How do i defeat the draugh wright?

  1. How do i defeat the drough wright in the under sarthaal quest. I have tried shout that slows down time, he just hits hard and has a ton of health?

    User Info: davec1982

    davec1982 - 6 years ago

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  1. The suggestions made already seem good. I highly recommended killing it with fire when it comes to undead. As for silver weapons, I played until level 48 and didn't see a single one. What the hell are you people talking about?? Go back to Oblivion. Also, double digits? That could be anything from 10-80...seriously people that's a big gap. MOST levels are in the double digits, and no a level 10 adventurer is not just as competent as a level 20 just because this game levels to match your character.

    Anyway, real help time. You need some fire spells and I'm a big fan of conjuring. Always helps to bring a buddy especially when that buddy is packing exactly the kind of heat that hits your enemy's weakspot. Try to bring along a companion as well if you're not shy about the extra help. Party play can help you overcome the most challenging...challenges this game has to offer. Otherwise if you wanna go it solo just bring plenty of health potions, utilize every power at your disposal (including whatever shouts, spells, and once-a-days you might have), and try not to die. If all else fails, turn down the difficulty or find a gimmick, like firing arrows at him from where he can't hit you back.

    User Info: hyoujin18

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  1. It would help to know what level you were, but assuming you're in the double digits, all you need is a silver weapon (sword works fine) and healing in your other hand. Simply smack him once with the silver weapon (they deal extra damage to undead) and back up before he hits you. If he does manage to get you, then just back up and heal. It'll be a longer battle, but you can easily kill him without getting hit. Good luck.

    User Info: ArrowIn_TheKnee

    ArrowIn_TheKnee - 6 years ago 1 0
  2. Use silver works great as Arrowln_TheKnee says.

    Otherwise, a strategy I use occasionally with tricky fights is to exploit the scenery. Find a spot out of the enemy's weapons reach and then start an assault with arrows.

    User Info: jonathan_james_

    jonathan_james_ (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0
  3. Scenario.....

    OK, game plan
    buy a Fire Rune and Conjure Flame Atronach, both are cheap, can buy from wizard in dragons reach / get a bow / throw down Rune, try to be sneaky / hit him with bow dealing critical sneak damage, don't stop firing / let the fowl zombie run into the fire rune dealing 50 damage / summon flame atronach to distract him then whip out that bow and continue to pound away / make sure to have health potion just in case and a spare magika and everything will be just fine

    User Info: krilledit

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  4. Use a fully upgraded unrelenting force learn from greybeards and just keep on hitting him on the ground with a silver weapon and if u still have trouble lv up more or get a potion of warrior it boost one handed skill

    User Info: Lunarace

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  5. Having played as 4 different types of setups, magic seems to be the best at removing Draugr, using firebolt combined with Unrelenting force halfway through the fight should be an inexpesnive and readily available option for fighting this guy. As usual, sending in a conjured being can lighten the fire that you would take.

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  6. Dual casted destruction spells almost make the game too easy if you have the Impact perk. It causes the spell to stagger an enemy for those of you that don't know. I took down Draugr Deathlords with ease using that method. Dragons as well. And hyoujin18 there ARE silver weapons in this game. You just have to start the Companions qests to gain access to them.

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  7. The way I defeated a draugr wight lord in Bleak Falls Barrow was to get up on a ledge (these guys dont jump) and hammer him with ranged spells and arrows until he went down. So long as your out of range of its possible shout ability, you can defeat them without a scratch on you. Hope the run and jump like a coward tactic helps! :-)

    User Info: MrRagnar

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  8. Ok here is what you should do get your best one handed weapon and in your other hand have the magic healing (this will help if you are bout to die) to heal yourself. (if you have a follower this will make it easier killing it too) once your health gets low heal yourself constantly but continue to hit him while healing if your follower stays behind you he/she will shoot arrows which help effectivey hope this helps.

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  9. When you find the elemental fury shout, it'll seem like a gift from God (or whatever diety applies to you).

    User Info: The_Blank___

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  10. an enchanted sword with a decrease magicka regen poison equiped right hand,Left hand cast invisibility while in sneak mode if at a distance use whirlwind sprint then paraliyze spell and hack away if surrounded its best to have a good hysteria or pacify spell,but its such agame that you'll feel more satisfied devising your own style of combat

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