Vampire cure?

  1. i've become a vampire for around 6 or 7 days and i'm in the level 3 or 4 if not mistaken. One person tell me (from gamefaqs) to go to a mage in a small town, but when i got there, everyone including the mage attacked me! so what do i do? where should i go? everyone attacks me!

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    axeljulio - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Well, when I got into the place where I can do the companions questline, they also attacked me. So, Is there any other way I can be a werewolf?

    The scroll of harmony, if it is true that I can make everyone's not attacking me with this scroll, where can I find this scroll???

    User Info: axeljulio

    axeljulio - 5 years ago

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  1. First off you need to understand this

    - Hatred: Stages 1,2,3 Vampirism: Citizens of Skyrim and guards will not recognize you as a Vampire, but may (25% of the time) remark that you are looking distinctly pale or "hungry"
    - Hatred: Stage 4 Vampirism: All citizens and guards within a settlement will recognize exactly what you are, and attack you on sight.

    That is why you are being attacked by everyone, you need to feed to go back to Stage 1 THEN talk to ppl.

    And to answer your question, follow this.

    Curing Vampirism

    There are but two ways to cure yourself of this affliction.

    You can contract Lycanthropy. The blood ritual that transforms you into a werewolf will cure and disease you have, even full blown Vampirism. Of course, you now have other, more hairy problems to deal with.

    Or, you can visit a mage named Falion in Morthal, the Hold Capital of Hjaalmarch, and compleate Side Quest: Rising at Dawn.

    NOTE - Vampirism can be caught MORE then once.

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  1. Well the mage attacks you because you are feeding on people. your best chance is to do the companions questline to become a werewolf, and it cures it.
    You can find the Companions in Whiterun right beside dragonsreach.

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  2. Good news and bad. The same thing happened to me at level 34. I have no idea how it happened. It sucks and is stupid. I figured out that once you get "Vampire thirst" everyone attacks you on sight. I have no idea how to cure the thirst. But, there is a scroll called "scroll of harmony" that if you cast it, everyone around you calm down long enough for you to speak with them. You will need at least 4 scrolls and either a black soul stone or 500 (at your level of speechcraft or haggling) to go through this process of unbecoming a vampire.

    Make sure that you have spoken with a tavern owner about what are the rumors to unlock the "rising at dawn" mission which allows you to be cured from Falion.

    Of course, since you have blood thirst, you need to fight a bunch of guards and use a harmony spell on the tavern owner just to get to step 1.

    The vampire converstion is by far the dumbest aspect of this game. If it wasn't for this board helping me to de-vamp, I'd have put the game away, it sucked so much.

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  3. It's just what was described above. The moment it starts giving the vampire blood boiling messages find a tavern owner ask rumors and they bring up Falion and the Rising At Dawn quest. You need a filled black soul gem to be turned back.

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