How to complete the book of elements ?

  1. If any one else has completed destruction ritual spell quest i would really love some help thanks

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    beaupatterson - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Travel to Windward Ruins, south-west of Dawnstar. In the ruins there will be a pedestal, when activated the book will place itself on the stand. Casting a Fire spell at the pedestal (not the book) will trigger another page of text to appear after picking the book back up. This time giving slightly less vague directions to ruins in the south of Skyrim near the Throat of the World.

    Travel to North Skybound Watch, on the south-west flanks of the mountain near Riverwood. After placing the book, this time cast an ice spell at the pedestal before picking the book up. The next page directs you to a location near Karthspire.

    Travel to Four Skull Lookout, east of Markarth and just south of Karthwasten. This time place the book and cast a lightning spell at the pedestal.

    Take back the book and then go to your inventory and read it. The this awards you with the Destruction spell Firestorm and more text in the book, this time a grim-sounding message from Shalidor.

    Blizzard and Lightning Storm spell books are now available for purchase from Faralda in the College of Winterhold (base value of each book is just over 1,000 gold).

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