Where can you buy a house in Whiterun?

  1. Been confused.

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  2. Clarification Request::
    You have to become a thane and then buy the house from the steward next to the throne and he will give you the key it's (5000) gold coins

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  1. Once you complete the Bleak Falls Barrow quest, you are able to buy a house from the Jarl's assistant; Proventus Avenicci. The house costs you 5,000 gold, and is located right next to the blacksmiths. It is called Breezehome.

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  1. u can buy it from the steward in dragon reach (the bald dude standing next to the kings throne) i think his name is- something avenicci- but u can only buy the house after u do the firSt main mission where the jarl tells you to go kill the dragon thats to the northwest of whiterun after u can buy the house from the steward dude. one of the best houses in the game in a prime location right in the middle of skyrim. its 5000 gold to buy called breezehome. the best way to get the house especially early on is to do the house buying trick thats in the cheats section of this site. hope that helps also check out this site if you want to know anything a bout skyrim buyin houses various guild quest questions whatever its all there. awesome site //elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/The_Elder_Scrolls_Wiki

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  2. You buy it from the blacksmith in whiterun's dad he stands next to the throne an is the steward

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  3. There are three ways to obtain Breezhome, the house for sale in Whiterun.

    1st way
    Complete the mission Bleak Falls Barrow, and then speak to the Jarl.
    Start the mission to slay the first Dragon Mirmulnir.
    Kill him, return to the Jarl in Dragonsreach, become the thane.

    Then talk to Proventus Avenicci (bald guy in Dragonsreach).

    2nd way
    Join the imperial legion, complete the battle for Whiterun, then talk to the Jarl when he gives the victory speech.

    He will grant you the right to buy the house.

    3rd way
    Join the Stormcloaks, take Whiterun from Jarl Baalgruf.

    Then talking to the new Jarl, he will give you the right to buy the house.

    Hope this helps out.
    Enjoy the house, its small but pretty cool.

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  4. Continue through the main story, then kill the first dragon. Go to the guy with a semi-bald head that stands near the Yarl. It costs 5000, and 8000 for all the upgrades.

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  5. After completing bleak fall barrow and killing the first dragon at the western watch tower you will become thane and revive the human backpack (Lydia) talk to the jarls steward avenicci he will offer you the house near the gates of whiterun for 5000 coins

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