What is god mode and how do you get it?

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  1. God mode is a console command on the PC. A console is brought up, and the appropriate command is typed in to achieve invincibility. It is only present on the PC, and super modded consoles.

    Note that console is used two different ways here. Console as in command console, and Console as in Xbox 360, or PS3.

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  1. You can still make a facsimile of sorts of "God" powered gear.

    For example at the moment I have a Breton with 80% damage reduction [from the armor cap, armor rated around 1300], 81% total Magic resistance, an additional 56% Magic resistance on both Fire and Frost. The Muffle Enchantment. The Breath Underwater Enchantment. Fortify Archery + 48%. Fortify Sneak + 48%. Fortify One-Handed +48%. Fortify Carry Weight (around) +60 (I've forgotten exactly). Magic Regenerates 10% faster, and a total of 105% cost reduction on all Destruction Magic.

    The Armor is so bad ass that I had to put the game on Master difficulty. I still got bored and decided to start another new character.

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  2. God mode, in short, is basically a "cheat" for the PC. You open up the command console using the ~ Key, type in the appropriate command and you become invincible. Nothing can harm you. In any case, you cannot use this cheat for the 360 OR The PS3 as it is a cheat for the PC.

    Just Remember - This is a PC Cheat, NOT a 360/PS3 Cheat.

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