Where is Umbra?

  1. Is Umbra in the game? If so where and how can I get it?

    User Info: divineslayer431

    divineslayer431 - 5 years ago

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  1. If anyone can remember in oblivion that when you gave clavicus vile the sword he took it to the dedric relm. so it is probly there and not in skyrim.

    User Info: Ragen622

    Ragen622 - 5 years ago 2 0


  1. As far as I've heard, no Umbra is not in the game. Sorry :(

    User Info: vic8379

    vic8379 - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. It is not part of the Daedric Quests, like it was in Oblivion.
    These are the Daedric quests/rewards so far: www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Daedric_Quests
    Also, on the Unofficial Elder Scrolls website, there is this Lore: uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Umbra_Sword
    But who knows...Umbra was in Morrowind, and Oblivion...perhaps with a patch or DLC, it could? We can only hope for the possible return of the BEST SWORD EVER!! ^_^

    User Info: JuliaCHB

    JuliaCHB - 5 years ago 1 0
  3. Umbra was not best sword ever, the best was the sword that changed between two different forms at day and night

    User Info: timemaster77

    timemaster77 - 5 years ago 0 0
  4. umbra IS NOT in skyrim sorry to disapiont.

    User Info: sglobensky

    sglobensky - 5 years ago 0 0
  5. I heard that you have to do something called a dragon run.

    User Info: 30DollarAccount

    30DollarAccount - 5 years ago 0 0

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