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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

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    Authored by: Bkstunt_31 ( Gregorio31 @ gmail . com )
    Puzzles by: NICK FASTNER (Snake2410)
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     \/                               INTRODUCTIONS                            \/
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    Hello ladies and gents! It is I, Bkstunt, here to bring you a quick guide
    on Castlevania Lord of Shadows: Reverie!, the FIRST Lord of Shadows DLC to
    come out (It SHOULD be followed soon by "Ressurection").
    "Reverie" is essentially chapter 13 in the ongoing story of Lords of Shadow!
    If you're looking for a guide for the FIRST 12 chapters, you are in the wrong
    place my friend! But fret not, for THAT guide can be found here:
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    ~ Bk
    Ok, on to the guide!
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    Note: Press Ctrl+F and enter in the code to skip to that section.
    Chapter XIII:
    Part I:   Castle Hall.........................................(LoS 13-1)
    Part II:  Abandoned Wing......................................(LoS 13-2)
    Part III: Founder's Quarters..................................(LoS 13-3)
    Trials........................................................(LoS 2.0)
    Trophies......................................................(LoS 3.0)
    FAQ...........................................................(LoS 4.0)
    Credits and other ramblings...................................(LoS 5.0)
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     \/                            Walkthrough                                 \/
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    (Note: This guide was written in "Warrior" (Normal) Difficulty).
    Chapter XIII: 
    Part I: Castle Hall (LoS 13-1)
    "It seems like only yesterday that I stood there upon that cliff top, looking
     down into the abyss of my life."
    Ah, good to be back in Belmont's shoes...
    After the opening scene's, we'll be back in Carmilla's old castle, trying to
    meet up with Laura. Take a moment to get used to the controls again, and note
    that you have all your subweapons at your disposal (The holy water will be a
    great ally up ahead). Remember you can break the various items around you to
    get more subweapons!
    Walk forward into the first room to get your first taste of combat against
    some ghouls. A pretty easy enemy to get warmed up on. Soon, Laura will
    teleport in and join you in the battle, controlled by the AI. She uses
    lightning magic. Soon three skeletons will join in the fight, so whip out
    the combos (I like chainsaw and DHC (Direct-Heavy Combo)) to take them out.
    Don't forget you need to use a "HEAVY" attack (like DHC) to "kill" the
    skeleton's one they turn into bones...
    After killing the enemies, Laura will tell you why she summoned you here.
    Pretty heavy stuff! Looks like life isn't getting any easier for Gabe...
    This next section takes place in the vampire wargame room.
    At the far end, past the puzzle is a knight who holds a scroll, which gives
    you the answer to the puzzle. Also, be sure to check out the small cubby up
    the stairs in the far left for the first .:FRANKENSTEIN FINGER:.
    Ok, the gist of this puzzle is to move the pieces on the board in a certain
    place. Go interact with the glowing book (R2). On this screen you will notice
    you can move pieces and use the directional buttons to look at the flags in
    the rafters.
    The puzzle is down below if you need it, but if you don't want to just let
    Snake solve it for you, here's a hint that will help:
    Look at the left flag. Notice how it has the book (which you're standing at)
    at the bottom? Look at the other two flags? See how their books are on the
    west and north? Yeah, the north and east flags are turned around....
    If THAT tip didn't give it away, here's the solution.
    Chessboard puzzle solution:
    (Starting with the bottom horizontal row and working up to the top horizontal
    Bottom row:
     -Fourth square from the right = Dark Vampire
    Third row up:
     -Third square from the right = Light Vampire
     -Fifth square from the rigth = Light Necromancer
    Fourth row up:
     -Second square from the right = Dark Necromancer
    Fifth row up:
     -Third square from the right = Light Werewolf
     -Fifth square from the right = Dark Werewolf
    And... How about a visual!:
    [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]
    [  ]  [DW]  [  ]  [LW]  [  ]  [  ]
    [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [DN]  [  ]
    [  ]  [LN]  [  ]  [LV]  [  ]  [  ]
    [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]
    [  ]  [  ]  [DV]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]
    DV = Dark Vampire
    LV = Light Vampire
    DN = Dark Necromancer
    LN = Light Necromancer
    DW = Dark Werewolf
    LW = Light Werewolf
    Head down the path to end this level.
    Part II: Abandoned Wing (LoS 13-2)
    "A tale of heroes who strove to save humanity only to lose our own."
    Ok, the first real new area of the game. Check out the scene (this area is
    Head down the path and Laura will tell you about the monsters (and you'll see
    an entry for them in your book). These "Spawns of Leviathan" are, as far as I
    know, just there to make you time your sprinting and can't be killed.
    Yes, you must SPRINT over the water in this level. If you fall down in the
    water, you'll see a unique death scene. Remember that you need to double tap
    a direction to sprint!
    Wait for the monster to pass, then sprint towards laura through the gap in
    the fence. Head up the stairs and double jump to the ledge on the right (the
    flashing one). Head up it and around the corner, then jump over to the left.
    Head down and jump over again so you can get on the beam. (Remember that if
    you are about to fall, hold "R2" to catch yourself! Falling into the water is
    certain death!).
    Go out on the beam and hit "R2" to whip the ring up ahead and pull yourself
    up. QUICKLY shimmy left and upwards twice to get onto another beam (the wood
    here will fall), and then shimmy left and use "R2" to grab another grapple
    point. Over here use the wood to head left and use the ring to drop down to
    the ground below you.
    Ok, more water running time. Don't forget you can always jump (or double jump)
    to make up some extra distance.
    Sprint to the first set of concrete once the monsters pass. Ahead of you Laura
    will be standing on some ice, but don't forget to stop at the concrete on your
    right for a .:FRANKENSTEIN FINGER:.. (It's hard to miss this one).
    Once you spring to the ice, it will start to break (you are heavier than Laura
    of course), so quickly sprint to the small piece of concrete nearby. Up ahead
    to the left is more ice, so time your run carefully. Once you get to THAT ice,
    it will break too. There's another piece of ice a short distance to the north
    that will break as well, but you can use it to stage a final run to the
    concrete stairs up ahead (double jump to them).
    Go to the top of the stairs and use the grapple point to get up the column.
    Shimmy over to the beam and use another grapple point to swing. Double jump
    to the next column, then QUICKLY start to shimmy right and up.
    Here, go up and you'll have to jump to the right. Once you jump to the right,
    simply KEEP HITTING X to jump between the wood (before it falls!). Pull
    yourself up here and use the beams to continue. You'll see a scene showing
    you a distant grapple point at the end platform.
    Here you need to do a sprinting double jump, and then grapple the shiny
    grapple point and use it as a swing to the far ledge (remember you can double
    jump out of a swing). 
    Go into the room up ahead to fight three more skeletons with Laura. Feel free
    to use all the magic you want here as well. After that, use the crank nearby
    to open the door and press triangle to make Laura go into the next room.
    Get used to Laura here, in particular here mist form and her hold triangle
    attack are quite neat, as well as her hold square attack (which is powerful).
    Head up the stairs and the game will teach you how to use her mist form to
    travel through the gate.
    In this next room you will have to fight off some ghouls as Laura. Use her
    hold square attack and dodging tactics to win easily. Also, check out her grab
    move! Notice that you can regain health this way but be sure to let go before
    the enemy turns black! (The game will tell you to check this out as well).
    After the fight (or snack), use R2 on the chains to the north to open the way
    (the artwork on the door is fantastic). Head up and to the right to use your
    R2 button once more on another chain.
    You'll now be playing as Gabriel.
    Use the grapple point that Laura made to get up to her (Don't forget that you
    need to hit square and than x to jump backwards off of a wall). Head forwards
    and south to refill your magic. Keep going south and into the room where Laura
    fought the ghouls at. On the right, behind a statue is a wall made of ice.
    Here, turn on your shadow magic and hold R2 down to charge up some power, then
    charge into the wall to break it down. You'll find a .:FRANKENSTEIN FINGER:.
    Go up past the magic refiller and to the left to find another ice wall. Break
    it down to view a scene of the tower. Head out and down the path. You'll see
    the path split up. Take the left path and jump over the gap to the stairs (
    do a running jump). Up here you can use some cracks on the right hand wall to
    climb up it and get to the grapple point on the wall.
    Here you need to use your wall run and light up all the circles. Not really
    a puzzle, or very hard, just remember to start at the top and work your way
    down. Starting at the bottom doesn't work, trust me. You need to be somewhat
    quick and smooth here, but I trust you can do it!
    Once you do, the doorway below will open up so head down there.
    Down here is a pretty cool platforming section where you have to navigate your
    way past several sets of saw blades. Also, Laura can increase or decrease the
    blades speed (as she points out).
    Note that getting hit at any time by a blade is instant death. This section
    can be difficult, especially if you're going for the trial. Practice does
    indeed make perfect!
    Shimmy to the left and you'll have to make Laura increase the speed at least
    one notch. Keep it at this speed and move left past the saws, following the
    lower saw left. Jump up once as the upper saw goes right and down below again
    once the lower saw goes right.
    Now follow the rising saw on your left until the descending saw passes you and
    you can move left into its place. Now you can shimmy left into a safe area. As
    Laura will point out, these blue saws require full power to the mechanism, so
    crank it up a notch again.
    Once you do, go down. The two orange saws will move faster than before, but
    you can get my them the same way you got by the first set of vertical saws.
    You want the power on full here as the blue saws below you need it. Time your
    descent as the right blue vertical saw descends, so you can get down the path.
    You can also turn the blue sawblades on and off to buy yourself time, just
    keep in mind that they MOVE A LITTLE bit after you turn them off.
    (-NOTE-) Reader Foxgod points out:
             It is worth mentioning the second safespot, which is located at the
             brach to the southern path right next to the vertical blue blades.
             Also one does not have to climb back up after collecting Frankensteins
             Finger, as returning to the checkpoint via Menu does not delete that
             progress (That way I completed the trial and got that finger and
             achievement in one go).
    Here you want to go for the southern path. Getting past the orange saw blades
    by shutting them on and off is fairly easy, but note that you'll have to drop
    down manually at the vertical saw blades.
    Down here is a health font as well as a .:FRANKENSTEIN FINGER:. for your
    Get back up to the blue blades and head left now. You can turn the rest of
    the blades on and off to finish this section easily. At the end, proceed
    through the hallway to finish the level.
    Part III: Founder's Quarters (LoS 13-3)
    "What kind of God could allow such things to happen?"
    Now THIS area is pretty. Head forwards and through the door on the right (The
    objects up the stairs and below the clock can't be used right now).
    Interact with the puzzle on the floor in the middle of the room.
    Here you have to line up the picture by rotating the pieces. Pretty self-
    explanatory and not a very hard puzzle, but Snake is here for you again!
    Just rotate the three circle.  Match up the inner circle with the next circle
    up, then match the second circle of the picture up with the third circle of
    it, then rotate the third circle to match up with the outer frame of it in
    order to complete it.
    (As long as you do these circles one at a time like Snake says, this puzzle
     is EASY!).
    Solving the puzzle will open the nearby door, so head down the stairs. Head to
    the left out here before going into the archway and you'll find one of those
    .:FRANKENSTEIN FINGER:. to the left. Fun. Now go into the arch. You'll have to
    fight off some ghouls, but after that use your combat cross on the device to
    open the gate up ahead.
    Laura will refuse to go into the chapel here (even though I've SEEN her do it)
    so head in and interact with the coffin to (eventually) grab the gem. Once you
    try and leave two swordmaster's will try and stop you. Holy water helps here,
    just watch out for their quick thrusts and be sure to R2 them when you are
    Take the gem back to the device up the stairs in the first area and put it in,
    then go use the lever under the clock (Laura will have a lot of comments as
    you do this). Watch the cool scene as the tower gets put back together.
    Go up the tower and you'll see more stairs going up to the left and an arch.
    Go into the arch. Here there is a magic font (meaning you are free to use as
    much magic as you want in this area) and three rooms. Each room represents a
    founding member of the brotherhood. Let's do this in some sort of order, eh?
    Head left to enter Cornell's room. 
    Up ahead you'll have to fight three sword masters, so just use your ultimate
    skills to take them down (then refill your magic) and open up the gate.
    In here, be sure to explore a bit as you can find a knight with the puzzle
    solution. You can also find a .:FRANKENSTEIN FINGER:. (the last one) behind a
    statue on the right hand side of this area.
    Now in this puzzle you need to control Laura's doll and get it in the middle
    of the area. You'll notice there is a large shining column you can move that
    is used to help direct the doll, as the doll moves straight ahead in whatever
    direction you tell it to. Naturally the solution requires you to move the
    column into a specific place to get the doll in the middle.
    (Note: Remember to hit stuff forward is L2 + Square)
    - First we must place the moveable pillar in a place that will help prevent
      the doll from falling off the board into the fire:
    1. Hit the pillar to the left, then up to the square at the top.
    2. Hit the pillar to the left so it stops and rests against a raised pillar.
    - Now we will use the crank to open up the middle square and Laura's dolls to
      move to it and complete the puzzle.
    Use the crank to flip the square and summon Laura's doll. Here, do this:
    1. Move the doll up.
    2. Move the doll left.
    3. Move the doll down.
    4. Move the doll right.
    5. Move the doll up.
    6. Move the doll left.
    7. Move the doll down.
    8. Move the doll right.
    Now take out the enemies that think they can stop you (they are just ghouls)
    and grab the blood from the far side. Head back to the central area.
    Here, interact with the gate and you'll then take control of Laura.
    There are two rooms here, one with respawning ghouls and another room to the
    left with a basin. The point here is to use the basin as Laura and offer up
    your blood to fill it. Obviously the ghouls are there for you to battle and
    feed upon.
    It'll take 5 offerings of blood to gain Carmilla's blood, so be sure to
    feed on the ghouls as long as you can to fill up your own life bar. Once you
    are done, head back to the central area.
    ZOBEK |
    Head forwards into Zobek's area. Near the gate you'll have to take on several
    reapers. While they have extremely low health, be SURE not to get hit by them
    as their attack HURTS.
    After that, turn on your shadow magic and use it on the two icons to the left
    and right of the gate to open it.
    Down here are several portals. Another puzzle! The idea is to move the column
    using the portals into the central area.
    Once again, Snake is here to guide us through:
    (Note: Remember to hit the ground is L2 + Triangle)
    - Your goal is to get the pillar to the orange circular spot in the middle of
      the area by using the platforms and portals to guide it to the platform with
      the circular spot.
    1.  Hit the pillar through the purple portal.
    2.  Hit the switch on the ground  on the platform the pillar is on.
    3.  Hit the pillar through the white portal.
    4.  Move to the platform with the ground switch on the right side of the
        orange circular platform and hit the switch to move it across the area and
        line it up with the green portal.
    5.  Return to the pillar and hit it in the direction of the platform you just
        moved, then hit it through the green portal.
    6.  Now go hit the pillar south, onto the square by the pink portal.
    7.  Hit the ground switch near the pink portal to move the platform so the
        pillar is near the gate.
    8.  Hit the pillar through the gate to open it.
    9.  Hit the switch up the stairs behind the gate to move one of the platforms
        that doesn't have a ground switch on it.
    10. Hit the pillar back onto the platform you hit it into the fence from.
    11. Move the platform the pillar is on and hit the pillar back to the platform
        with the green portal and hit it through.
    12. Hit the switch on the platform with the other green portal, where the
        pillar came out of after the previous step.
    13. Hit the pillar all the way across the area to the platform with the switch
        on the left side of the orange circle.
    14. Hit the ground switch on the platform the pillar is now on to connect it
        to the side with the pink portal.
    15. Hit the pillar in the direction of the pink portal.
    16. Jump to the platform in front of the blue portal and hit the ground switch
        on it.
    17. Return to the pillar and hit it towards the platform you just connected
        to it.
    18. Hit the ground switch on the platform the pillar is now on to line it up
        with the blue portal.
    19. Hit the pillar through the blue portal to bring it across the area.
    20. Move to the side the pillar appears on and hit it left along the path and
        then up to place it in the orange circle.
    You'll now be able to grab Zobek's blood!
    Yea! With all three blood vials, return to the central area and head up those
    stairs outside, to the top of the tower. Up here, head around the area and
    you'll see something to interact with. This is the last puzzle of this
    Here, basically you need to line up the lines and make the blood drain down
    into the cups below. You can do one at a time (which is pretty easy) or you
    can follow my man Snake's instructions and do ALL THREE at a time (which is
    needed for the trial in this chapter anyways).
    1. Move column 3 up once.
    2. Move column 2 up once.
    3. Move row 2 to the right once.
    4. Move column 2 down twice.
    5. Move row 3 to the left once.
    6. Move column 2 up once.
    Viola! All three now can be drained at once!
    After the puzzle, enjoy the remaining scenes of "Reverie". Good stuff!
    It was my pleasure to guide you through this DLC content! I'll see you ladies
    and gents when "Ressurection" comes out!
    Until then!
    \/                                                                (LoS 2.0) \/
     \/                                  Trials                                \/
      \/                                                                      \/
    Chapter XIII:
    Part I: Castle Hall
    Finish the level without allowing Laura to kill a single enemy.
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Pretty easy if you use Ultimate Shadow/Light. Also holy waters can help if
    you chuck two in a row. Just don't leave any almost dead monsters running
    around for Laura and you should be ok. Also notice I said chuck two
    holy waters in a row, as one will just put a ghoul close to death.
    If you fail, restart from the last checkpoint.
    (-NOTE-) Reader Foxgod suggesting that using a Dark Crystal here can help a
             ton, which I didn't even think about. Use one if you wish!
    Part II: Abandoned Wing
    Finish the level and cross the deadly blade wall without dying, keeping the
    mechanism at its maximum speed at all times.
    Difficulty: 8/10
    By far the hardest trial in this chapter, this one took me quite awhile.
    Practice makes perfect!
    You have to navigate the entire saw puzzle with the thing at full speed. It
    starts out at no speed, so be sure to crank it up to max speed before crossing
    the first blade (otherwise you'll fail).
    There's not too much to say here besides to watch your timing and forget about
    the southern path. Note that past the first vertical blades you can jump up to
    the higher horizontal blade path right away (that helps). Also, time the first
    blue blade crossing while both it and the orange blade below it are heading
    left. You can also easily move up and down on those orange horizontal blades
    and wait for the perfect opening on the blue blade section below.
    (-NOTE-) Reader Foxgod addes this about this trial as well:
             It is worth mentioning the second safespot, which is located at the
             brach to the southern path right next to the vertical blue blades.
             Also one does not have to climb back up after collecting Frankensteins
             Finger, as returning to the checkpoint via Menu does not delete that
             progress (That way I completed the trial and got that finger and
             achievement in one go).
    You'll undoubtedly die doing this trial, just be sure to restart from the last
    checkpoint to try again (which sure as hell beats replaying the level).
    Part III: Founder's Quarters
    Finish the level by filling the three pots of the Blood Orbs puzzle at the
    same time.
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Since we gave you the solution to do all three pots at the same time in the
    guide, this trial is super easy. Basically just replay the level on squire
    to get through it fast and follow the guide!
    \/                                                                (LoS 3.0) \/
     \/                            Trophies                                    \/
      \/                                                                      \/
    "Reverie" adds six more trophies to your "Lords of Shadow" trophy list,
    as listed below:
    Skirmish - Finish all levels in Esquire difficulty.
    Achieved by finishing all the levels in squire difficulty or up.
    Gest - Finish all levels in Warrior difficulty.
    Achieved by finishing all the levels in warrior difficulty or up.
    Crusade - Finish all levels in Knight difficulty.
    Achieved by finishing all the levels in knight difficulty or up.
    Epic Victory - Finish all levels in Paladin difficulty.
    Achieved by finishing all the levels in paladin difficulty.
    Master of the reliquary - Gather all the fingers of Frankenstein.
    Follow the guide for this trophy, as the fingers aren't hard to spot.
    Trials-Chapter XIII - Complete all the trials for Chapter XIII.
    Achieved by doing all the trials for Chapter XIII.
    (Note: Your PLATINUM trophy remains even with these trophies unbeaten.)
    \/                                                                (LoS 4.0) \/
     \/                               FAQ                                      \/
      \/                                                                      \/
    Q: When did "Reverie" release and where can I get it?
    A: "Reverie" released on March 22nd, 2011 to the Playstation Network (As
       far as I know, it isn't out on Xbox Live yet). You're going to have to buy
       and download it! Once you do, just pop your Lords of Shadow disc in and
       Chapter XIII will be added to your World Map.
    Q: How much does it cost / Is it worth it?
    A: "Reverie" costs $9.99. Is it worth it? Well, that is of course a personal
        call, but for a Castlevania junkie like me it is (That and I REALLY want
        to see the developer MERCURY STEAM do good!). Honestly, it's a bit on the
        pricey side. You're paying 10 bucks for 3 levels and an hours worth of
        entertainment. I would have liked to see them charge $6.99, personally.
        You get a LOT of good story, but the game doesn't have any boss fights or
        any REAL tough battles in it. The puzzles are fantastic and you do get to
        play as Laura. In the end, you'll have to decide for yourself if its worth
    Q: Help! I can't find the fingers!
    A: Worry not, chummer (I've been playing a lot of Shadowrun...), just use
       CTRL + F to find the keyword "FRANKENSTEIN FINGER". Easy, no?
    \/                                                                (LoS 5.0) \/
     \/                 Credits and other ramblings                            \/
      \/                                                                      \/
    My buddy NICK FASTNER (Who kicks ass online as Snake2410) for blazing through
    the game before me and providing all the puzzle solutions along with trial
    tips! Used this guide to figure out a puzzle!? Thank Snake!
    Zylicyde, for the recommendation art and being a good motivator.
    Foxgod for the two tips he sent in.
    Konami for the wonderful franchise. You guys have given me so many wonderful
    Castlevania titles. Thank you!
    Mercurysteam for making such a wonderful game. And with much less staff than 
    most A+ action titles. Bravo! 
    My wife Lisa and daughter Sadie for putting up with me.

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