What is the best way to level up my heavy armor skill?

  1. Any tactics or tricks? and should I use crummy armor and heal a lot or legendary dragon plate armor?

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    Rabid_Feret - 5 years ago

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  1. The more base damage you receive the more experience you receive towards your heavy armour skill (also applies to light armour and blocking).
    So going up against a strong enemy like a giant and letting it attack you will level it quickly.

    Also Farkas is a master level trainer. He can train your heavy armour skill up to 90. If you have completed the Companions quest-line you can also make him a follower, train with him and then take the gold back from his inventory.

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  1. My opinion of the best way to lvl up heavy armor is to go about your normal business, but be a lot more aggressive and use weapons that you have to get close to the enemy with. When they hit you, you will gain experience in that level to raise it. There may be better ways out there, but that is the best way I know.

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  2. Only way to level up any skill is to use it. Get hit a lot, regardless of armor type, and your skill in that class of armor (Heavy or Light) will increase.

    You do get a bonus to either one if wearing all Light or all Heavy, so mix the two together (light gauntlets and boots with Heavy helmet, shield, and armor), to make sure you're getting 100 in each skill without the bonus. That way, the bonus puts you over 100, and doesn't drop you under 100 if you decide later on to mix types.

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  3. I'm not quite sure what DrNewcenstein, but he seems to be saying the oposite of what actualy happens. You will gain skill faster wearing all one type of armor, so wear all heavy to raise your heavy. you can always just stand there and let someone who can't do enough damage to actuayl hurt you wail on you for hours if you realy wanted. Also wearing plus to heavy armor items won't effect your leveling. for instance if you are at 80 heavy armor and have plus 40 to heavy armor skill from you armor, you Heavy armor skill will show as a green 120 but you will still be able to level up heavy armor 20 more levels.

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  4. Wear all the same type of armor class (either all heavy or all light) and get into a brawl with someone..let them punch you and your skill should go up relatively quickly..also you can fight low level opponents (like bandits or wolfs) and let them just hit you while you use restore health potions when your health gets low.

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  5. The hands down most efficient way to level up heavy armor, and any skill for that matter, is to obtain a follower that trains the skill. If you do this you can recieve training from the follower, go into their inventory and take it right back, then get the training again. This gaurantees a 5 skill level increase each character level, which is much faster than wearing heavy armor.

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  6. Farkas the Companion in Whiterun will follow you if the Companion quests are done, and also trains in Heavy Armor. I don't know of another follower-trainer but there may be others.

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