Are all the dragons going to look the same or are they going to be differnet?

  1. I mean like alduin looks like the genaric dragon and the dragons from the demos look simalar i cant spell

    User Info: wymerm1

    wymerm1 - 6 years ago

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  1. Same look design wise. That's it. One of two different breaths, different skin colors, and different defenses.

    User Info: qwweetrtr

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  1. There will be several types of dragons.

    User Info: harley2463

    harley2463 - 6 years ago 0 2
  2. Its already been confirmed.. I think there are 5 different types of dragons? Not so sure, you should watch that video.

    User Info: nmenezes92

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  3. there are acutually six type of main dragons. Todd Howard also mentioned that there will be named dragons too.

    User Info: Dr_Hammy

    Dr_Hammy - 5 years ago 1 1
  4. I only saw 2 dragons yet, both looked the same
    but fighting them is pretty epic

    User Info: nobodx

    nobodx - 5 years ago 1 0
  5. I have personally fought a regular dragon, a blood dragon, a frost dragon, and a named dragon. i imagine there will be something like high dragons but i have yet to see them as i am only level 27.

    User Info: luke204

    luke204 - 5 years ago 1 2
  6. Seeing as how no one has given you exactly the information I personally feel your looking for. There are different types of dragons but their character models are all the same. I beleive I saw on the 12 hour marathon a blood dragon having what looked like blood on him but as far as form they all look the same. The information about this was discussed on the Q/A of the marathon.

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  7. There is atleats th4 dfiereent collors. green and white ones are weaker than black and brown.

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  8. Additional infos to my previous post:

    saw / killed 2 other drakes
    multiple dragons looking like the first (the scripted one from the tutorial) spitting fire
    one looking similar spitting ice, but with a different tail (named "Dragon")
    and one "blood dragon" looking like the ice dragon, but with a fire breath (named "Blooddragon")

    User Info: nobodx

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  9. There are two different models of dragons blood dragons and dragons. Blood dragons are either dark green or black in my experience and normal dragons can be green, brown, and black. There are also frost dragons but they do not appear any different than normal dragons other than being white. I'm lvl 34 and not sure of your level but blood dragons appear around lvl 15 and frost 20 or so.

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  10. I have seen black, white, green, red, and gold colored dragons. but i have noticed that different dragons in the main quest have different snouts and tails.

    User Info: MacDaddyArdican

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  11. In addition to the run of the mill fire/cold/lightning dragons there are elder and blood dragons. Which makes for a reasonably good variety... add to that any unique dragons and you have yourself more variety then oblivion had in its dungeon layout...
    And I do hate double dragon spawns... makes for a rather annoying experience in trying to shoot both of them while they are flying in the sky... wouldn't want to miss on dragon souls+scales+bones.

    User Info: HiSaZuL

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  12. There are different types of dragons. The difficulty of each dragon is determined by the color of their skin. As far as I remember there are 4 colors. White and bronze are the hardest. The other two I'm not sure, I think it was blue and black/gray. There are dragons with names, some called dragon and then you have Alduin the Dragon Prince. The dragons have different attacks such as Ice breath or fire breath, etc.

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  13. so far i have killed 5..
    speaking of which , yesterday i was doing a quest for the Orcs, they said they will let me in
    their stronghold if i went and retrieved enchanted gauntlets! so i went to this Fort, killed everyone in it,
    TONS of stuff found 4 spell tomb books! and they were all mages and they all had encanted robes that weighed only 1 pound but had a value of 150g... so i left with about 17 anyways after i found the gauntlets and left the fort there was a DRAGON!! so i re-loaded the auto save and right as i got out i fast travelled to the Orc Stronghold, BUT the dragon followed me so i look up and theres TWO!!! only one stuck around tho thank F*** uno for such a "rare" animal there all over the place HAH and i ever know what to do with the left over SCALES and BONES after because 1. they weigh to f***** much.. and 2. its hard to find a merchant with enough gold!!!

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  14. I have killed a skeleton dragon, frost dragons, blood dragons, elder dragons, dragons, alduin, and also several dragons with different names i think thus far around 4 or five.

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  15. Ive killed these colored dragons and names

    white brown blood elder green bronze skeleton black

    blacks do not have scales or bones you will find black soul gems but to do this you have to have a the ritual stone with 4 dead dragons the color they have to be is

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  16. The dragons are all fairly similar...minor aesthetic differences at each level change, but that's about it (coloration, horn/spine size, etc).

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  17. There are many different types

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  18. Dragon- blood dragons- ice dragons- elder dragons- ancient dragons...

    User Info: sglobensky

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