Easy Gold?

  1. Is there a way to get easy gold? Like a gold cheat? I want to get LOTS of gold in the game! : )

    User Info: JoshB48

    JoshB48 - 5 years ago
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    Everyone, thank you for your answers! You all are very helpful! : ) I'm going to keep this question open so you all can keep posting tips to make gold.

    User Info: JoshB48

    JoshB48 - 5 years ago

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  1. Do the thieves guild quest line, and thieves guild side quests each is worth like 400 gp and takes like 1-2 minutes tops

    User Info: Reinbachimus

    Reinbachimus - 5 years ago 3 0


  1. I dont know of any cheats. but the easiest way I've gathered gold is just by collecting everything valued above 40 going to Whiterun selling to Belethor (Trader), Ulfberth War-Bear & Adrianna Avenicci over the last few hours Ive gotten over 20,000g, but make sure you kill the dragons to the bones & scales are worth alot.

    User Info: crimsonx13

    crimsonx13 - 5 years ago 3 0
  2. Black Mage Robes are worth about 150gp each. You can easily get 10 of them by cleaning out a vampire den like Hoenur's Shame.

    Also, sell your dragon bones.

    As a rule, don't pick up more heavy armor than you can wear, pick up rings like crazy. Kill bandit leaders, too. Their camps are often full of great loot.

    User Info: guinness4life

    guinness4life - 5 years ago 3 0
  3. Gather hides, lots of them, then make a lot of leather and leather straps (they're pretty easy to accumulate a lot of if you just wander around killing. Then craft some leather armor (cheapest in terms of materials needed) improve the armor at a workbench and repeat dozens of times then go sell them for about 150+ depending on your speech skill. I made over 2,500 in Whiterun going back and forth selling superior leather armor.

    User Info: Ryu1311

    Ryu1311 - 5 years ago 3 0
  4. I found this area that infinitely spawn a book that values at around 50. If you go to the Sightless Pit near ,Winterhold, there will be a sacrificial altar with skeletons near it. The skeleton will revive and attack and one of them will have a book in it and that is the one that will infinitely spawn the book if you keep looking into it.

    User Info: chado524

    chado524 - 5 years ago 3 0
  5. Alchemy has worked for me extensively. Of course it took a bit to learn which ingredients worked well for the best potions, but as it stands now, every time I go to a town (new or old) I go to an alchemist, buy all their ingredients, make as many potions as I can, then sell them back until they run out of gold. You can either then keep the potions and sell them to general stores later, or when you get the better merchant based perks (like being able to sell all items to all merchants), you can then get rid of your extra potions more easily. I probably have a few hundred potions in my chest in my house in Whiterun already.

    User Info: Takieda

    Takieda - 5 years ago 2 1
  6. Invest a lot of your skill points into speech, then find a fence and pillage like crazy! I've noticed that shop keepers, especially in solitude, are terrible at not being robbed! Making jewelry is a good way to go as well, if you can find the ingots and jewels!

    User Info: jeffofknight

    jeffofknight - 5 years ago 3 0
  7. A tip is to figure out the weight to price ratio of an item, an iron armor weighs 30 and sells for about 135 if i remember right and an iron helm weighs 5 but only sells for 60. The better option would be to take the helm because you get 12 gold per 1 weight (60/5=12) while the armor gives about 4 gold/weight (135/30=about 4). The actual selling prices may differ though it is always good to keep this in mind when looting, unless you plan on making multiple trips to loot everything.

    User Info: ShadowBeserker

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  8. Enchanting. You can make iron daggers from the beginning for about 25-30 bucks each. If you have the absorb health enchantment you can make each one worth between 200 (very low speech) and 800 (very high speech). If you're willing to put the effort into filling the soul gems yourself you can make an unlimited amount of money doing this. I usually make between 20-40 thousand septims each time. This has the added bonus of maxing out your smithing and enchanting skills while also boosting your speech skill considerably.

    User Info: Big_Slippy

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  9. The best way I found to make a lot of gold also drastically increases your smithing ability. East of Markarth you will find Kolskeggr mine. It is filled with gold ore veins, and possibly Forsworn if you've gotten that far. Mine all the gold, smelt it down to gold ingots, and craft and sell gold necklaces. You may also find flawless jewels mining the ore, so add them to the jewelry to make better stuff. At lower level smithing, creating simple gold necklace will increase your level by one full bar. I made tons of gold and got my smithing ability to 100 this way.

    User Info: JPhoenix985

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  10. (Optional)
    Level speech by speaking to Ungrien in the Black-Briar Meadery [Riften], as having a high speech will increase how much gold you receive.

    (What to do)
    This is Repeatable! -- (Obviously)

    Creating a Iron Dagger (1 Iron Ignot and 1 Leather Strap).
    - - You may also grab a pickaxe and go mining in mines, wich will help.
    - - Also remembering your compannion can carry a infinite ammount of items.
    - - by dropping them and commanding him/her to pick them up.

    After creating as many iron draggers as you can hold.
    (Remember the compannion carrying here!)

    After creating all of the daggers, go and enchant them with 'expensive' enchants.
    (Any soulgem will do (read notes for more details).)

    Enchant the daggers preferably with two enchants, if you've got the perk.
    Otherwise enchant them with 'Banish Daedra' or 'Absorb Health/Magica'.

    ## Note, worth a while to remember ##

    # You can enchant all of your other gear, and sell them aswel!

    # Enchanting level will determine how powerful enchants you can make,
    aswel as enchanting gear. This does affect the ammount of gold you receive.

    # Having gear with +speech will or batter will increase the ammount of money
    you can receive from sold items.

    # Using Azura's Star(NON-HUMAN)/Black Azura's Star(ONLY-HUMAN)
    This soulgem is a unlimited use soulgem, so basically FREE enchanting!

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  11. Join the Thieves Guild.

    User Info: DragonL0rd132

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  12. The best way I get money is by doing severe side quests and only taking stuff that's worth money
    However the manaqinn in proudspire is glitched to duplicate armor

    User Info: PsychoL1027

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  13. once you finish the dark brotherhood questline you get 20000gold its not too long and definitely worth the effort

    the other way (which also takes a while) is to max your smithing.
    I know it seems silly but although it takes a lot of effort you can make dragon armour (such as gloves or boots) and use the workbench to make them into legendary armour and sell them for about 2-3000 each, it also gives you an insentive to actually try and kill the dragons once you have gotten further into the game and they start to become a pest, because you have basically got 2000 gold free from killing it.

    ive been doing this for a while now and ive got about 60000 gold!!!
    its not very fast but it is reliable because you can go to a wall on the map (marked as a dragon symbol) and they respawn after a while so you have infinite dragons and so infinite money!!!

    User Info: ToffeeJohn

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  14. The absolute easiest way I have found to make gold fast is to obtain an item that has the banish daedra effect, learn the effect from it and then enchant random items with it at the maximum level you can. For some lazy reason the game developers never seemed to consider the number of uses in the pricing of an item, so a petty soul gem and an iron dagger becomes an enchanted item that can be sold for around 900 coins (actual stated worth around 2500) making your only real problem having to travel from town to town to find shopkeepers with enough money to buy from you.

    User Info: AlexanderAmnel

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  15. For me the easiest way of making gold was just simply going into random dungeons and clearing them out. A big one will have lots of expensive enchanted loot which you can sell for lots. Bringing a follower to carry more is a good idea too.

    Another little tip though, try to keep your weight down... I tend to keep the price/weight ratio to a miniumum of 10 ( so 10 coins per kg of weight) and this goes up when I become overencumbered.

    User Info: Xadrasyl

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