Yngol Barrow/Helm of Winterhold/Meridias's Beacon Glitch?

  1. I normally do a lot of side quests before going very far into the guild/Main quests I am a level 53 and have come across what I think are my first game breaking quests. I'm about 100 hrs into the game...and think I'm screwed.

    So I got the quest from Jarl of Winterhold to go get the helm from Deepshade Refuge. I got the Meridia's Beacon quest from the shrine and it tells me to retrieve the Beacon at Yngol Barrow. I have read that both are random and populate in random locations arouund Skyrim.

    So, I go through Yngol Barrow, there is a book outside the entrance (I've read if it's not there you might have problems) and I find the dead researcher and his journal. I solve the puzzle and open the gate, continue on until I reach the dragon claw puzzle. I realize I don't have a claw to open the door. I search and search the dungeon, read the book and journal, retrace all my steps and it's just not there anywhere. I guess it was supposed to be on a pedestal after the gate puzzle where the researcher was.

    So I read other forums and they say that Birna in Winterhold gives you the claw as part of the quest to retrive the helm of Winterhold from Yngol Barrrow. Only in my game, I go through the dialogue with her and she never offers me the option to buy it, and also the Jarl doesn't send me to Yngol Barrow, he sends me to find it in Deepshade Refuge.

    SO I am pretty much just done with this game, done with Bethesda for good, this sucks. Seriously Bethesda don't promise that your game is open world if by that you mean as long as quests are completed in a specific order or otherwise your game is done for good. I mean if I kept all the old saves I would have so many it would fill up the whole hard drive. Reloading is not an option.

    So...any advice?

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  2. Additional Details:
    I did the puzzle, I didn't get any claw from winterhold. That's the problem. My game had me solve the Helm of Winterhold in Deepshade Refuge. You don't need a dragon claw for that dungeon. You need one for Yngol Barrow. There isn't one there, trust me. It didn't show up. I have the Helm, Birna won't sell me the claw, The Jarl didn't give me the claw. I am Thane of WInterhold and never had to go through Yngol Barrow. I am going through Yngol Barrow because I need to complete the Daedric quest to find Meredia's Beacon. I'm telling you it's a glitch. I just want to know if it's happened to anyone else this way because I'm not seeing that on any forums/wikis/etc

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    heatherrrr - 5 years ago

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  1. The Helm of Winterhold quest is unrelated to the Coral Claw. It just has a chance to spawn in Yngol Barrow which it didn't in your case.

    If Birna is stood outside with Ranmir then she has glitched. She is supposed to talk with Ranmir after which she resumes normal activities, allows you to trade with her and opens the dialogue for buying the claw.

    There may not be a work around for people playing on the console but you could attempt the following.
    Pick the lock to her shop and then leave. Initiate dialogue with her and then exit out quickly, which she is still talking quickly enter her shop. This should cause her to follow you in. Now try talking to her, the dialogue to buy the Coral Claw may appear.

    If this doesn't work you can do the plate glitch to run through the door in Yngol Barrow. Just grab a flat object like a plate or platter, drop it on the ground, grab it with the cursor and while pointing it at the door sprint into it. If you do it right you should be able to glitch through the door.

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  1. Quote from Eldescrolls.wikia.com:

    The player comes across the remains of a Dead Scholar and Pillar Puzzle early in the dungeon. The scholar's corpse contains a book titled "Notes on Yngol Barrow". It appears he had discovered the barrow in his travels and had been transcribing the Nordic carvings in the cave for the College of Winterhold. The notes provide the key to the Pillar Puzzle:
    Man in his throne, so should he be

    Whale in the Sea, so should he be

    Eagle in Sun's Sky, so should he be

    Snake in the weed, so should he be

    The verses correspond to the environment surrounding each Pillar in the puzzle:

    Whale where theres a leak/waterfall.

    Eagle where there is light from outside beaming in.

    Snake where grass has grown around the pillar.

    Activating the level now opens the gate, revealing a Coral Dragon Claw on a pedestal; if you already got the Claw from Winterhold it will not be there.

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