Is there a levitation spell?

  1. I was talked into beliving there is a levitation spell in the school of alteration so my question is this a lie or is it true and if true where and how could it be obtained

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    Burningbreaker - 5 years ago

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  1. There used to be a levitation spell in Morrowind as the world map was completely open. However after Oblivion, cities were placed in separate walled cells. So to prevent glitches levitation had to be removed from the game for TES IV: Oblivion and was never brought back.

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  1. No there isn't. There is a shout which propelles you forward very fast. Useful for clearing gaps (Whirlwind Sprint).

    User Info: Kowrath69

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  2. There is a telekenisis spell

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  3. It's a lie. Go gut-punch whoever talked you into believing that.

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  4. Ok, so.. i know this is a few years old and you may have found the answer already but if not or if others want to know..

    Officially, no there is no levitate spell ingame.
    there is a mod for a levitate spell on skyrim nexus.
    so the answer is Yes, if you're on PC and wish to download the mod for it, otherwise No for console or if you do not wish to mod your game

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  5. now you can install mod using a USB flash drive and Modio so don't say you can't install mods on a console

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  6. Yes, you press Y

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