guarding the walkways and a guard guarding
    the gate of this area. Kill the guard and take note of the walkway. Now go
    knock on the door to the right for some candy and the door on the far right
    for a battle (there's a save point between the two doors as well).
    With that done, go down the ramp to the right and talk to the Trowbog elder.
    He'll talk about a lost tome that he wants you to get him, giving you a new
    quest called "Tome of the Trowbogs". Knock on the house nearby to get into
    another battle. Go down the nearby ramp to find another door with some candy.
    Jump the ramp nearby, and then the next ramp. In this area, Everett will gab
    non stop about a better view (the eyeballs special ability). That's because
    you can drop DOWN between the shrubs here to find a "secret" cave.
    In this cave, you can find Charlie (and get the "short stack" trophy). Talk
    to the person across from him to get some advertisement on Stacking, Double
    Fine's new download game.
    Head through the cave to end up above the elder. Now go back to the gate area
    and talk to the Trowbog to get through. Use the zipline here and enter the
    cave. The nearby statue will let you know that you've entered the "Sacred
    Trowbog caves of confusion". Well, this should be fun.
    Go into the next room. You'll see the giant obvious pointer on the ground
    telling you to go right, so you should head right (heading the other ways
    leads to the beginning of the cave). Note that you'll need to use the Knights
    special ability to get past the rocks.
    In here, check the chest for 150 pieces of candy. Use the upper exit to go
    back to the beginning, but this time a right passage is open. Take it. Raid
    the next room and take the north path. This next room will have a big dark
    spot in the middle. You can use the spaceman's power to see a symbol in the
    darkness, telling you to go north. In this next room, gather all the candy
    to see a symbol telling you to go left. Examine the chest in here for another
    150 pieces of candy and head north.
    Once again, you'll be back at the beginning, but this time the left path is
    open. Use the light if you wish and take the north path. Here you can use the
    light again, which tells you to go right. In this room, you'll find a guard
    for you to fight (about time!). Take the path he was guarding to find another
    dark room. The symbol you want to take is IN the candy, so head right. Clear
    the bones out to see the symbol and head south. In here, open the chest to
    find the fabled Tome of the Trowbogs! Yeah! Take the south path to lead you
    out of here.
    Go give the tome to the elder to finish the quest and recieve 1,000 XP, as
    well as opening the gate. The battle stamp vendor also has some new stamps.
    I'm using "Skeleton of the Wolf" and "Rotten Pumpkin Guts", by the way.
    Time to go through the gate.
    Part III: Crestwailer Village ........................................(CQ 1.6)
    You guessed it, snowy bird village time. Let's get some more houses done! At
    the top of the ramp, knock on the nearby house. In fact, all three of these
    lower houses are nothing but CANDY! Sweet. At the last house you'll see a
    vendor with that familiar apple-bobbing game. Except this time instead of
    apples they are EYEBALLS!
    You'll get a quest for this too, "Bobbing for Eyeballs".
    Just like with the apples, rotate Wren with the controller. Aim for the
    Yellow eyeballs as they are worth more, and avoid the Pink ones as they have
    As always, here's your prizes:
    1st round: 20 pieces of candy.
    2nd round: 50 pieces of candy.
    3rd round: Wiggle Woozers creepy treats card.
    After your done bobbing for eyes (you disgust me!) let's check out the rest
    of the village. Go to the right to find two houses surrounding the elder of
    this area. The left house has a fight while the right one has candy. You can
    also "find" a kid to the right of the right house. Now go talk to the
    Crestwailer elder to get the quest "The Case of the Missing Yeti".
    Hmm, since the Yeti is missing, we'll have to make it appear to continue.
    Go back to the eyeball bobbing game and check out the drop on the left. You
    can find a cave down here with candy and a hide and go seek kid (which should
    be your fifth). You'll need to zipline once you leave the cave, but you should
    get the "Playin' Hooky" trophy here. Remember there's a zipline between the
    starting area and the first village too that you might need if you didn't get
    the trophy here. There's more up ahead anyways, as well.
    The drop off the left leads to the starting area, so enter the cave. Go
    through it to reach the snowy path where the crowd is waiting for the Yeti.
    The walkway to the right leads to a zipline which takes you to the gate, so
    enter the cave. Here you'll learn the truth about the "Yeti" that appears,
    netting you the Yeti costume!
    FOCUS: Defense
    TYPE: Melee
    COMBAT ABILITY: Abominable Armor
    The Yeti stomps on the ground, causing icicles to fall from the sky and form a
    shield in front of the friendly party for 1 turn.
    With the Yeti costume on, simply walk out to ensure three more years of
    prosperity! Now take the nearby zipline and talk to the elder to open the
    Go up the ramp and zipline across. Note that you can drop down to a cave on
    the right, but all it has is a couple of rooms of candy and drops you back
    near the zipline. Follow that path to find the battle stamp vendor as well
    as a guard looking to trade cards (The quest is "Repugia Collect 'em All").
    I happened to have a dupe of the card he wanted and finished the quest right
    then and there.
    There's also a kid "hiding" to the south that you can get easily, completing
    that quest as well as getting a new tote! Very nice!
    There's some houses here as well. The very right house is a battle, followed
    by another battle in the middle house, and yet ANOTHER battle in the left
    house. These are your last houses to get, and after you get the last one,
    you'll see a scene of the monsters breaking through a door.
    Fight the guard to your left and cross over to see the door they broke
    through. You can also find some candy under the green waterfall.
    Sensing a boss coming up, I recommend you check out your setup. Many combo's
    work, but here's what I'M doing:
    Wren: Pirate/Wolf Skeleton
    Everett: Yeti/Headless Vampire Bat
    Reynold: Unicorn/Multi-Winged Vampire Bat
    As you can see, I got a LOT of healing going on and a powerful attacker in the
    Pirate as well as a great defender in the Yeti.
    Go towards the door to see the monsters run away, as they scream that Big
    Bones is back! Whee! After a short cut scene, you'll have to fight Araxia and
    Big Bones!
    HP: 4000
    Ice Beam: Hits one target with an ice attack. Fairly low damage. Medium damage
              if not blocked.
    Healing Spell: Recovers a moderate amount of HP. Somewhere between 180-230.
    Big Bones
    HP: 4000
    Candy Scream!: Does large damage to the entire party.
    To start this battle, just focus on Araxia, as he's the only one you can
    target anyways. Once you take away close to half his health, he'll jump up
    in the air and fly. Hitting him now does NO damage, but pushes him back (as
    the party points out: KEEP ATTACKING!). After you hit him into Big Bones,
    Araxia will end up on the ground again. Note that now Big Bones will sit up
    with lit up eyes, and can use his Candy Scream! attack (keep your health up).
    Try your best to save the armor for when the Candy Scream comes and you'll
    be in decent shape. This is the BEST thing you can do. Combined with the
    group healing and the unicorn, it's very hard to lose this fight.
    When you DO get Araxia down to 1 HP, keep hitting him and he'll fall down,
    smacking Big Bones one last time before ending up in the lake. You'll now
    have beaten Arxia, getting the last two trophies of the game ("Birdbrain
    Beatdown" and "Revolutionary Hero") in the process.
    Watch the ending scene involving Lucy, Everett, and the warp zone. Looks like
    we are in for more trouble next time!
    Congrats on beating the Costume Quest add-on Grubbins on Ice!
    - If you liked this guide, please recommend it above. Also, my contact info is
      up above as well if you want to follow me on facebook (and recommend games
      to write guides on) or just say 'Hi!'.
                                Costumes: (CQ 2.0)
    In order of when I acquired them:
    (*Note: Your costumes from the FIRST game DO carry over to this game: you just
            get a few NEW costumes. I am listing ALL of the costumes that you can
            have in Grubbins on Ice here.)
    NEW COSTUME: Robot
    FOCUS: Attack
    TYPE: Ranged
    COMBAT ABILITY: Missle Barrage
    Damages and applies a damage-over-time fire effect to all enemies.
    NEW COSTUME: Knight
    FOCUS: Defense
    TYPE: Melee
    COMBAT ABILITY: Guardian Shield
    A magical shield protects one party member from enemy attacks.
    NEW COSTUME: Statue of Liberty
    FOCUS: Support
    TYPE: Ranged
    Restores a medium amount of health to all party members.
    NEW COSTUME: Space Warrior
    FOCUS: Special
    TYPE: Melee
    COMBAT ABILITY: Meteor Avalanche
    A giant asteroid damages all enemies.
    NEW COSTUME: Ninja
    FOCUS: Attack
    TYPE: Melee
    COMBAT ABILITY: Kitsune Shroud
    Protects an ally from enemy attacks for one turn.
    NEW COSTUME: Unicorn
    FOCUS: Support
    TYPE: Magic
    COMBAT ABILITY: My Pretty Panacea
    Revives a party member and heals them to full health.
    NEW COSTUME: French Fries
    FOCUS: Special
    TYPE: Melee
    COMBAT ABILITY: Salt Assault
    Salt and hot grease stuns all enemies for one turn.
    NEW COSTUME: Black Cat
    FOCUS: Special
    TYPE: Magic
    COMBAT ABILITY: The Cat's Meow
    A booming roar with a chance to cause each enemy to flee.
    NEW COSTUME: Pumpkin
    FOCUS: Attack
    TYPE: Ranged
    COMBAT ABILITY: All Hallows' Eve
    A powerful tornado that cuts all enemies health in half.
    NEW COSTUME: Vampire
    FOCUS: Attack
    TYPE: Magic
    COMBAT ABILITY: There's a Bat in My Hair!
    A flock of bats attacks all enemies and returns health to the party.
    NEW COSTUME: Grubbin
    FOCUS: ???
    TYPE: ???
    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?
    NEW COSTUME: Eyeball
    FOCUS: Attack
    TYPE: Melee
    COMBAT ABILITY: EYE-agara Falls
    The Eyeball gushes forth a powerful torrent of tears that damages one enemy.
    NEW COSTUME: Pirate
    FOCUS: Attack
    TYPE: Melee
    COMBAT ABILITY: Dead Men Tell No Tales.
    The Pirate summons a ship that lets loose a barrage of cannon fire, damaging
    all enemies.
    FOCUS: Defense
    TYPE: Melee
    COMBAT ABILITY: Abominable Armor
    The Yeti stomps on the ground, causing icicles to fall from the sky and form a
    shield in front of the friendly party for 1 turn.
                                       FAQ: (CQ 3.0)
    Q: I need more experience, but I killed all the nearby monsters!
    A: Monsters respawn when you get to the point of the game when you can
    attack them before you fight! Try going back to a previous area and you
    should find some. 
    Q: I need more candy for a stamp!
    A: Well, either find it in the environment or fight monsters. If you need
    more monsters to fight, see the question above!
    Q: How do you get "Grubbins on Ice"/How do you access "Grubbins on Ice"?
    A: Once you download it, you'll see "Grubbins on Ice" on the menu. Select
    New Game and pick "Grubbins on Ice". DON'T pick "Continue Game" as that will
    merely drop you off right where you saved last in Costume Quest.
    Q: How do I get the Short Stack trophy?
    A: The solution is in the beginning part of Part II in Grubbins on Ice.
    Q: How long is Grubbins on Ice?
    A: Hmm, well it took me exactly 5 hours to type up the guide for it. I expect
    It'll take you less than 3 hours to beat it. I know, not as long as you
    wanted, but what can you do?
                                  Credits: (CQ 4.0)
    Thanks to Zylicyde for the "recommendation" artwork up at the top of the guide
    and for the morale support.
    Thanks to my wife and daughter, who were very patient with me while I sat
    down and wrote all of this out! I love you, Sadie!
    Thanks to YOU for reading this guide! Be sure to recommend it and visit my
    website to tell me what YOU want to see a guide on next!
    Have fun and keep playing! ~ Bk
    ~ Fin

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