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"The Game Of The Year!"

This game has now received a perfect score from dozens of companies and has received numerous game of the year awards. There is no better way to describe this game than perfect although there is minor lag and glitches most are funny and only require a loss of about five minutes.

Also the story is incredible it focuses on the return of Dragons to Tamriel and you are Dovahkiin or Dragon born the only one to be able to kill the off for good (by absorbing their souls) and you are able to learn Dragon Shouts which are like magic attacks that do not drain macgicka but instead require a recharge time which to preform you have to learn the word from a word wall then unlock it with dragon soul. The Collage of Winterhold (Mage's guild) did amazing the return of The Dark Brotherhood was good and it was neat that there was a destroy the Dark Brotherhood quest line and the return of werewolves was great also there is the Thieves guild which was my only slight disappointment but the Companions made up for it.

This game is also not Oblivion 1.5 like some games do now Call of Duty and most of the other yearly games, No it is a great improvement with marriage in the game and the followers being improved the Daderic quests are different and meeting Sheogorath was awesome mostly because it felt like I was meeting myself and dual wielding is now in the favorites menu is improved and the cites people and graphics are greatly improved then that of Oblivion (the previous Elder Scrolls).

There is a lot of the lore explained from books and M'aiq the Liar returns! This is all I need to say but I will continue on anyway the Dwarvern ruins return. The civil war is a new part involving a war between the Imperial Empire and The Stormclock rebels after the banishing of Talos which was made with the white gold condoract where the mostly Aldmer group the Thalmor defeated the Legion by taking over the Imperial city. The war starts after Ulfric Stormclock Shouts the High King of Skyrim to pieces and starts his rebellion.

If you have the chance to buy this game gladly take it. It is the best game I have ever played in my life and I play almost all kinds of games from Monster Hunter to Zelda to Halo to of course the Elder Scrolls and even to most Marvel comic games and the Batman Arkham games. So all in all buy the most anticipated and best game of the year The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/12/11

Game Release: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (US, 11/11/11)

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