How to get level 100 destruction within 1-2 hours?

  1. Hi, I've been palying skyrim for a good week for PS3, half the map unlocked, 4 dragon preist masks collected, 200k cash and a ton of spells and shouts etc aswell as block,lockpick,alteration,cunjuration,speech and two handed to level 100.

    Any ideas as to destruction?

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    carlbowen - 5 years ago

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  1. The method I used is this:
    1) Do the Dark Brotherhood quest line until you get to the part of 4 people being chained up to a wall
    2) At this point, enchant your armors (head, body, ring, and amulet) to have a 25% destruction reduction cost. All four will make all destruction magic 0cost.
    3) Cast spells on the 4 people, chained to the walls. Wait for their life to refill, either by waiting, casting Healing Hands, or Heal Other, or walk away, wait an hour and come back.
    4) Repeat until your destruction is cap.

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  1. Pretty much this^
    Just find someone who doesn't die and won't attack you and continue to use destruction spells on them until mastered. I don't know of any gimmicks that work better than could always exploit a glitch like the infinibium...uhhh...the book that gives you instant levels across a whole third of the skill menu (magic, stealth, or melee). Something about a bookshelf and reading the book several times to gain infinite levels...look it up. I saw it on here earlier.

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  2. The best way is to train on Shadowmere he has triple the amount of health as those people and he regens' really fast. (hope this helped).

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  3. Wear 4 pieces of Armor each with: 'Destruct - 25%'.

    Get a Horse [Shadowmere preferably] . Equip Sparks, Frostbite, or Flames to BOTH hands.

    Find a nice secluded spot [I went to High Hrothgar] and spam the poor mule with the chosen spell from both hands.

    To make the process less painful on yourself, get some Sellotape and tape down both the triggers. Then go off for twenty minutes.

    Note: Do this BEFORE adding any strength enhancing perks to the Destruct tree. This worked for me because Shadowmere's defence was so high that the Novice level spells did no damage to her.

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  4. Well you can always get Shadowmere to help out, just put flames, sparks, or frostbite on both hands. Make sure to wear armor with enchantments that cut down the cost of casting magic. Then just blast out the magic non stop, find a place where you can trap Shadowmere in so it can't move about. Chasing it around can be a pain.

    If you got really high magic or somehow get an enchantment that increases magic recovery and decrease all magic cost, you can help some mage out in the college and they cast it on you, then just summon something, it it twice to make it your enemy and let loose a torrent of spells of your own choice.
    ^20 minutes of that and i maged to raise it from 54 to 76.

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  5. Do the oghma infinium glitch. Only perequesite need is you have 2 be lvl 15 to start and have a bookshelf. look up how to do it on youtube

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  6. This will get you from lvl 15 to lvl 81 in about 30-40 minutes

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  7. I would suggest the method that NeoUltralce suggested, but it works with ANY target who can't or won't run away. My suggestion is just a bit of a refinement that lets you simultaneously level up your Restoration skill.

    When you find your target, dual wield magic and use Flames and Heal Other on each hand. You heal the target as you're damaging them, so you can constantly cast both spells without the risk of killing the target (unless you've taken some perks that increase youe destruction damage beyond what your restoration skills can heal). It'll take a little while, because those are both novice level spells, but you can actually tape down your triggers and do something else while employing this method.

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  8. You could play the game like a regular person by not cheating.

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