Where can I find Mehrune's Razor?

  1. I heard it was one of the best daggers in the game, but I have no clue where to find it.

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  1. ~ Part 1 ~
    You MUST be lvl 20 to start the quest chain for Mehrunes Razor. When you are at the required level, a courier will come up to you and give you an invitation for a new "museum" that has opened up in Dawnstar. When you go there, go to Silus Vesuius's House, and he will give you a tour of the Mythic Dawn Museum (as a side note, you can lockpick all of his cases in the museum to up your skill...he won't complain as long as you don't steal the items within. Make sure you have plenty lockpicks though...they are Adept Locks). Once the tour is finished, he will offer you the quest to find the pieces of Mehrunes' Razor, which was split after the Oblivion Crisis. He gives you a book, tracing the lineage of the keepers of each piece, and a rough estimate of where they are now. Best way is to obtain all of the parts and then head back to Dawnstar.

    Part 1: Drascua's Pommel.
    Far to the west, just SW of Markarth, is Hag Rock Redoubt. There are Forsworn here. Fight your way up to the very top, and find that Drascua is a...Hagraven! (You already may have thought that she was not exactly normal, with the enbalming equipment, lying around in the Redoubt... :-P) Kill her and loot the Pommel off of her corpse. BONUS! There is a Word Wall behind where Drascua was lurking. Power learned: Dismaying Shout.

    Part 2: Ghunzul's Blade Shards
    Journey to Falkreath Hold and travel West to Cracked Tusk Keep (or if you have the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary entrance marked on your map, go west from there). Pick off the patrolling Orc Hunters (if you have a really good Sneak Skill)...or just charge in the front gate & kill 'em...your choice. Your main access point into the Keep is a door to the SW of the entrance (or there is an alternate entrance to the west which is locked [Adept]. If you are really good at lockpicking, this is the more stealthy approach as you can then unlock the "cage" [Expert] which houses the button to open the bars blocking the entrance to the Cracked Tusk Vault. This is where the shards are kept. This way, you can avoid the fight with Ghunzul altogether...) If you choose to face off against Ghunzul, he is usually upstairs, and once he's dead you get the key to the Cracked Tusk Vault. Once you go down to the vault, walk carefully and cut the tripwires in front of you to release the poison darts before you proceed. Once you take the shards off the stand, back off immediately to avoid more darts.

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  1. Go to dawnstar. find the museum. there will be two people talking outside, the man will ask you to help him after they finish talking.

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  2. Mehrune Dagon's Shrine is practically within sight of the.... sky temple I think, sky temple is one of the places where you have to kill a dragon as part of a bounty

    I dont know whats in Mehrunes temple though because it's locked and needs a key that I can't find

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  3. ~ Part 2 ~

    Part 3: Jorgen's Hilt
    Easiest one of the three... :-) Go to Marthal. Talk to Jorgen...who plays dumb about the Hilt...until you mention Silus's name. There are then a few ways to handle this.
    (Persuade) Tell him he won't miss it.
    (Bribe) Pay a large amount of gold to get it from him.
    (Intimidate) Demand the hilt from him. If you fail the intimidation, he will fight you. You will brawl (no weapons) until he submits. Then he'll give you the key and tell you to get lost.
    Or lastly, find his house without talking to him and pick the locks necessary to obtain the hilt.

    Head back to Dawnstar and give all the pieces to Silus to recieve a leveled gold reward (I received 2400g at lvl 21). He will then tell you the fourth piece is the scabbard, and if you wish to restore the Razor, you must meet him at Dagon's Shrine! I found the easiest way to the shrine was heading West from the Windhelm area...use whatever landmark you have that is the closest and head west up the mountain. You can also travel to the shrine easily if you have the Lord Stone discovered...you can see the stairs leading to Dagon's Shrine just SSW from the Lord Stone. These are all good landmarks...unless you have already discovered the Shrine. If so, just fast travel there. ^_^ (Note: there is also a Dragon encounter just SSW of Dagon's Shrine with a Word Wall for Ice Breath!)

    When Silus activates the altar, nothing happens. However when you "activate" it, Dagon says he has found you worthy. Now he wants you to kill Silus. IMPORTANT!! If you choose to let Silus go...YOU WILL NOT GET MEHRUNES' RAZOR!! So don't be a softy...kill the little punk. After he is dead, loot his corpse for the Mythic Dawn Robes, Gloves, and Boots. Approach the altar again. Mehrunes Dagon will now reforge the Razor for you. Take it, and equip it right away...as Dagon has another little gift for you. Two Dremora appear and attack you! Kill them, loot their hearts and gear...and the key to the shrine! Open the door below the statue of Dagon and head down. Two more Dremora appear. Kill them as well. Open the chest on the raised dais for leveled gear...I believe I got some ebony stuff (can't remember, but I know it was decent loot...XD).

    Now with the Razor in your possession...GO AND WREAK HAVOC IN MEHRUNES DAGON'S NAME!! Bwa Ha Ha HA!!!

    Seriously though, the Razor is an excellent Dagger, with a 1% instant kill chance. Enjoy it!

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