Crimson Ninroot?

  1. Does anyone know where to go to start this quest after already having the Ninroot?

    User Info: ancieintone

    ancieintone - 6 years ago

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  1. Theres a quest called A Return To Your Roots, The quest only occurs when you enter Blackreach a massive underground Dwemer capital. But you need to have started the Daedric quest Discerning the Transmundane also. An NPC called Avursa Sarethi is the person you will hand the Nirnroots into when the quest has started itself.
    To start the transmundane quest you need to get to Septimus Signus Outpost and at least level 15.

    User Info: FalseProphet310

    FalseProphet310 - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. A Return to Your Roots.

    Prerequisites: Begin Daedric Quest: Discerning the Transmundane.
    Objectives: Discover the significance of the Crimson Nirnroot, Collect Crimson Nirnroot in Blackreach (30), Bring Crimson Nirnroot to Avrusa Sarthi.

    NOTE: This quest occurs ONLY when you enter the gargantuan subterranean Dwemer cityplex of Blackreach. The optimal path to reach this sprawling, canyon-sized cavern is to commence either Main Quest: Elder Knowledge or Daedric Quest: Discerning the Transmundane. These both require you to secure the Attunement Sphere from Septimus Signus, which is the only way to access Blackreach.

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  2. Once you've started (or have already completed) Discerning the Transmundane, gather a crimson nirnroot and it should auto accept the quest "A Return to Your Roots." Once that is accepted, it will guide you to Sinderions (Spelling?) hideout in the Blackreach where you find a journal that leads you to find Avrusa. or at least, that's how it happened for me.

    Knowing this, you can gather all 30, get the journal, then go to Avrusa to save some time.

    Hope this helps!

    User Info: TehRev

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  3. I actually got a question on this quest as well...whats the reward for completing this quest? cause finding all thirty of those stupid red weeds is a pain. i dont want to spend hours searching only to find i get some ridiculously underpowered or completely useless prize.

    User Info: brando21

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  4. @brando21 if i remember correctly you only get a sum of gold 500-1000, after this quest tho she give you a quest to find Jazberrys which are even more rare than the Crimson Nirnoot, basiclly it is a waste of time...

    User Info: skillsnatcha

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  5. Also you guys should look out for Geode ore vein while you are down in Blackreach, you can mine them for soul gems.

    User Info: bones1592

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  6. Falseprophet310 has the right idea but u dont have to b lvl 15 to go to blackreach, u gotta be lvl 15 to do the quest where he wants u to obtain falmer, dunmer,bosmer, orsimer, and altmer blood since the door requires dwemer blood and he combines the blood of the relatives (the other mer previously stated) and get the oghma infinium. not necessary to do quest for elder scroll

    User Info: Revan9612116

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