Can already learned enchantments be increased?

  1. I just submitted this, but not showing up anywhere... Anyway, if you have learned an enchantment from a mediocre item then can you enhance that learned enchantment later with a more powerful item or will it be the same? For instance, I have a 40% shock resistant shield that yields a 15% shock resistance enchantment. Can I make it better than 15% and If so, how? Or do enchantments only get better pending the soul gem used in an item? Last part... does the item being enchanted have any influence on the enchantment, (pretty sure "no" on this last one).

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    hardup4muff - 5 years ago

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  1. The strength of the enchantment depends on your enchanting skill, perks, and the soul gem used. The quality of the item you disenchanted to learn the given enchantment has no effect on the level of the enchantments you create.

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  1. When you Disenchant an item, it yields the same enchantment regardless of its strength -- a Shield of Minor Shock Resistance and a Shield of Peerless Shock Resistance will both teach you Shock Resistance.

    The Strength of your Enchantments is a combination of two factors -- your Enchantment level and the size of the Soul Gem you use. Of those two, the Enchantment level is the most important. A low Enchantment level might yield a Shock Resistance enchantment between 2 (Petty Soul Gem) and 8 (Grand Soul Gem), but a high Enchantment level might yield anywhere between 18 (Petty) and 45 (Grand).

    Jack your Enchantment every chance you get. Just my observation, but the experience you get for your Enchanting doesn't seem to differ much for making a weak or strong enchantment, so my advice would be to use all your Petty Soul Gems to Enchant everything you don't plan on keeping. Jewelry, armor, weapons . . . Enchant them before you sell them. Once your Enchantment level is maxed, then you can focus on Enchanting stuff with your Grand Soul Gems that you intend to actually use.

    Also, keep in mind you can make a Fortify Enchanting potion to boost your Enchanting level past 100 . . . and you can Enchant a circlet, necklace, ring, and gauntlets with Fortify Alchemy to make the Fortify Enchanting potion even stronger.

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