Where do I find Dragon Priests?

  1. I'm looking for the Dragon Priests so I can kill them and take their masks all I have found is Morokei's mask so far and there should be around 8 more based on the picture of the masks in the loading screen?

    User Info: darc22005

    darc22005 - 5 years ago

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  1. There are 8 masks you can collect, the wooden mask and the mask you get for collecting all 8
    Volsung- volskygge
    Vokun- high gate ruins
    Otar- ragnvald
    Rahgot- forelhost during siege of dragoncult quest
    Nahkriin-skuldafn during world eaters eyrie quest
    Hevnoraak- Valthume
    Krosis- Shearpoint (watch out for dragon)
    Morokei- during staff of magnus quest
    Konahrik- after collecting other 8 masks place them where they belong and you will get this

    User Info: gamer20111994

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  1. I remember one was at shearpoint along with a dragon but the rest I have been finding guarding dragon shouts in ruins I have found 4 this way and none of them is morokei

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  2. Besides the quest masks, try searching for the crypt locations on the outer edges of skyrim.

    User Info: WuldNaKest

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  3. To get the wooden mask go to labyrinthia, which you will find during staff of magnus quest, go to the doom shaped building on the grounds and you will find it there, put it on in that building and it will take you to the podium that you see in the load screen where you can place the masks, to the right of the domed shaped building you will see the door to the labyrinth which labyrinthia is named after and you will get a side quest that ends up in you getting Dedium of the Savant which lowers the cost of all spells you use, very useful if you are a mage

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  4. Dragon priests can be found in allot of places

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