Where is the last word of dragon aspect shout?

  1. I have 2 of the words of the shout but I want the last one which is the word Wrym can somone give me it location or tell me if it can only be encountered in the storyline of the dragonborn DLC?

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    Aegisbreaker - 4 years ago

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  1. All three World Wall shouts of "Dragon Aspect" can be obtained in the following locations ;

    1) The first word of the shout is found deep within the Temple of Miraak, during the main quest-line. You must defeat a Draugr known as the Gate-Keeper to reach the word wall.

    2) The second word of Dragon Aspect is located at the end of the Black Book "Waking Dreams," I believe it is located in Chapter VI? Two Seekers will guard this Word Wall, and after the word of power has been learnt, then Miraak's dragon Sahrotaar shall attack you shortly.

    3) The final word of Dragon Aspect is located on the depths of Bloodskal Barrow, past the Bloodskal Door. It is guarded by the powerful Dragon Priest Zakhriisos, so be prepared. To visit this area, you may want to begin the quest "Lost Legacy."

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  1. This is at the end of The Black Book: Waking Dreams.

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  2. Dragon aspect:
    1) Attained through main quest
    2) End of book Walking Dreams
    3) End of Raven Rock Mine

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