Vampire pros and cons ?

  1. I know the advantages and disadvantages of being a werewolf but what are advantages and disadvantages of being of being a vampire?


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  1. Vampirism

    - Immune to Disease: You are completely immune to disease. Any disease you had upon becoming a vampire are instantly cured.
    - Immune to Poison: You are completely immune to all forms of poison.
    - Champion of the Night: Illusion spells that you cast are 25%more powerful.
    - Nightstalker's Footsteps: You are 25% harder to detect while in Sneaking
    - Resist Frost: The stage of your vampirism adds to your Frost Resistance (Stage1- 25%, Stage 2- 50%, Stage 3- 75%, Stage 4- 100%).

    - Hatred: Stages 1,2,3 Vampirism: Citizens of Skyrim and guards will not recognize you as a Vampire, but may (25% of the time) remark that you are looking distinctly pale or "hungry"
    - Hatred: Stage 4 Vampirism: All citizens and guards within a settlement will recognize exactly what you are, and attack you on sight.
    - Weakness for Sunlight: When outdoors between 5am and 7pm your Health, Magic and Stamina will not regenerate. Their maximum values are also reduced: Stage 1- Reduced by 15 points, Stage 2- Reduced by 30 points, Stage 3- Reduced by 45 points, Stage 4- Reduced by 60 points.
    - Weakness to Fire: The stage of your Vampirism also gives you a weakness to Fire: Stage 1- Weakness to Fire 25%, Stage2- Weakness to Fire 50%, Stage 3- Weakness to Fire 75%%, Stage 4- Weakness to Fire 100%.

    Stage 1- Vampire Sight- For 1 minute, you can see better in dark environments. This power has no cost.
    - Vampric Drain: A special Destruction Spell, Vampric Drain absorbs 2 health per second from your target.
    - Vampire's Servant: Once per day, you can reanimate a dead creature to fight for you for 60seconds. Only works on creatures of lvl 6 or lower.

    Stage 2- All powers from Stage 1, plus:
    - Vampire's Seduction: Creatures and People up to lvl 8 won't fight or run away for 30seconds.
    - Vampric Drain: Increases to 3 Health per second.
    - Vampire's Servant: Now affects creatures of lvl 13 or less.

    Stage 3- All powers from Stages 1 and 2, plus:
    - Vampric Drain: Increases to 4 health per second.
    - Vampire's Servant: Now affects creatures lvl 21 or less.

    Stage 4- All powers from Stages 1,2 and 3, plus:
    - Embrace of Shadows: Once per day, you can invoke this power to gain Vampires Sight and Invisibility for 3 minutes.
    - Vampric Drain: Increases to 5 health per second.
    - Vampire's Servant: Now affects creatures of lvl 30 or less.

    Hope that helps

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  1. Vampirism in this game has 4 stages based on last time you fed. Stage 1 you get some cool drain health powers and such, no real disadvantages. Stage 2 you begin to lose health in sunlight but your power is dramatically increased. Stage 3 and stage 4 makes you look 'vampiric' where any humans will attack you on sight for being a demon. That and sunlight will more or less kill you instantly at Stage 4. But as usual, you get cooler summoning powers and massive boosts in strength, etc.
    General benefit is of course 100% Disease resistance and general downside is you need to constantly feed (Every 2 days) or risk dying in the Sunlight. Although if your a shadow person then it doesn't really matter.

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