How do I solve the Atronach forge?

  1. I don't know how to use it though. What is required?

    User Info: Advakiel

    Advakiel - 5 years ago
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    I heard you need something known as the Sigil. Where do you get it and what is it/

    User Info: Advakiel

    Advakiel - 5 years ago
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    So you have to have the Sigil to use it at all?

    User Info: Advakiel

    Advakiel - 5 years ago

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  1. Check out the following link for detailed information regarding the Atronach Forge.

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  1. This web page details on how to use the Atronach forge and has a list of recipes:

    ht tp://

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  2. Its not a puzzle. there are recipes for it. as follows
    flame atronach; fire salts, ruby
    frost atronach; frost salts, sapphire
    storm atronach; void salts, amethyst
    conjurer's elixir; empty bottle, ectoplasm, soul gem (any)
    fire salts; salt, ruby, soul gem (any)
    Frost salts; salt, sapphire, soul gem (any)
    void salts; salt amethyst soul gem (any)
    scroll; flame atronach; fire salts, charcoal, paper roll
    scroll; frost atronach; frost salts, charcoal, paper toll
    scroll; storm atronach; void salts, charcoal, paper roll
    staff; flame atronach; fire salts soul gem (great, grand,or black) broom, corundum ingot or ore
    staff; frost atronach; frost salts, soul gem (great, grand, or black) broom, moonstone ingot or ore
    staff; storm atronach; void salts, soul gem (great, grand, or black) broom, orichalum ingot or ore
    tome flame atronach; fire salts, ruined book, dragon's tongue, bear pelt
    tome frost atronach; frost salts, ruined book, frost Merriam, ice wolf pelt
    tome; storm atronach; void salts, ruined book, deathbell, mammoth tusk
    tome; soul trap; salt ruined book, soul gem (any) torch bug thorax

    and there are more but you need to get to level 90 conjuration to get better recipes.

    User Info: Waffles360

    Waffles360 - 5 years ago 1 2
  3. The Sigil Stone is a reward from the conjuration master spell quest that can be received at the College of Winterhold upon reaching level 90 conjuration. After using it on the atronach forge you unlock new recipes for higher level items such as daedric armor.

    User Info: GapingKeyboard

    GapingKeyboard - 5 years ago 0 0

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