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    !esreveRDrive in reverse gear for 100 meters at a minimum speed of 10 km/h without collisions20
    'A Series of Accidents' - EasySolve the case 'A Series of Accidents' on Easy level10
    'A Series of Accidents' - HardSolve the case 'A Series of Accidents' on Hard level30
    'A Series of Accidents' - NormalSolve the case 'A Series of Accidents' on Normal level20
    'Beginner's Luck' - EasySolve the case 'Beginner's Luck' on Easy level10
    'Beginner's Luck' - HardSolve the case 'Beginner's Luck' on Hard level30
    'Beginner's Luck' - NormalSolve the case 'Beginner's Luck' on Normal level20
    'Code 9807' - EasySolve the case 'Code 9807' on Easy level10
    'Code 9807' - HardSolve the case 'Code 9807' on Hard level50
    'Code 9807' - NormalSolve the case 'Code 9807' on Normal level20
    'Mere Chance' - EasySolve the case 'Mere Chance' on Easy level10
    'Mere Chance' - HardSolve the case 'Mere Chance' on Hard level30
    'Mere Chance' - NormalSolve the case 'Mere Chance' on Normal level20
    'Murder at km 109' - EasySolve the case 'Murder at km 109' on Easy level10
    'Murder at km 109' - HardSolve the case 'Murder at km 109' on Hard level30
    'Murder at km 109' - NormalSolve the case 'Murder at km 109' on Normal level20
    'Old Friends' - EasySolve the case 'Old Friends' on Easy level10
    'Old Friends' - HardSolve the case 'Old Friends' on Hard level30
    'Old Friends' - NormalSolve the case 'Old Friends' on Normal level20
    'The Wager' - EasySolve the case 'The Wager' on Easy level10
    'The Wager' - HardSolve the case 'The Wager' on Hard level30
    'The Wager' - NormalSolve the case 'The Wager' on Normal level20
    'Traffic Control' - EasySolve the case 'Traffic Control' on Easy level10
    'Traffic Control' - HardSolve the case 'Traffic Control' on Hard level30
    'Traffic Control' - NormalSolve the case 'Traffic Control' on Normal level20
    'Undercover' - EasySolve the case 'Undercover' on Easy level10
    'Undercover' - HardSolve the case 'Undercover' on Hard level30
    'Undercover' - NormalSolve the case 'Undercover' on Normal level20
    A Leading Light (secret)Police light successfully tested!10
    Acknowledgements (secret)Viewed the entire 'Credits'10
    BuilderDrive through a site hut10
    Clear the drains!Spiral down a sewer tunnel30
    Crash Drive (secret)Knocked over 1,000 objects40
    Dirt DriveDrive the 'Semir' until the car is covered in dirt10
    Far AheadStay in the lead by 100 meters for at least 5 seconds in a single race20
    FastDrive faster than 220 km/h for 10 seconds in any vehicle10
    FasterDrive faster than 280 km/h for 5 seconds in any vehicle20
    FastestReach 350 km/h in any vehicle30
    Flyover!Land a perfect jump from the sewers across the Rhine30
    Kilometer Hunter (secret)Driven 1,000 kilometers in the whole game50
    Nitro BurnerUse up a whole nitro charge in one burst without collisions20
    SchuminatorLap your opponent and win a single race30
    Test DriverDrive every available vehicle in single player mode50
    Track TesterDrive on every available track in single player mode50

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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