High Elves Blood?

  1. How can i find high elves blood? it's about the quest i-forgot-what, please help.

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Accepted Answer

  1. Possible spoilers in some of these descriptions.

    A High Elf corpse can be found in Pinewatch in an underground cave. The entrance is hidden behind a swinging bookcase in the basement of the house upon entering the first cavern; the corpse can be found to the left of the first platform.
    There are a large number of quest-related High Elf bandits in Uttering Hills Cave, but only if you are in the Thieves Guild and have not already completed Summerset Shadows. If you have not started the quest, the bandits in the cave are of random races.
    You can collect the blood from Nurelion at the end of the White Phial quest.
    You can go to the Thalmor Embassy and kill a Thalmor Justiciar.
    You can also find many High Elves in Northwatch Keep.
    You can find a dead High Elf in the pit of Halted Stream Camp.
    You can also find a High Elf in a cell in Fort Greymoor's prison.
    There is a High Elf corpse on a table upstairs in Fort Dunstad prison.
    The dead alchemist on the island at Clearpine Pond is a High Elf.

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  1. There is usualy one kicking around the Weynon stones,kill it then use essence extracter to get blood

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