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  1. Ok so if i use an enchantment with a standard soul gem i may find in a chest etc, this will only give a fraction of the effect it states on the enchantment. For example if i use the enchantment that should give +20 health the armour only has +1 when it's done. Is this to do with actually using soul gems to capture souls? I've never done this before, or is it just a case of using better gems?

    Basically what do i need to do do get the full effect of the enchantment on my armour.


    User Info: gregmate

    gregmate - 5 years ago

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  1. You need better soul gems and/or a better enchantment rating.

    The better your soul gem, the better the ability. I bought a Greater Soul Gem (filled) and it gave me a little better than the enchantment said I could even do.

    The easiest way to see this effect is to go to the enchantment table:
    Select your desired enchantment
    Select an appropriate item that can have that enchantment
    Select a Soul Gem and then go back to the enchantment to see what it has changed to
    Then change the Soul Gem to see the effects it will have on the item.
    Once you're happy, push "X" (on Xbox360) to craft it.

    It's worth it to buy a filled gem (or doing it yourself) before enchanting an item because you can only enchant an item 1 time. After that, you can not change the enchantment, you can recharge it, but not change it.

    Hope this helps, happy Enchanting!

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    LaffinJoker - 5 years ago 3 0


  1. Joker is almost right. If u want to change the enchantment u have to unenchant it which can be done at the table. Ex I turned the bow of embers from fire to ice.

    User Info: hellraiser33

    hellraiser33 - 5 years ago 0 3
  2. Hellraiser33 is wrong. If you disinchant an item you lose the whole item bow and all, and you can't disenchant anything you enchant yourself, becuasey you can only disenchant items for NEW enchantments you don't have. Also Grand souls are the best and should give you the full effect you can get for your enchanting level and perks. Also improve your items BEFORE enchanting them and you don't need that perk from blacksmithing.

    User Info: hogarthundead

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  3. The gem size (technically the size of the soul inside) is key here, in addition to related perks.
    As standard (unselected) the enchantment section tells you what the standard enchantment is, once you select an enchantment (without yet selecting a soul gem) it tells you what the effect of the enchantment will be at the best you can currently achieve.
    IE: a Fortify Magicka enchantment will show as "Increases your Magicka by 20 points".
    When you select it it will tell you what it will be taking into account all related perks and the largest soul gem in your inventory.
    If you have 100 enchanting skill, all 5 perks of Enchanter and all the way up to (and including) corpus enchanter, and a grand soul in your inventory, it tells you that the Magicka bonus goes up to 62 points. This is because it is doubled for the 5 Enchanter perks, and an additional 25% is added for Corpus Enchanter.
    However, now it's selected it's showing you the best it can be at the moment so if you've only got a petty soul in your inventory it'll now only show you a 5 point increase to magicka (2 points for the enchantment at 100 with a petty soul, doubled to 4 for the Enchanter perks and +25% for the Corpus Enchanter perk).

    User Info: Coyote_Rivers

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  4. The size of the gem matters, but the critical stat is your enchantment rating.

    For example, lets say you disenchant a "+25 Blocking" item, and now want to enchant another shield with the newly learned Fortify Block enchantment (note: it doesn't matter if you disenchant a +5 Blocking item or a +35 Blocking item . . . Its the same enchantment). Let's assume your Enchantment Skill rating is 30. Using a Petty gem might only give you a +1 or +2 Block enchantment, whereas using a grand gem might get you +4 or +5. Do the same thing with your enchantment rating at 100, and a petty might get you +18 and an grand might get you +40.

    Use Petty gems to enchant throwaway items to boots your enchanting stat up, then use Greater and Grand gems (along with a Fortify Enchanting potion) to make something you plan to actually use.

    User Info: busboy33

    busboy33 - 5 years ago 1 0

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