How do i cure vampireism / stop vampire bite infection?

  1. so i think i could well be the first person to be bitten by a vampire (00:20 GMT 11/11/11) and i have no idea how to heal / cure myself. no quest has come up, but im weaker during daylight and get a "thirst" on a night anyone know how to cure this yet?

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    J1883715H - 5 years ago

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  1. You have to start a quest that cures to the bartender in the whiterun inn and talk about rumors...and get directed were to go...note if u let yourself go to long without feeding you become blood lust and will be attacked by everyone including the neceomancer who will heal you do this you need to sneak up on someone sleeping and pickpocket them and the option to feed will be there, its tuff to sneak if your a melee guy like me so go real slow(also sneak works better if you take off all heavy armor)you won't kill them after you feed either....

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  1. Go find a cure disease potion and fast. it should work. if not, you are screwed like me because i am feared and hated because im full blow vamp. :(

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  2. I think you may be screwed man, i got bitten also, but only felt weaker during daylight i never got the thirst. As Corinthian650 said, get a cure disease potion asap to stop it.

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  3. Get a Cure Disease Potion fast, Get to a church in a City and drink from thier well, or ifnd one of the stone in the world that cures everything that is wrong with you kinda like the ones in the churches in IV. If you do get suck and you end up getting the thirst you might wanna play through as a vampire they had some pretty cool perks in the elder scrolls IV. If not your last hope is having a save point not too far back from before you got bitten.

    Hope this helps

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  4. According to the Q/A of the 12 hour marathon they say you have 3 game time days to find a cure before you turn. If you wait longer than 3 days...stay out of the light.

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  5. If you want to cure vampirism you take a cure disease potion if your not fully afflicted OR just acquire Lycanthropy (Which turns you into a werewolf). But then you have a completely other big hairy problem to deal with. (Confirmed on offical game guide)

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  6. Easy. Either buy/find a disease potion or go to a temple and cure yourself that way.

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  7. One of the cures was to become a werewolf.

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  8. If its anything like Oblivion or Morrowind, there should be an actual cure out there somewhere.
    Has anyone with full-blown vampirism went to the arcane univiversity in Winterhold? Someone there may start a questline.

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  9. I was bitten and now I'm a full vampire. Could this be why I'm attacked everywhere I go? Rifton, The Greybeards, everywhere! I really don't want to have to start from the beginning again e.e

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  10. If you are a proper vampire now you must do as was said above. Make the bartender in whiterun talk about rumors and he mentions a guy who studies vampires. Go to the city he is in (can't remember which one but its northward) and talk to the guy who will start the quest proper. Buy the dark soul gem thing off of him and using the Soul Steal or trap spell (bought by the mage in dragonblight if you need it) you must capture a human's soul. Return to him and he will insruct you to meet him at dawn at his alter thing.
    Make sure durring this you are not max level vampire and you will know because everyone will be hostile to you. To prevent this you must feed by sneaking up to sleeping people and 'pickpocket' them upon which you get the option to feed. Upon feeding your bloodlust is kept in check. If you are a max level vamp you get a spell that allows you to see in the dark and go invis for a period of time. Use that and general sneaking to get into an inn or what not and feed as quickly as you can.

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  11. Just a small addition to the previous posts. ANY innkeeper will inform you of the cure quest, not just the one in whiterun. It's best to go ahead and have the soul trap spell/scroll before you even begin. If you want, you can buy a black soul gem from Enthir at the college and already have it filled with a black soul before starting the quest. Makes it much faster.

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  12. If you are a full-blooded vamp, you need to feed on humans regularly. Do this at night in their homes. It's just like Oblivion, except feeding will only lower you vamp lvl by 1. At lvl 4 the sun kills you and ppl hate your guts.

    Try this:

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