How do I open the "Black Door?"

  1. I found it while exploring down near Falkreath. It was a black door with a skull or two on the front that asked me "What is the music of life?" and I only had three answer. Picking any of the three choices made the same voice that asked me the previous question with reply with an answer of, "You are not worthy." Has anyone else encountered this door? Because there are no other questions about this door. Thanks

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    FallingIsFun - 6 years ago

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  1. Ahhahah... DUDE, that's the door to the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary, which you can open after you do Arentino's quest in Windhelm, and sleep. You'll figure it out from there... but still, haha... part of a questline.

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  1. Ther are two of thes doors in the game and they are both to do with the dark brotherhood and the second dooor near dawnstar the answere you need for the other door will be found through the brotherhood quest line for other door see WuldNaKest answer

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  2. Depneds there is one for the dark brotherhood the answer is silents. I don't know the answer to the one near dawnstar.

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  3. In order for the door to open you must go to windhelm and ask locals about rumors until you find the quest for a child called Aventus Arentino, he asks you to go to Riften and kill Grelod the Kind who is in honorhall orphanage. You will not recieve any bounty for killing even if someone sees you do it but if you kill anyone else you WILL get a bounty. Then return to the child who will thank and hive you a plate worth 100 septims.

    Then the next time you sleep you will wake up in an abandoned shack with A member of the dark brotherhood and three others: this is the interesting bit because you can either do as she asks and join the dark brotherhood letting you open the door OR if you don't want to join the dark brotherhood you can kill her and then report this to a guard who will direct you to someone who can tell you the password for the door then you can open the door. Then you can open the door and kill the dark brotherhood and get all of their loot.

    Hope this helps!

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