Where can I find (Refined Moonstone or Moonstone Ore)?

  1. So, I'm a level 23 Dark Elf in need of Full Elven armour. I have a Helmet, Boots, Daggers and Gloves. I need gilded armour, sword, bow and enough to upgrade them all to "Superior." I can easily buy Quicksilver from Alvor or Adrienne, but I have trouble finding ANY Moonstone. I recently found a Moonsilver Vein in a dungeon and mined it all and got 7 ores. That will get me 3 ingots; not even enough to get armour. =( So, in short:
    A) Where can I buy Moonstone and for how much?
    B) Where can I mine Moonstone?
    C) Do Mining Veins ever respawn the ore? or is it a one-time deal?

    User Info: Gamerman99999

    Gamerman99999 - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    She never sells them. She only ever has Iron, Steel, Orchiculm, Dwarven and Quicksilver. She never has Moonstone =(

    User Info: Gamerman99999

    Gamerman99999 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You can mine moonstone in Snowy Creek Cave, go all the way to the back of it and you will see a bandit mining it. It is located north of Riften on the eastern mountains. Theres also a quest that makes you go there, talk to all the traveling merchant Kajiit, the Kajiit knight(one with sword and shield) requests you get an item for him in the cave.

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Other Answers

  1. I can't help you find it, but in Whiterun the smith sells moonstone ore and ingots. And yes, ore veins respawn every few days.

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  2. Hrmmm... I know there is a merchant who sells it somewhere...

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  3. It seems easier to find the armor then upgrade it. Hold on to those ingots. If you do the quest started in whiterun with the gray-beards, the elder sends up up to a for in the north to recover her son. All of the guards at this fort wear elven armor. Its called northwatch keep. It is northeast of markarth and west of solitude. Its north of the mountain ridge up there and backs to the water. Makes it easier than trying to craft all of the pieces

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  4. The blacksmith in solitude price depends on speechcraft

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