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"The Legendary Saga Continues"

Skyrim. One game that will go down in history, as being one of the greatest of all time. With the combined use of stellar graphics and outstanding gameplay, Skyrim has the lucky player gripping at the edge of his seat, from start to finish. Lets attempt to break down some of the game's components.

Fluid, smooth controls make for a much better setup, compared to what was used in Skyrim's predecessor, Oblivion. The enrapturing storyline makes for about 10-12 hours of game play, not including side quests, miscellaneous quests, guilds, dungeons and forts to raid, all of this combined tacks on about another 30+ hours of gameplay. The main quest sends you all across Skyrim's massively large map, pitting you against the creatures that are spread throughout it. Wolves, bears, giants, bandits, vampires, and of course, DRAGON'S, the games primary focus. Yes you battle dragons, no small task. While there are no oblivion gates to close in the realm of Skyrim, the wonderful folks over at Bethesda have challenged us with dragon's instead. If you are brave enough to play on the hardest difficulty, God Speed, you will struggle. The game takes a stroll on the darker side, compared to Oblivion. The lush world once seen in Cyrodiil, is no more. In Skyrim the landscape can be cold and harsh at times, or dry and dreary. A major change from Oblivion.

The folks over at Bethesda did an amazing job as always with the Elder Scrolls soundtrack. Skyrim's dark, snowy landscape is graced with an incredible soundtrack that cannot get old. The intense combat music as well as the games main theme, make for intense battle scenes. The soundtrack isn't repetitive, and is truly one of Skyrim's best features.

For Skyrim, Bethesda developed the "Creation Engine" to truly captivate every feature possible in the world of Skyrim. The dynamic snowfall, amazing landscape, stellar motion capture, and smooth transitions make this game on the top of the food chain when talking about the graphics. While Oblivion's graphics were impressive, the frame rate could at times slow down and become choppy, whereas Skyrim's frame rate stays constant throughout, and rarely, if at all slows down. Overall, the graphics are absolutely amazing.

The control setup is pretty much the same from the other Elder Scroll's games. A firm, confident and comfortable setup allow for great gameplay, everything feels to be in the right place, and this makes for fluidity while playing through Skyrim.

Replay Value--10/10; Over and over again
Yes the game certainly has replay value. After you finish everything there is to finish, do everything there is to do, you can go back to the main menu and do it all over again, and actually enjoy it. The game has it's long and frustrating quests, but those are the very ones that can be the greatest amount of fun. No quests feel repetitive, and all the guild missions are fun and enjoyable.

Skyrim is a game for the ages, and a game that will be remembered for its dynamism and its explosion into the video game world. The game was instantly met with fantastic reviews across the board, and this is another one that can be put onto that board. Skyrim gets an amazing 10, out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/04/12

Game Release: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (US, 11/11/11)

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