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"Tomb Raider Review"

Tomb Raider is back, but this may not be the same Lara croft that you know and love. Crystal dynamics' Tomb raider is a prequel bringing us back to Lara's first expedition. This origin story presents us with her transition from a young resourceful woman to the fearless heroine we have all come to know. From the moment I started my campaign I found it hard to put it down. After the straight forward first Hour of the game it quickly opens up to so much more. From its gorgeous visuals to the very responsive controls and Intuitive gameplay. Tomb Raider has It all, aside from a lackluster Multiplayer experience.

Presentation: Tomb Raider is almost flawlessly presented with gorgeous visuals, a very well written script, and it's excellent pacing. From the dark corroded tombs, to the wintery mountaintops Tomb Raider is a great game to admire. As Lara journeys the the island in search of her friends, she comes face to face with harsh challenges one after another. From the struggle for survival, to the intense epic action, Lara is exposed to being vulnerable but never disempowered. Lara's first kill is the games first dramatic apex, one with genuine emotional impact, that had my jaw dropping. After this event however Lara quickly becomes a fearless unstoppable force, this was one significant narrative weakness. You are almost forced to become an unstoppable killing machine.

Gameplay: Tomb Raider pays homage to a number of games, it feels like the perfect mixture of Uncharted, Dead Island, and Metroid all while keeping its true identity. Combat is easy to get the hang of and very fun. In The beginning of the game Lara can't engage in hand to hand combat, nor is she adept at handling weapons, but the rewarding skills system transforms Lara from this resourceful woman fighting for survival into a one man army. Some of the kills Lara pulls off are gruesome, even the way she dies is gruesome, there were times I would die on purpose just to see a pipe completely impale her body, and marvel at the gore. Back to the reward system, there are 3 categories to choose from; Survival, Hunting, brawling. Survival increases your detection rate and keeps you well supplied throughout your adventure. Hunting increases your ability to use weapons and execute finisher moves. Last but not least brawling does what entails "introduces" Lara to melee attacks, along with dodging & countering. Aside from upgrading skills weapons can also be upgraded, and modded by finding salvage and parts. Traversing, and climbing is masterful. Leaping across cliff sides with her climbing axe never quite loses that heart-in-throat feeling. Lara's survival instincts vision which at the touch of the LB(L1) button highlights key points of interest like climbing walls, exploding barrels, enemies, collectables, and even hints to solving puzzles. Completely optional after its first introduced, I only found myself using it to pinpoint collectables in dark corridors. The action heavy campaign last about 8-10 hours and is enjoyable from start to finish. The beauty of Tomb raider is it' replay value after completing the story. A large number of relics, documents, and GPS caches to find, along with challenges and tombs to raid, the games traditional nature comes to light and is just as enjoyable as the campaign if not more. The multiplayer portion of the game is best left alone, it is very unpolished and Not fun in the least bit.

Closing comments: Tomb Raider is a well-written dramatic intense experience. It is an excellent action game and a must buy for any gamer.

Verdict: Tomb Raider is awarded with a score of 9.5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/18/13

Game Release: Tomb Raider (US, 03/05/13)

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