Maximum smithing skill with potions and fortify?

  1. My smithing,enchanting and alchemy are all at 100, plus every perk for smithing. Also for enchant i have 5/5 for the first perk plus insightful and corpus enchanter perks and extra effect.For alchemy ive got 5/5 for the 1st perk also have the physician and benefactor perks.
    So basically it seems like i have the maximum stats&perks i need to get the most out of my weapons,armor,potions and enchantments...
    I want to know if anyone has been able to get higher percentages and how....?
    My max on potions for fortify enchanting are +32%....for smithing its +130%...
    My max for fortify smithing through enchanting are each +29% for body, hands, necklace and ring....
    is this as high as it can go?

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  1. 29% fortify alchemy is as high as you can go, but you can equip a Circlet and Falmer helmet at the same time to give you an extra 29% fortify alchemy. With the extra helm you can make fortify enchant potions that give you 37% fortify enchant and gives fortify smithing potions 147%... I also remember reading somewhere about a weapon that has a fortify smithing enchantment on it that's set for 5%, but I have yet to find it myself or remember where I heard of it.

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  1. You can take potions that increase smithing (I think), if there is potions that increase smithing, then you might be able to stack them with each other and your already enchanted armor

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  2. The weapon I mentioned above is called the "Notched Pickaxe" found at the tip top of the throat of the world and it gives smithing 5 point boost. If your smithing skill is already 100 it won't raise your skill past 100.

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  3. The game imposes a percentage limit the equipment enchantments for both Alchemy and Smithing. The limit is 29%.

    There is however an exploit that allows you to create more powerful potions. The upper limit being 'Fortify Enchantment' Potions of + 37% strength, and 'Fortify Smithing' Potions of + 147% strength.

    The exploit is easy enough: For some reason the game allows the character to wear both a 'Falmer Helmet' and any 'Circlet' both at the same time; which effectively allows you to wear 5 items of clothing with the 'Fortify Alchemy' Enchantment [( 29 x 5 = 145 )] instead of the typical 4 items of clothing [( 29 x 4 = 116 )].

    Once wearing all 5 items of Alchemy Clothing you can create the suped-up versions of potions. Enjoy :)

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  4. There is a bug that can make the NECROMAGE perk in the RESTORATION tree work on VAMPIRES, working on you if you are a vampire, making the Dragonborn able to create even stronger potions (obs: you need to be vampire BEFORE getting the perk so the game will recognize you as undead, making effects stronger on you!!!), allowing you to craft stronger weapons (i had a 700+attack dragonbone bow and 2x 500+attack dragonbone sword after equiping what i would call "the ultimate combat gear(2x +46% archery,1x +46% one handed, +81hp, +31%hp regen,+74magicka, immunity from cold, thunder, fire and 85%magic resist(breton+lord stone+agent of mara+magic resistence in alteration tree))".
    In fact, not only crafting of equipment gets stronger with the necromage perk=> check skyrim wiki for more information. For the ultimate crafting gear use falmer helmet (alchemy) +circlet (alchemy) +armor (smithing) +bracers (alchemy+smithing) +ring (alchemy+smithing) +necklace (alchemy+smithing).
    Firstly, get your equipment enchanted with the +25%fortify alchemy that you get just for having 100enchanting. Get alchemy to 100. Make a fortify enchanting potion, drink it, enchant equips with fortify alchemy...rinse and repeat and you will get to the +147% "non vampire cap". Keep repeating the cycle will lead you to the hard cap of enchanting equipment with+33% fortify alchemy/smithing, +46%fortify enchanting potion and +187% smithing potion. Not sure if this envolves any perks, but i had the benefactor from alchemy and fortify skills from enchanting.

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  5. *i found the best way to get your smithing up is to use a mix of enchanted armor and potions to increase your alchemy skill.* Currently my crafting set of armor for one of my characters has 4 articles of armor that provide a 177842864% more powerful bonus for both (weapons & armor improvement) and (created potions). additional to that, I carry a self enchanted pickaxe with the "Notched Pickaxe" enchantment to increase my smithing skill. Now i dont know if there is a true max physical limit to the skill increase and that the numeric values my armor gives me are just bogus, but the armor that i created from having a smithing level of 100 accompanied with my "The Creator" armor has a armor rating of 2147483648 on each piece. Each piece has the premium enchantments for any Thief/Assassin with the enchantments all being ... millions in percent bonuses. This character has 100 in all skills naturally, but is based in sneaking, light armor, and one-handed combat which have all skill perks filled which also helps those numbers above be so high. The armor smithed above is forsworn armor, which i think is the most revealing non-modded armor fo both 360 and pc, and is also a full & matched set bonus of 50%. I dont know the actual math total, all i know is that this character is untouchable.

    *just find some old set of unenchanted armor and give is your best shot at enchanting it for alchemy. then head over to the alchemy table with some Abecean Longfin, Cyrodilic Spadetail, and some Salt Piles. With these ingredients create 1 FORTIFY RESTORATION potion. Take the restoration potion.. IT INCREASES YOUR ALCHEMY SKILL AND STACKS!!!, then go back into the alchemy table... (I always go into my inventory and remove and replace my crafting/alchemy armor before i go back to the table). then just create a new fortify restoration potion and repeat until you want to stop and then just create a fortify smithing potion after taking the last fortify restoration potion you created. VUALA, youve created a massively increasing fortify smithing potion. Now do the same procedure, or just create two "last" fortify restoration potions, to then be able to make a ridiculous fortify enchanting potion. Then just enchant away and create uber armors.

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