Dragon Priest Locations?

  1. i have found four dragon priests:
    Krosis- Shearpoint
    Vokun- High Gate Ruins
    Hevnoraak- Valthune
    Volsung- Valskygge?

    all Priests have mask with special abilities.
    Krosis- provides 20% bonus to lockpicking, archery, and alchemy
    Vokun- conjuration, illusion, and alteration spells cost 20% less magicka to cast
    Hevnoraak- immune to disease and poison
    Volsung- prices 20% better, carry 20 more pounds and breathe underwater

    so basically, i am looking for any other priests. their masks are cool, and i want one for destruction or sneaking. anyone know where any others are?

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    luke204 - 5 years ago

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  1. There are a total of 10 Dragon priest masks, all of the masks with the exception of the Wooden
    and Konahrik masks require you to kill the dragon priest of the same name.

    The Masks/Priests are located as follows:

    Hevnoraak - located in Nordic Ruin, Valthume which is southeast of Markarth, and southwest of Rorikstead

    Krosis - located at Shearpoint, a Dragon lair

    Morokei - Only obtainable by completing the 2nd last mission for the College of Winterhold where you have to goto Labyrinthian.

    Nahkriin - Nahkriin, who is encountered during the main quest at Skuldafn. (you only have 1 chance of getting this, so make sure you loot the dragon priest's corpse BEFORE entering the portal to Sovernguard)

    Otar - located in nordic ruin, Ragnvald
    Rahgot - located in the nordic ruin, Forelhost
    Vokun - located within High Gate Ruins
    Volsung - nordic ruin, Volskygge

    Wooden Mask - found at Labyrinthian you need this and the other 8 masks to unlock the Konahrik Mask, but you still get to keep the other masks afterwards.

    Once you have the other masks fast travel to labyrinthian and goto the center and enter the circular building in the middle, you will then find a stone statue with 8 dragon priest heads, equip the wooden mask which will teleport you to Bromjunaar Sanctuary and select each of the priest heads until the masks are on all of them and the middle dragon head will life up to reveal the final mask for the taking, afterwards you can take back the other masks. unequip the wooden mask to return to labyrinthian.

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  1. Do the College of Winterhold questline. A really good one is at the end, plus arch-mage robes.

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  2. Volsung is in fact at Valskygge. The other five priests are Otar at Ragnvald, Morokei at Labyrinthian, Rohgot at Forelhost, Nahkriin at Skuldafn, which is in the Other Realm, and Konahrik who is also at the Labyrinthian. If you are looking for a mask that helps your destruction out, then you would want the Nahkriin one, as it reduces Destruction and Restoration magicka costs by 20%.

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  3. Thee is a hidden one in old mans grotto and one on the tallest mountain and you can get up there because I'm what you call a master mountain climber it requires a lot of patience and concentration just like drawing anime so oh and that without a road

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  4. once you get far enough in the main quest line you can obtain a book called alduin's wall. In it there is a map with all of the dragon priest locations. Hope this helps

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