1. I'm playing the new dlc, and I've come across Karstaag. I came across his skull whilst exploring the area, and figured out I had to place it in the courtyard (hadn't started the quest "Summoning Karstaag"). I put the game on the easiest difficulty, and have tried everything to defeat him; dragon shouts, spells, weapons, stealth, vampire lord form, etc. Nothing seems to work. Has anyone got a strategy? Thanks.

    User Info: kl96

    kl96 - 4 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Ah ok. I'm level 75, but I specialise in stealth. I've tried summoning daedra, but Karstaag one hit kills them even on the easiest difficulty level. Perhaps I could use your idea, and give better equipment to an invincible follower such as Frea or the vampire girl (forgot her name). Thanks.

    User Info: kl96

    kl96 - 4 years ago


  1. Um. I need more details. What level are you, what skills do you specialize in, etc.

    In general, I'd say a reliable strategy is getting the Twin Souls perk for Conjuration, enchanting equipment so you get free Conjuration spells, and spamming Summon Dremora Lord while staying as far away as humanly possible. If you've got Frea as a companion you can give her a couple of improved Dragonbone or Daedric War Axes with Chaos and Fire Damage enchants and improved armor with Fortify Health and Fortify Health Regeneration enchants, and use the three-word Battle Fury Shout. If you visit White Ridge Barrow you can get exploding spider bombs and use those in tandem with the previous strategies.

    If you don't have the proper perks to do some of the crafting requirements for those strategies, beat the DB MQ.

    User Info: Spiritofpower

    Spiritofpower - 4 years ago 0 0
  2. Strategy that worked for me :

    I was a Level 48 Mage, and to combat Karstaag I found that he was weaker than usual against Fire-Ball. So I duel wielded Fire-Ball, had a horde of Magic Potions ( nine ultimate magicka potions ) at the ready, and a few spare stamina / health potions. I used the Dragon Aspect full shout to prepare, and had Dukaan mask equipped ( 50% resistance to frost which is useful against his Blizzard Aura ) and decent armour ( I used Ebony ).
    With Serana as a follower, I got a few hits on him with Fire-Ball, and replenished my magic.
    Repeat hitting him with Fire-Ball, be careful not to miss as the ground violently shakes throughout the fight, which may affect your aim. Leave the Ice Wraiths alone, if they come into your line of magic than don't worry, Fire-Ball will destroy them and it is not wasted. Keep looking at your stanima, try not to let Karstaag get too close. Use Fire-Breath if he is at close-range for great effect. Repeat this, it worked for me.

    User Info: MehGusta

    MehGusta - 4 years ago 0 0
  3. equip as many frost resist enchanted items as you can (dukaans handy) and just stay away from him! no amount of summoned daedra will slow him down, even level 100 conjuration dremoras got blown away and killed instantly with me, fire spells and other ranged attacks did it for me, but if your really struggling then id take a trip to white ridge barrow and get as many exploding fire spider things (I layed about 50 but 1hko'd that fat frosty tw*t :-D took me a few tries though as he kept blowing them away) hope this helps :)

    User Info: draero

    draero - 3 years ago 0 0
  4. I just whooped his butt at lvl 26 using windshear, dragon aspect, and stamina and health potions. I got my butt severely whooped couple times by him and I had a scroll of ebonyflesh from Apocrypha. All I had on was Miraaks armor cause I was too lazy to go back and get anything else but if you have a few pots, windshear, and dragon aspect I think it's no problem.

    User Info: Jarock95

    Jarock95 - 2 years ago 0 0

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