Where can you get Daedric Armor?

  1. I've been trying to get myself some Daedric armor, But I dont know where to look.

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    MAGGOTSarise - 5 years ago

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  1. Also if you have a lvl 20 or more do the mehrunes razor quest and by defeating the daedra there you get 4 daedra hearts and lots of ebony and gold ingots, just wait and everything will respawn!

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  1. You can make the armour if you have a smithing perk.

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  2. Smithing is the easiest way. once you get level 50 plus you might ocasionaly find some in dungeons and such. Smithing and Enchanting are realy realy usefull for 95% of characters anyway, so it's a good way to go.

    User Info: hogarthundead

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  3. First you have to have daedric armor rank in smithing,you need 6 to 15 ebony ingots,you can find them at gloombounde mine,2 ores make 1 ingot,you also need 8 to 17 leather strips,4 daedric hearts,usually an alcemist will sellthem and there you go you got daedric armor

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  4. It is extremely rare for you to just find it but the best and most easy way is to make it if you don't have the perk or level 90 in smithing the easiest way to level it up is to make as much iron daggers as you can and it levels it up real fast fastest way. You need ebony ingot,daedric hearts, and leather strips, ebony ingot and be mined at the Gloombloom mine below Windhelm, daedric hearts cand be bought at the Collage Of Winterhold in the sleeping part of the collage there is a elf I think and choose the option "What can we do for bissnuis" and than in the ingredient section he should have 2 daedric hearts. You only need 1 daedric heart to make a daedric weapon and armor and some ebony ingot. Hope this helped!

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  5. *tiny spoilers near end*
    Just do the iron dagger glitch (search on youtube, uses Eorlund Graymane) to get to level 90-100 smithing, use the perk tree on heavy armour (up to daedric - not dragon so you save perks) and then get ebony ingots either by buying them at about lvl 35+ in any blacksmith or general store or mine at gloombound mine, just south-ish of windhelm. you can then get daedra hearts by talking to enthir at the college of winterhold or (a harder way) get 90 conjuration, get a sigil stone from phinis gestor and go to the atronach forge at the midden. put the sigil stone along with a human heart and some other stuff and you get a daedra heart!

    After that just make them and enjoy! :D

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  6. Once you are high enough to get the perk get it and get dearic hearts and ebony and make it at a forge.

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  7. *update for those claiming to use the iron dagger thing"
    As of 1.5 the iron dagger trick doesn't work past low levels(and even works less than it used to at low level).
    Smithing like enchanting and alchemy is based on the value of the items created now.

    I found the easiest way to deal with this was to make upgraded bows (dwarven and so on to ebony) that only require one type of ingot and leather.

    This and a good speech skill you can actually eventually buy ebony ingots(you need 4 per bow for about 800-1000 with only 10% and maybe opposite gender boost), make upgraded bows(enchanting a good smithing armor set helps) and sell them back to the vendor for profit(about 1300-1600 each, and you can do this whenever you are low on money from then on) while making pre 1.5 iron dagger comparable progress and a ton of coin.

    Also, go to Halted Streams Camp and grab the transmute ore spell. You can then also mine the massive amounts of iron there(most you'll mine in one spot) and also then buy it from vendors, transmute it into gold(just turn of save on wait and cast, wait, cast if you magicka is low), and make jewelry which is also a decent return for the cost, especially if you enchant gold necklaces with common or higher enchantments(don't bother with gold rings unless you are low on resources and just need fodder for enchanting a lot at once).

    This will speed up your quest for Daedric, Dragon, etc significantly. By the time you need the hearts you should also be able to buy them, and all the ebony you need off of a few waits to make a full suit and weapons with upgrades, hopefully even better through use of an enchanted smithing skill(potions too).

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  8. Get the Smithing perk first, than go to Collage of Winterhold there will be a dark elf somewhere usually in the bedrooms and buy all of his Deadra Hearts getting Ebony Ingot can be easily gotten from blacksmiths, last you can't make deadra arrows for the Deadra Bow but if you can find one go to a city at night when the archers are asleep pickpocket him and put the deadra arrow in him and if you want take his steel arrows, now wait till morning when he comes out now he will be shooting infinite deadra arrows just grab them when he shoots them. Hope this helped. :D

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