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    FAQ/Walkthrough by sixthsage

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/02/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    V 1.0 5/1/12
    completed main story and uploaded to gamefaqs
    for now, if you need help with a mission, just search for the misison name,
    which you can pick up by pressing start, current mission is listed in the
    bottom right corner.  Enjoy, and contact info is at the bottom if you have any
    suggestions or questions.
    when the intro scenes are over, simply follow the on screen prompts to move
    towards your target.  After a few more scenes, the tutorial continues, showing
    you how to dodge, when the behemoth appears, just run, trying to fight ends in
    your untimely death.  After the suprise attack, a scene, and you wake up to a
    group of infected, just kick and punch your way through them, they're no real
    After the fire, a group of soilders will run up to you, when prompted, grab
    and consume them to restore health.  Continue to consume the infected to keep
    your health up as they try to burn you again.  After the room is clear, another
    scene and you're prompted to chuck a table at the window, then jump in.  Another
    scene and we learn about shapeshifting, just follow the prompts, escape the
    alert, and then head to the church.
    Another scene, and we learn about your hunting ability, "viral sonar" a brief
    tutorial, after which you're free to devour the target.  Finish off the enemies
    on the roof and follow the promts for more info on hunting.  Find and consume
    your target by following the mission markers.  Afterwards, escape the alret to
    finish up the mission, if you need to destroy the two choppers, and you likely
    will, pick up a few cars and chuck them after locking on.  After you shapeshift
    when prompted, you unlock a new mission and are in free roam mode.  There's a
    lot you can do in free roam, but for now, focus on the next mission, just head
    to the G icon on your map, this represents the preacher, and the start point
    for your next mission.
    Operation Flytrap
    We learn about a group of blackwatch scientists releasing infected specimens on
    innocents, get to the marker to stop them.  Defeat the first specimen, a good
    maneuver is to jump into the air and hold down square, which will cause you to
    fly at it and kick it.  Don't stay on the ground, it will tear you apart. If
    you need health, grab and consume a nearby civilian to top off.  You can also
    throw people at it, but it's more time consuming and risky.  When the circle
    appears over the target's head, consume it to gain the claws ability.
    Blackwatch panics and sends in another specimen, this time, stay on the ground
    and focus on dodging it's attacks and countering with your claws.  if you time
    it right, you can jump over the target and slice into it's back, when given the
    chance, hold square to leap at the target for some decent damage, this can also
    be used in midair, but now that the odds are a bit more even, feel free to
    trade blows with him, and be aware you can consume him as well, though it only
    gives you health, it's still advised.
    After the second specimen is dead, a capture team arrives and a short tutorial
    on bonuses, always try to complete the bonus for the mission, as it grants you
    a lot of extra experience points.  in this case, just lock on to the target and
    hold square to perform a pounce, bonus acquired.  Now proceed to wreck the rest
    of the blackwatch team until the APC arrives, just pick up a rocket launcher
    and fire it three times.  Exit the alert and return to Father Guerra for the
    next part of the mission.
    Operation: Orions Belt
    After the scene, you'll level up.  Spend your point on health, as it's the
    most useful in the early stages of the game.  At this point, you're directed
    to a blackwatch terminal, these act as the "side quest" areas of the game,
    but it's best to leave them alone for now.  Follow the prompts, hunt the target
    and finish up Operation: orions belt, from the black watch dossiers.  Note that
    after the target is consumed, you will notice a yellow diamond on your screen,
    that indicates a consume target.  if you consume the target instead of killing
    him outright, you'll get an upgrade to a power or ability.  You can stealth
    consume him to avoid an alert.  Click your L3 button to initiate your hunting
    skill, enemies will flash either red or white, white enemies can be devoured
    with a stealth consume, because no one is watching them.  Work your way through
    the targets until you can devour the one who has the icon, or just grab and eat
    him, either way.  After gaining the missle launcher power up, head to the next
    marked location.
    Here we learn about hand scanners, you must be wearing a military form to enter
    the building, but if you just took my advice and absorbed the missle launcher
    fellow, you do, just shapeshift and walk up to the scanner.  If not, the guy
    next to the scanner can be devoured too.  Now, just walk up to the commander
    and devour. If he's not able to be devoured, devour the ones watching him, use
    your hunting skill to determine.  After you have his form, enter the marked
    door using the hand scanner.
    After the scene, find the marked enemy, a scene triggers for a tutorial on if
    you can devour enemies or not, I already explained that a moment ago, just be
    sure to devour the white outlined enemies first to make your target vulnerable.
    also, avoid your abilities, just walk normally, most foes won't care if you run
    but jumping or wall running will trigger suspicion.  Once you've got his form,
    open the marked door.  Now, to get the bonus, lock on to the target and press
    your hunt button, it will show eyes above the people who are watching him. Wipe
    them out stealthily and then move in on the doctor.
    After you get him, you find out he's clueless, but has access to the network,
    log into the nearby computer and watch the scene, James has no computer skills.
    Head out of the facility and listen for the intercom announcement and James'
    response.  After you're out, just walk through the gate to exit the facility
    and complete the mission.  You will be granted a offensive mutation.  It's up
    to you, really, match it to your combat style.  I personally choose Death from
    above, as it increases damage, whereas melee expert doesnt, and I usually don't
    throw things too much.
    Back in free roam, you should see a few orange markers, one strong arm and one
    that looks like a face.  The face marker unlocks more missions in the blacknet.
    For now, grab the markers, but I prefer to wait until I'm more powerful before
    I do the missions, be sure to grab the Strong arm marker as well, and I prefer
    to be stealthy for the most part, but feel free to grab away, just be prepared
    to handle a strike team or tanks, which become MUCH easier to handle later.
    As you head to your next mission, you may notice a marker for blackboxes, these
    are the collectibles of the game, one of three types.  For now, I usually ignore
    them, as it's easier to get them when you can use a chopper, but feel free to
    grab one if you happen to stumble upon it.
    Brain Drain
    We find out that brooks is holding a secret meeting, we'll need a miltary form
    to get in, one happens to present itself as part of a short tutorial on alert
    and suspicion, basically, if they see you acting like a superhero, there will
    be trouble, though they don't mind you running, when you run you auto-jump over
    things, which triggers a bit of suspicion, I reccomend keeping a low profile,
    and just move to your destination.  Once you have the form, enter the base.
    You'll be introduced to viral detectors, which will raise your suspicion level
    gradually, even if you don't do anything at all to them.  Stay away from them
    as you consume the commander then enter the building.  A short scene and we get
    to waste a few doctors, no more sneaking, claws out and destroy all marked 
    targets.  For the bonus, pounce grab a scientest, just jump in the air, lock on
    to them, and press circle, bonus acquired, you can throw or consume them, either
    way.  Just pounce grab the lot of them to quickly devour them.
    Now its a matter of hunting down the next target, destroying the tank (rocket
    launcher for the bonus) and exiting the alert.  Mission accomplished.
    Head to the next marker
    Project Long Shadow
    After the scene, head to the marker and enter the base with the hand scanner.
    You will notice two soldiers standing outside near the viral detector with a
    dna symbol over them, you'll want to devour them, those symbols mean they carry
    bonus experience, usually in the area of 1000,  stealth absorb both of them and
    enter the base with the hand scanner.
    After the scene, you run into a new foe, the hydra.  To kill this beast, there
    are a few options, you can grab objects and throw them or you can engage with
    claws drawn, there are also a few rocket launchers, which is a viable option
    as well.  After it's down, consume to pick up the tendrils.
    To be honest, The tendrils are my least favorite weapons in this game, but they
    do have one shining star.  When the enemies rush in, I suggest consuming what
    you can to restore any health the Hydra may have taken from you.  I also advise
    using the claws to tear through them.  Make your way toward the marker for a
    mini tutorial on the tendrils, hold triangle for the black hole attack, which I
    will admit, is rather devestating, though limited.  Move to the scanner, before
    you trigger it, I suggest shapeshifting to your military form.  When you arrive
    a scene triggers where the soilders say "unknown tango has gone dark" and you
    are free to leave.  Head to the marker to complete the mission.  You should once
    again level up, I suggest health once again.
    At this point, you will have two markers, A G (Guerra) and an R (Colonel Rooks)
    Take either of them, though I will be completing the G first.
    Feeding Time
    After a brief intercepted message, head to the marker on your map.  When you
    arrive, a brief scene and you're ordered to destroy the defenders.  I suggest
    simply tearing into them with claws and tendrils, no point in subtlety at this
    point.  When the commander appears, just jump, pounce and absorb.  Mop up the
    rest or run away and shapeshift, then return and enter the base.
    When you enter the base, you automatically transform into your combat form, I
    suggest clearing the first room and then shapeshifting back to your military
    form before entering the next room.  Stealth consume the DNA marked enemy and
    the quest marked enemy.  Should that become a hassle, as they do run around a
    good bit, just combat form and attack, but be sure to actually consume the two
    marked ones.  Exit through the scanner when you're finished
    Here we run into the Juggernaut, and my favorite upgrade.  I suggest going
    combat form immediately and finding a rocket launcher on one of the walls, if
    you shoot him with it, he will block the first one, so be sure to fire twice
    in succession so the second one hits him.  it will take at least two launchers,
    but focus more on dodging his attacks than trying to hit him.  After he goes
    down, consume for the shields, also, if you wait for him to attack and fire
    immediately, you can do it in one launcher, but it's riskier.  After you have
    the shield, things get immensely easier from here on out.  Follow the short 
    tutorial from the goons who wander in and then proceed to mop up.
    When they're all dead, head out of the base.  Mission complete
    You unlock a new G mission, but now that we have the shield, let's hit the
    Rooks mission first.
    The Lab Rat
    After a call from Rooks, head to the staging area.  As you approach, a scene
    and you get a notice to destroy the chopper, I suggest tossing something at it
    to get it's attention, then bounce a few shots from it's rockets back at it
    with your new shield.  When it goes down, we get a notice to destroy the convoy
    that Bellamy is on.  Use the tendrils as they come past you to bounce them into
    each other until they're destroyed.  Bounce back any lock on'd missles with the
    shield... see why I wanted that first.
    When they go down, consume Bellamy and shapeshift to finish the mission, another
    level up, health again.
    With that completed, the marker for your next "G" mission should be just around
    the corner, head there.
    Blackwatch is attacking the church where Guerra is holed up, destroy all marked
    targets for another scene, claws and tendrils out, shield if needed.  We get a
    new ability now, we can board tanks.  We can't take control of them, yet, but
    we can rip off the weapons on board.  Hop onto the nearest tank and take off
    it's Tow launcher.  use it in turn to wreck both tanks.
    A chopper appears, while we can't take it's weapons, hit it with a rebounded
    missle or any remaining ammo in the tow launcher or a few tendril black holes,
    either way, mop up the soilders it drops, any way you choose, but be sure to
    consume if you're low on health.  Two more choppers show up and drop off foes,
    mop up as per usual and brace yourself.
    A convoy of tanks come at you, pick up a tow launcher and wreck some havoc,
    which is also the bonus for this mission.  After everything is mopped up,
    head to the church to check up on the holy man.  Mission accomplished.
    A new G mission appears, head to the next marker, pick up anything that looks
    useful on the way.
    The Mad Scientest
    After a phone call, head to the marker, as per usual.  Shapeshift before you go
    in and stealth consume the commander, pretty old hat by now.  I suggest going
    straight into the base after you get him, as there are a lot of viral detectors
    outside.  Inside, the bonus is no alert, so let's keep it sneaky.  Stealth
    consume your way through the grunts in here until the path opens to the big guy
    but be sure to pick up the marked enemies too.  I suggest clearing the room and
    then releasing the specimens in the cages near the North wall, just to avoid an
    alert.  IF you want the bonus exp, release both, but you only need to release
    the marked one to get the bonus.  I also suggest destroying the detector before
    releasing the specimens, but be sure all soilders are dead first.
    These guys are cake now that we have the shield, just reflect their attacks to
    stun them, then slice them up.  after you slice their arm off, you can still
    bodyslam them for decent damage, one on one they stand no chance, and in small
    groups they're not too dangerous, just an F.Y.I.  Also, the tendrils stun them
    as well after you hit them, so there's a point in their favor.
    After you wipe out the specimens and open the door, a scene and you are free to
    leave, head to the marked location, this mission isn't over yet.  As you reach
    your target, you're advised to destroy the com towers, just target with an
    explosive weapon and wipe them out, if you don't have one, find an enemy on the
    ground who does and stealth consume, then get out of enemy sight and take them
    out... there's always the more direct approach as well.
    After they all go down, you run into a supersoilder.  These guys are very
    similar to the specimens, just tendril them or guard their attacks and use the
    button inputs to deal heavy damage.  After he goes down, destroy the marked
    targets to bring the base to it's knees and you get two more supers to play
    with, easy enough to kill, just block and input your way to their end, they
    also carry goodies, in the form of bonus exp.  After all's said and done, it's
    mission complete.
    Head to the only mission marker now availiable.  There is also a Blacknet mark
    nearby, who unlocks Operation: Clean sweep, I suggest holding off on it, as its
    much easier when you have higher movement abilities, but if you're itching for
    some free roam, this isn't a bad one.  Regardless of whether you complete it now
    or later, head to your next marked "K" mission.
    Orion Phase Two
    Head to your marker, a scene occurs as you arrive and you're shown your target.
    A few ways to handle this, you can release the specimen to fight it out with
    him, though there's no guarantee it will actually attack him, I suggest just an
    up-front attack, go in swinging.  Be aware, the soilders in the base can cause
    you some grief, if you get the chance to drop a few of them, take it.  After
    he goes down, you pick up the devestator, and are taught to use it.  Afterwards,
    it's a feeding frenzy, consume soilders as quickly as possible to fill the
    new mass meter.
    After it's full, some more specimens and a new phase one shows up, use your new
    toy to wipe them all out at once or mop them up as they come, a few of them will
    inevitably fight each other, so you should only have to deal with one or two at
    a time, another strategy is to run from the base to escape all the other grunts,
    who will make the fight a bit harder.
    After all is said and done, absorb the good doctor and escape the alert, mission
    Another level up, at this point, grab the last health upgrade.  Head to your
    new K marker.
    Natural Selection
    You start in a bit of a situation, two choppers and two soilders are attacking
    you, just kill the soilders and grab the rocket launcher that one of them has,
    then use it to have done with the two choppers.  Nothing too complicated.
    Afterwards, a tank and two phase one's attack.  if you ahve it, use a quick
    devestator to mop up, if not, focus on the tank and rip off the tow, use it to
    mop up the two tanks and then focus on consuming the commander when he gets
    tossed, just block and throw the phase one's as needed.
    After they're all consumed, head to the marker, if you have a spare tow nearby,
    grab it and take it with you.  When you get there, the quest objective is to
    wipe out some fuel tanks.  Use the tow to make short work of them, if you don't
    have one, a nearby soilder will kindly provide a launcher, I'm sure, or there
    are a few more tanks in the area, so rip the tow off it.
    After all the fuel tanks are down, the good doctor comes at you with a chopper,
    either bounce his rockets back or grab a launcher from nearby, after he goes
    down, a scene, where the doctor sprouts some power arms of his own, and we get
    a good fight.  As he comes at you, block his attack or dodge it, if he does a
    blue-glowing overhead attack, be sure to dodge it, as his arms will get stuck
    into the ground, and you can counter for big damage, otherwise, just bounce
    him back with your shield and mop this poser up for good.  A particularly
    effective attack is to jump and claw pounce, he rarely has an effective counter
    After he falls, a quick scene it's mission accomplished, and we're done in the
    yellow zone.  Head to your new "G" mission.  As you approach, you'll get a
    notice about a "field op"  these are much easier to do at a later point, but
    feel free to wipe this one out and any others that you find, we'll get them
    all at some point anyway.
    The Airbridge
    Consume your target and then head to the marker, stealth is not necessary, but
    will make things smoother.  After you press Circle to board the airbridge, move
    to the only other viable target on the map, in the south east, an "H" Symbol.
    A few notes about the airbridge, first, you can't use it unless you have a
    military form, second, you can use it to travel to any other unlocked airbridge
    location, and third, it's the only way to get from one zone to another, the
    green zone, despite it's name, is actually one of the most dangerous, it swarms
    with infected on the streets.  When you land, head to the marker for a scene,
    after which you get another marker. Head to it for a scene and a significant
    milestone.  We can now drive APC's.
    Hop into the marked tank to get a call, after the call, head to your marker once
    again, this time we get a bonus to just run over some infected, don't use your
    guns at all here and just mow them down with the tank, keep doing that through
    out this mission and you should be fine.
    Move to the next marker and hit some of hte big infected specimens with your tow
    launcher. Infinite ammo on the weapons while they're attached, so don't hold
    back.  Try to avoid getting any blackwatch in the crossfire, as it can trigger
    an alert, just mop up the three and move on.  A new set comes in, this time the
    Juggernauts, just like the ones that gave us the shield, mow them down the same
    way.  Before you move to the next marker, I suggest going ahead and mowing down
    the infected to meet your quota of 60, after you get hte bonus, head to the next
    Three more brawlers.  A single tow shot should drop them, just don't let them
    get close, you work best at long range.  Another marker and then another, and
    it's you versus some hydras, just keep moving back and forth to dodge their
    throws and spray them with your gatling while you wait for your tow to re-fill.
    when they go down, you get one more marker, drive to it and hop out of the tank
    for job well done after a quick scene.  If you got the bonus, you should level
    up here.
    At this point, look at your play style, do you tend to use your devestators a
    lot? Have trouble with tanks? not moving fast enough, match your upgrade to
    your needs, if you want to keep following me, I'll be taking the first finisher
    Back in free roam, we have two new missions, I suggest the "G" First
    The White Light
    This mission is one of my favorites, it starts with a hunt.  Head west and keep
    tapping your hunt button to keep you on track.  When you try to grab him, he
    pulls a good doctor, morphing with some weapon arms.  After him, and the chase
    is on.  Just keep up with him and he'll eventually stop.  He hops into a copter
    and turns it on you.  Jump on the chopper and rip the weapon off, just like the
    APC's earlier.  After his chopper goes down, take him on, a simple guard and
    counter strategy works fine.  After he goes down, we get the blade power, one
    of the best ones, though I honestly prefer the claws in later missions.
    After you're bladed up, it's mission completed
    At this point, if you're low on health, I suggest absorbing some civilians or
    a quick blackwatch base.  You get a notice about a lair on your way to the
    next mission, I suggest you ignore it for now, it's much easier with a few more
    powerups.  Feel free to do as you wish, however.  Next mission is the "R" on
    your map, though I suggest full health and mass before you start it.
    Taking the Castle
    Our first task is to find a blackwatch soilder and absorb him, the easiest way
    is to just find a nearby base and grab one there, but you can also cause a huge
    fight and a group will get called in, either way, shapeshift and move to the
    marker.  A short scene and a new marker, afterwards we get a consume target.
    He's watched by a few soilders and a viral detector, most of the people on this
    rooftop are marked in some way, so I suggest a stealth consume of all of them.
    If you get the chance, grab a weapon and go to a nearby rooftop, sometimes you
    can get a clean shot on the detector and wipe it out without an alert, you can
    also just wreck them, and stealth be damned.
    After they're all eaten, we get a new mission to take out some tanks.  If you
    followed me earlier and got the finisher, this will be cake, though you should
    hijack one of them and destroy another with it so you can get the bonus, just
    methodically finish them off until you run into your consume target and then
    politely devour him.  Escape the alert and it's mission complete.
    Level up, I suggest Mass or Movement, I will be taking movement, makes it much
    easier to keep up with the enhanced soilders for later on.  Your next mission
    Doesn't really matter, either or, but I'll take the "S" next
    A stranger Among Us
    Meet Sabrina Galloway, your new contact, head to your new marker.  Grab one of
    the marked soilders silently to take their place, it really doesn't matter, get
    the one that's easiest for you, though one of them is usually unguarded.  Note
    that for this mission you can't use your powers, it's all down to guns.  Just
    move along with the team and kill anything that comes your way.  If you've got
    a few upgrades to rockets or rifle, choose your poison accordingly, otherwise,
    just make do with what you have.
    After the first group of infected, you are advised to pick up a grenade
    launcher, grab it and try to take out three with one shot, not too hard in all
    honesty, just aim for a big group and wipe them, though if you don't get this
    one, I don't blame you, it's a bit more random chance than others.  I had them
    spread out too much to get it at this point.
    Next, a rocket launcher and you get to fight a hydra, followed by another group
    of infected, nothing to write home about, these guys aren't so tough, especially
    when you have tons of guns lying around, just dodge the attacks and pour on the
    fire, I got the bonus on the second group of infected, so try for that if you
    missed it the first time.  After this part, there are some heavier weapons just
    lying around.  Pick one of them up to see your squadmates flip out a bit,
    maybe it's just me, but I find it a bit funny.  You get swarmed a bit here,
    two hydras and a brawler or two, just stay focused, take the hydra first, and do
    your best to avoid the brawler until you can take him safetly.  After all's said
    and done, it's time to show yourself, wipe out all marked targets, one of them
    will grab and throw you, that's our man.
    He gets away, and you're left with your old teammates, wipe them out and shape
    shift your way out of the alert, a new scene, and it's mission clear.
    Next up is the "R" on your map
    A Maze of Blood
    Another of my favorites, I really like the power that comes from this mission.
    A scene and a marker, you know what to do, after the quite interesting scene,
    you're on the hunt.  Find your target, attempt to consume, and the fight is on,
    watch for his bio bomb attack, and block whenever possible, now you've got the
    bio bomb, and the single best ability in the game.  With this, you can set off
    mini Devestators anywhere, just grab someone, bio bomb them, and toss them at
    your target, massive damage to just about everything.
    After that's over, move to the next objective, healing up on the way with some
    snacks.  I do suggest if you consume anyone, you try to pick up a military form
    afterwards, but you can always get one at your destination, after you've got
    full health and mass, let's get down to it, You need to hunt your target, after
    the brief scene, sneak behind the marked soilder and stealth attack him, instead
    of consuming him, bio bomb him instead
    Your target appears from the base, and a bonus appears, to hit him with a bio
    bomb grenade, just as I explained above, grab a soilder, bio bomb, and toss it
    at him, Bonus accomplished.  Wipe the floor with him through bio bombs or good
    old fashioned claws or blade, either way, when he goes down, exit the alert and
    hunt your new target.  As you approach him, he "mercer's" out and you get a
    nice solid fight with you versus three of them.  I suggest taking the two
    lackeys out first, just bounce the doctor off you with the shield and focus on
    her two guards.  When all of them are down, it's mission complete.
    Level up, I'm picking up regeneration, but by now it's up to you, take what is
    most effective for your style of play.  Move on to the next S Mission
    A nest of vipers
    Move to the marker for a scene.  Now we have to take out a Hydra, a few options
    present themselves.  My personal favorite is the Tow Launcher, if you happen to
    have a tank nearby, otherwise, find a rocket launcher from a nearby soilder or,
    if that presents a problem, toss bio-bomb infected at him until you win.  Either
    way, head into the pit.  Our first marker is just to hunt roland down, once you
    get the second, he'll send in a Juggernaut to keep you busy as well as a few
    First off, the brawlers, use your tendrils and claws to fight them off, then I
    suggest bio-bombing the juggernaut until he goes down, once you have him with a
    circle over his head, consume to pick up the hammerfists, one of my favorite
    arm powers.  Now, head outside for a little reunion.  Wipe out both tanks with
    the hammers for the bonus, though I usually just use the finisher, it's easier.
    The fight with roland is nothing special, same old same old, just wipe the floor
    with him, jump pounce as well as the ground and air based charge moves with the
    hamerfist work fantastically.  after he's consumed, you nab a nifty shield
    upgrade, which makes it more in your favor to block, finish off the stragglers
    and exit the alert for a mission complete.
    Head to the next marker, an "R" mission
    Alpha Wolf
    To the marker, you know the drill, absorb marked enemy and enter the base. the
    bonus here is to use the bio bomb 2 times from stealth.  just hit them one
    after another to knock out the bonus, then just use your grabs and throws to
    wipe out the rest of the scientists, no need for stealth.  When all's said and
    done, Dr. Archer comes at you, standard fare for a while, but after you hurt her
    a bit, she unleashes a brawler pack, wipe out the ones that come at you, I
    suggest tendrils and claws, and it's back to her again, next time she summons
    four, just use your shield and tendrils to wipe them out and then take out
    the good doctor to pick up the ability to summon your own pack.
    After the battle, you get a brief tutorial on the basics of the brawler pack,
    and then it's mission complete.
    Level up, I suggest Mass now, as it adds more brawlers to your pack at higher
    levels.  When ready, move to the "G" on your map
    Fall From Grace
    The mission starts with a fight between three Evolved.  Hose them, summoning
    your pack to assist for the bonus.  After they all fall, re-fill your mass
    from nearby infected and civilians and then move to the marker.
    Now we fight a Goliath, you may remember him from the opening scene.  Attack
    with a claw swipe to get his attention, then get away.  He will attack, and
    stun himself, opening his head to attack, attack his head to have him teeter
    back on one leg, opening that to attack, cut off his leg and he'll try to
    impale you with a claw, dodge that to have the claw stick in the ground,
    opening it to attack, after the claw goes, he leaps high into the air to land
    on you, block with your shield as he lands and then open up on him with your
    claws or hammers to finish him off, just do your best to keep him from the
    whitelight, and you should be fine.  Consume him, then escape the alert for a
    call from the good preacher man.
    Move to his marker for a scene, then it's an end to our time in the green zone,
    time for the red zone.  Mission acomplished
    Free roam again, and a level up.  I choose mass once again, your choices may
    vary, now move to the "H" on your map
    The Descent
    This is my ABSOLUTE favorite mission in the game, the one where we learn to
    fly choppers.  Hunt the target and then hop in his ride.  Here we fly support
    for a tank that holds someone who knows Dana's location.  JUst move along with
    your fellow pilots as the game guides you through the controls.  When you get
    the call for support, hover over the landing site and hose anything that moves
    and shows a red target.  Should the brawlers throw something at you, tap the
    Triangle button to destroy it, though it can't be done while firing, it is a
    significant improvement over having to dodge.
    After the Goliath shows up, land quickly to pick up your target and then fly
    to the mark on the map.  After landing, fly to the next mark to complete the
    mission after hopping out of the chopper
    Free roam, at this point, if you'd like to hunt some collectibles or do some
    blackwatch missions, this is the earliest point to do it, though I suggest that
    you finish off the remaining story missions to pick up the rest of the powers.
    Head to the next mission mark if you want to continue, otherwise, if you want
    to hunt collectibles, you simply open your map, click "collectibles" on the top
    bar, and look for small sonar flashes on the map, place a marker as close to
    the mark as you can and then fly there, the game will throw a pop-up to show
    you how close you are if it's a black box, or will simply mark it if it's a
    research team.  I will continue with the story, so just head to the "M" on the
    map once you're with me.
    Burned From Memory
    Move to the marker.  Your mission this time is to help blackwatch, pick up the
    barrels nearby and throw them into the incenerator, then mop up the infected
    that show up.  Next up, we hunt the city for the marked barrels, then pick them
    up and back to the incenerator, to make things easier, summon your pack, but
    don't direct them, let them run free, they'll keep enemies busy while you spend
    your time on the barrels.
    After the last one goes in, leave the base, exit the alert... you know how it
    goes by now, I suggest "borrowing" a chopper on the way out, travelling on land
    in the red zone is a bit of a pain, as brawlers roam the streets, and while
    they're not a real threat, they can be a pain in the ass if you're trying to
    get somewhere.
    After the mission, head to the "S" marker to start the next one.
    Last Resort
    You know the drill, move to the marker.  After the scene, hose some fuel tanks
    to make the guy leave... didn't we do this earlier for the doctor... Yes, we
    did.  Grab something explosive before you start and grab a bonus.  I suggest a
    tank if you can find one, but a launcher will do.  As soon as you start hitting
    the tanks, a group of phase ones and soilders come at you, just mop them up
    and finish the tanks.  You get a few marked soilders, just slice and dice your
    way through them, or fill up your mass and health by snacking on them, either
    way, when they go down, cantrell appears to try to leave in a chopper, but he
    chose a really shitty pilot, the guy crashes seven seconds out of the base.
    Of course, we get to protect him while help arrives.  Tendrils and claws
    for the Brawlers, hammerfist and blade for the bigger boys, and after they go
    down, you get a girl with a whip arm attacking you,  Finish her off quick, with
    help from the brawlers if needed, and get her power, the whipfist.  A bonus
    will pop up to kill 30 infected with the whip.  Head into the nearby park and
    use your swing attack with the whipfist to wipe out the thirty in about ten
    seconds, then take out the copters and perform a long range grab on the big man
    and eat him.  Mission acomplished
    Level up, I chose mass once again, for the enhanced mass collection from all
    consumes.  Two more missions to choose from, I'll be choosing our commander
    Rooks next, move to the "R" on the map.  Also, congrats on all powers, I like
    the new power best against evolved, it hits them hard and keeps them back.
    Divine Intervention
    This mission starts off with a hunt, which leads you to a chopper.  Don't take
    it down, just follow it.  Once it lands, a group of Evolved take him hostage,
    and the chase is on.  Don't stop for anything, you'll run past infected, hydras
    and all manner of foes, ignore them one and all and keep up with the green mark
    over the kidnapper.  If you get the oppurtunity and you're well caught up, grab
    a chopper, you run right by a base at one point, just watch for the spinning
    rotors on your map.  Not necessary, but makes the next part a cakewalk.  When
    you get to the large stadium looking area, all three will land on top, either
    follow them or just hover the chopper next to them to trigger a scene.  If you
    are in a chopper, get distance immediately and bombard them with missle fire
    until they go down, you do forfiet the bonus, which is to use multiple attack
    types, but you can always wipe out two and then finish the third with each
    arm weapon type.  Try to get the bonus, it's always worth it.  Mission complete
    as soon as they go down.
    If you wait on the rooftop a moment, a brawler should come running with a power
    up for you.  If not, or after you take him down, head across to the nearby base
    to pick up another bonus from a soilder just standing around and then grab a
    chopper and fly to the "S" misison on your map.
    Fly in the Ointment
    Another decent mission, hunt your mark to the north, he's in the base we just
    came from when you picked up the chopper, so it's a big circle.  Absorb the
    mark, for once not an evolved.  If you have any, absorb any marked enemies in
    the base, two for me, one for Launcher and another for armor, but either way,
    hop in the chopper that becomes marked after you finish up.  The bonus for this
    mission is to kill 2 infected with the missles and two with the guns, this will
    be cake.  Just follow your mark until the flying infected show up, I used the
    gatling gun on most of them and then popped two with the missles, bonus get.
    Keep following your mark and take out the infected that come at the both of you
    while he sings your praises.  You get a note to head to the base, fly to the
    marker and wipe out the marked infected, missles preferred, that's why we got
    the bonus on the bird things.  Once that's wrapped up, head back to your mark,
    where he got shot down, Keep his chopper covered, take out the mobile foes
    first, two marked enemies, and then work on the hydras one by one, if you fire
    quickly at all three, they'll focus on you, and you can defend yourself, so it
    is reccomended, after you get them all, your mark hops into a tank.
    Now, it's run and gun, keep just over and behind the tank, flying low, and hose
    anything marked that comes your way.  Leave any non-marked enemies to the tank,
    to reduce friendly fire, and be sure to keep the hydras on you, you have the
    triangle defend move, the tank doesn't.  A brief intermission where your target
    mentions commanders needing to be present, after that, the shitstorm starts,
    three hydras and several brawlers, ignore the brawlers at first, and just get
    altitude, watch the tank, and take out the Hydras.  After they go down, focus
    on the Brawlers and mop up.
    After the target reaches the base, he'll note that you should recieve a
    commendation.  Land at the marked point and then it's devouring time, but a
    squadron of infected show up, brawlers, hydras, and everything in between, just
    ignore them and consume the marked targets, then get out of there, though you
    should keep an eye out for any marked targets.
    After all four are down, exit the alert and it's mission clear.
    Level up, once again, I go with Mass, the last of the four.  Your options are
    your own, however.  Let's mop up the last few missions, shall we?  The next "S"
    misison is really close, so pick it up next.
    Operation Firehawk
    This is another decent mission, we get a mark to head to, and a bonus to hijack
    a thermobaric helicopter... should be easy, I would have done that anyway.
    When you reach the mark, several choppers mark on your map, grab the first one
    and take control of it.  Use it to wipe the other three marked ones.  A few
    more become marked through the city.  If you have the finisher for choppers,
    take them out on foot, we already got the bonus, if not, stay in the choppers
    themselves and use the overpowered missles to wreck some devestation.
    After about half the choppers go down, you get a call, a new location gets
    marked, which is the thermobaric weapon depot, wipe it out with two shots from
    a chopper.  After all marked targets are down, head to the marker on the map
    for a scene, and it's mission complete.
    Level up again, I picked up a regeneration, but again, up to you.  Head to the
    next "M" mission, by air, preferably.
    Lost in the System
    As you start the mission, a marked enemy nearby, for a blacknet mission, devour
    him, but leave the mission for now, just move on to the objective.  As you
    approach your marker, a scene where Heller drops two soldiers and hits a
    terminal, then another marker.  Move to it, I found a marked enemy on the top
    of the base, but your results may vary.  Head in through the scanner using a
    military form.  The bonus is to not enter alert, so keep it quiet, as you start
    moving around, something big hits the base, and everyone scatters.  Take 
    advantage of the situation to pick up your target, then hit the hand scanner to
    find doctor carson under some rubble, consume him for a scene, then head out.
    Outside you find a Goliath, and a new bonus, don't let the goliath hit you.  I
    suggest the whipfist and the claws, use the whipfist to get his attention, then
    avoid him from rooftop until he stuns himself, then whipfist his face and leg.
    when he impales the ground, claw his hand to tear it off, then get away from
    him while he belly flops the ground, it's not easy, but feel free to restart
    from your last checkpoint to get the bonus, but it's not essential you grab it.
    After the Goliath goes down, a few brawlers come in to play, you know the drill,
    tendrils and claws.  After they go down, you hop into a chopper.  You get
    swarmed by a group of evolved.  If you have a full three mass bars, a single
    devestator will hose the three of them to absorbable levels, just devestate and
    wrap up.  After all's said and done, you get a scene and it's mission clear.
    Back in free roam, re-stock your mass and health if needed and then move to the
    "M" marker, again, by air preferably.
    A Labor of Love
    This mission is good on a lot of levels. Head to the marker, as per usual, and
    then hammerfist the gate.  After a bit, a new friend shows up, one who can hit
    the door a lot harder than you, after it's over, all your powers are boosted,
    your pack is now juggernauts, just let them hammer at the door while you get
    one hit kills against just about everything.  Only kill marked enemies, some
    of the infected are on your side.  If you feel the need for a bit more chaos,
    call in your pack to help out, but it's not necessary.  After a bit, it wears
    off and you have to pick up an alpha juggernaut, just bio bomb or use a chopper,
    then consume him.  Call a new pack and have them hammer in the door.  When it
    goes down, move in.  A scene and mission clear
    Level up, I suggest another round of regeneration  Now, this is the last marker
    and the last mission, if you want to hit any bonuses or any collectibles, this
    is the time, otherwise, move to the marker and let's finish this.
    As you approach, a scene, and the battle starts.  Mercer moves through all of
    his arm powers, one by one.  I suggest keeping the whipfist and the claws on
    you at all times.  Periodically, he'll trigger a short scene with a timed input
    from you, if you do it right, he will become vulnerable to a throw, just follow
    the button prompts, it's dodge for the blade and hammerfist, and block for the
    Blade: Jump into the air and hit him with a charged whipfist, you can not use
    the same power he's using or he'll auto-counter it for some heavy damage on
    Whipfist: Whipfist attack is out, I suggest the claw pounce attack, but focus
    heavily on dodging or blocking his attacks, nothing major, you can block
    everything at this point, and he can't touch you.
    Hammerfist: Same as blade, but be sure to jump into the air, the hammerfist
    attack is brutal if you are on the ground.  Don't try to block his hammers,
    you can't, just stay airborne and whipfist him.  After you take his third
    health bar, a animation scene occurs, he hits you with what he has, and you
    rip his arms off one by one, then press square to consume him.  I won't give
    away the ending, but I, for one, was not impressed.  And for the last time,
    mission complete.
    After the game is all wrapped up and the final scenes are done, be sure to save
    your game, you can continue on in free roam to pick up the collectibles and the
    radnet and blacknet missions, I suggest keeping a good save where you finished
    everything so you can play around if you want.  I realize this guide only covers
    the main story so far, but I'm uploading it as is, I will continue to update as
    time permits going forward.  Thanks for reading, and if you have any hints or
    suggestions, I can be reached at seventhsage (at) Gmail (dot) com.

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