How do I defeat Malkoran in Meridia's quest? (Spoilers)

  1. I'm having trouble defeating Malkoran at the end of the Meridia quest, he's got a REALLY powerful frost spell and I'm trapped in the room so I can't leave and get some new gear to defend against it. Any ideas?

    Is there a trick of some sort I'm not seeing?

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    jamieisking - 5 years ago

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  1. the way i killed him was, i had whirlwind sprint equipped for my shout and used arrows and spells to attack him, so whenever he was charging for his huge ice spell i used whirlwind sprint to dodge it. Also it helps to have some frost resist potions just in case it skims you. And if u have high powered attack scrolls you can use those too. Also if u have a companion, let them take care of the damned spirits while you attack malkoran. Also if you use a bow outside the doorway and hide behind it when he uses the ice spell it well not hurt you so just repeat that process until he dies . If you simply just can't kill him, i would suggest lowering your difficulty level (in the gameplay options menu) during the battle and changing it back right before killing him (the 2nd time after killing his spirit) .

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  1. Truely hope you have a save outside that room that you can go back to town and buy/make potions ect. When I did this quest on my character I had a strong supply of potions with me healing/stamina/frost resist/fortify health ect being a alchemist and he really does hit hard burned through all my potions for healing. The only solutions I can think of for you is to revert to a save outside the room and stock up, or if your not already reduce the difficulty level so that you may be able to manage him

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  2. I simply summoned a dremora and charged him while Lydia and the aforementioned dremora covered my back. I however am a lv 30 Breton so I have dragonskin and magic resistance. Also a word of warning upon death his wraith will spawn and he is still somewhat dangerous. Also if you must I agree with the above answer to reduce the difficulty. You will slice through stuff like a hot knife through butter.

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  3. Heres what i did. i had a fireball staff which i had gotten from killing a dragon priest. and after i pretty much funneled all of the corrupted souls through a door and killed them, i just stood at the top of the stairs leading into the room, kept mmoving from side to side, and shooting him with fireballs from the staff. if you dont have anything like that i suppose a bow would work as well but it will be harder. i guess the ice spell isnt as damaging if it just kind of skims you, but if you hit the center of it it can be devastating. and if he seems to have run out of magicka or something i just used the whirlwind sprint shout to rush up and hack him up for a second before repeating the process. hope this helps!

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  4. I did this without potions or any shout other than Unrelenting Force lvl 1. The trick is to use your companion to funnel the spirits through the door, while standing to the side of the door. The spirits will focus on your companion for the most part, and therefore will fail to block your attacks. Hit them hard from the side. Once the spirits are dead, shut the door quickly. This will block the spell that the mage is no doubt preparing to cast as soon as you kill his minions. Pray your companion doesn't open it before the spell hits the door. As soon as the spell hits the door, open it and run through, quickly moving off the ice path that is on the ground and will damage you. At this point, it's very much staying close to him and circling him quickly so he can only use his Ice Spike spell, which hurts but isn't an instant kill, and still drains his magicka pretty badly. He shouldn't take long like this, even with his wards. When he respawns as the dark spirit, treat him like any other, just expect more health and heavier hits from him. I am not sure whether he can still cast in this form as he died in this form before he had time to melee hit me more than three times. Make note, DO NOT LET COMPANION DIE. He will resurrect your companion to fight for him, and that poses problems, especially in the second half of the fight, as I'm sure I only killed the wraith of him quickly because both me and my companion were hitting him before he could get any sort of ward up.

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  5. Hey how did you open this door for this quest?

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  6. fxthecat666 All i did was go up to the sgrine of meridia and she told me to get a beacon and once i did that she just opened the door for me but to get through the dungeon you have to do some puzzles and guide the light to a door or something i cant remember.

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  7. Do you have any invisibility potions? From what i understand paralysis and poisons are worthless against his spirit form but in his "human" state he should be vulnerable. If you have any summoning scrolls use them! Try and distract the small guys so you can focus on Malkoran. Use all the frostbite venom and any other poisons up and try and start with a sneak attack. use shouts like become ethereal and whirlwind sprint to get out of danger since he is a real threat to One hit ko you with that frost bomb cheapness. Oh and good luck =)

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  8. The easiest way that i have found is to run into the room so that he starts hollering at you, then go back into the hallway. use your fire spell, and fire shout to hurt him. then run farther back and flip the switch to drop the gate with him on the other side and continue hitting him. he will leave after a couple of seconds. repeat the process until he is dead. takes roughly 2 minutes

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  9. Here is what I did, i summoned my dremora lord and of course he was beast, he drew his attention all the while I peppered him with wall of flames and wall of storms. This really worked. you can also summon any an atronach and hit him with firebolt, if you have powered up your destruction spell enough it will stagger him, doing this you can keep him stationary and deal damage. (Wall of flames and storms easily eats through his weaker minions by the way)

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  10. Just try to avoid the ice it got me a few times save before you enter the room and just pound him with your sword get a follower if don't already have one and give him a bow .

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  11. This works on the PC as a mage, so I don't know if it will work on the xbox:
    - clear to the door leading to the final hallway (and the door to the Malkoran room), but don't enter yet
    - Go back and Leave Lydia (or other follower) outside the door to the Kilkreath Catacombs
    - Re-enter, go to the top of the stairs and move down until you can throw a firebolt into the room. Don't go too far or the doors will close on you
    - Repeat until you aggro the shades - you don't actually have to hit them to do so (in fact, if you can see them then the doors have already closed behind you). Wait until they start coming out of the room and sprint back to the Catacombs door. If you do it right, only Malkoran will follow and he WILL come through the door, but probably without his Wards up
    - Hit him with dual-cast Firebolt to stagger him (must have the Impact perk) and Lydia will take him down
    - You can then go back and take care of the shades (much easier)

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